Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina already had problems after two episodes of the eighth season of 90 Days Bride. At the moment, fans are skeptical about the couple’s future because of their different identities. Julia is an outgoing Russian city girl who worked as a go-go dancer before moving to the United States. On the contrary, Brandon was shy and reluctant at the beginning of the season, which made some viewers think about their sexual orientation.

Every season there’s a gay guy trying to convince us he’s straight. This season it’s Brandon! #90DayFiance

– 6. Miss Valdosta Feed and Grain (@ValdostaMiss) December 2020.

The 90-day wedding fan section suggests that Brandon is gay.

After watching the 90-day Bride Sunday episode, some viewers went to social networking sites and suspected that Brandon might be gay.

Fans have argued that an American reality TV star may be afraid to approach his parents because of their conservative views. Instead, Brandon used Julia to hide his true sexual preferences. However, some spectators predicted that the pair would break at the end of the season because Brandon did not support his girlfriend. In the last episode Julia discovered that during her stay with her family she had to sleep in a separate room of her boyfriend.

Brandon defended the constant interference of parents in his love life.

Brandon’s parents, Betty and Ron, were actively involved in their son’s love life. Not only did Betty dictate to Brandon and Julia how to spend time together, she also insisted that the two stars should avoid reality.

Brandon’s mother met Julia for unprotected sex with her son, and she appointed a gynecologist to be a Russian reality TV star to make sure she adopted a contraceptive plan. Julia told the producers that Brandon had to stand up for himself and warn his parents not to interfere in their love lives.

However, an American reality TV star seems reluctant to confront his parents because of their obsessive behaviour.

During the Sunday episode, Brandon discovered that his mother had paid for Julia’s ticket to the United States. He argued that his family should be involved in his love life with Julia because of her financial support. However, Brandon will have to choose between his dedication to his parents and his love for Julia during the 90-day wedding season.

The 27-year-old admitted that his family had put him in the dating attachment before he met Julia. It will be interesting to see if Brandon takes into account a fan’s suspicions about his sexual orientation. Although he looks reckless at the start of the 90-day wedding season, Brandon insists he tends to be sneaky. Fans will be curious to see if he can take a step forward and protect his Russian fiancée from the constant interference of his parents in his private life.

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