Caleb Corpreu and Justine Ndiba won Love Island USA last year (Photo: CBS).

Caleb Corpreu, winner of Love Island USA, claims to have received death threats on social media following his divorce from Justine Ndiba.

The pair broke up just three months after winning a series of matches last year.

Caleb, 24, posted a poignant statement on Instagram about receiving nasty messages.

He also yelled several accusations at my character from the moment I came out.

The television star has vowed not to speak out against hate, but to address and reflect on it.

Caleb said: What a strange feeling to wake up to death threats.

It is simply not possible to fully grasp the complexity of a personality or character through the screen. Not through a few weekly messages or stories on your phone screen. Even an hour a day, five days a week, for a month on television.

Some of you will be disappointed to see that I am really the same personal and intellectual person you have come to know. Not a person who wants to prove others wrong, but a person who understands that my time on earth is limited and that my body is just a vessel for my soul.

I prefer to spend my time doing things that make me feel good, like deepening my understanding of the world around me, while being aware that I know nothing about the world around me.

He continued: Since I’ve been in the news, there have been several accusations made against my character. I have repeatedly made and will continue to make choices not to fight or speak out against hate.

Of course I generally avoid too much negativity, but I also realize that I will encounter it naturally.

On hating me…. I’m going to process it and think about it: What can I learn from all this? Just like I try to do with everything I do in my life.

When announcing their separation, Caleb suggested that advertising played a role in their decision to separate.

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Me, Justine, our loved ones, etc. – all real people with real emotions, who love and suffer a lot, he wrote on Instagram.

Unfortunately… if you choose loneliness… Others often feel it is their job to tell your story for you. Speculation or not. But I choose solitude for my personal peace of mind.

Justine and Caleb made history by becoming the first black couple to win not only the Love Island USA series, but the entire Love Island series.

After the September victory, Caleb met with Justine’s family in New Jersey shortly thereafter. However, fans began speculating about the state of their relationship after they were not seen together for months.

In November, Justin and Caleb explained to why they were taking their time with their relationship and said: Sure, we still take it one day at a time, but we do it well. We work very hard to stay in touch and schedule meetings, which is very good.

We’ve been planning all these fun trips for a while now, and we have some great ones in the book.

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