It was hard to find a silver lining in 2020, a year in which few things felt normal and too many of the things we love were kept at bay. But Saturday gave us something we wouldn’t have in other seasons. Four days ago it was not expected that it would probably be the best game of the season. But in this year of chaos, a little flexibility allowed us to do a little Sabbath magic, because the Carolina coast lasted from 22 to 17 years.

The context is already known: The coast has to play Liberty. KOVID-19 intervened, as in many games this season. In the middle of the week, Matt Hog of Coastal AD and Tom Hilmo of BYU AD started talking, and on Thursday, they continued with a game.

The idea made sense for both teams, neither for the members of the Power 5 conference, nor for the two teams, which were largely ignored by the University Football Qualifying Committee. If they wanted the respect that comes with defeating a good opponent, why not play against each other?

The BYU thus traveled 2,200 miles to Conway, South Carolina, and established a clash of civilizations between – like a popular stenciled T-shirt sold by a fan of the coast – Mormons and Mules.

My husband @taylordiveley and his twin brother took these t-shirts with them at the last minute, and they sell like hotcakes in the colors of the beach and BYU! #BYUvsCCU

– Ryan McGee (@ESPNMcGee) 5. December 2020.

As a rookie at Coast Buy More, Grayson McCall played like a veteran. He didn’t have to give up much, but his solution was perfect. C.J. Marble, an experienced tailor who this year worked mainly in McCall’s shadow, ran 132 yards and two points. And the coastal defense, after the attack had illuminated the scoreboard throughout the season, was again amazing, suffocated the explosive BYU attack and interrupted the puma playoffs, I hope half a meter is not enough for a victory.

To be honest for the BYU, many people with high expectations go to Myrtle Beach, only to leave with nothing but a cheap t-shirt.

There is much to learn from this game, starting with the Chanticleers’ reclassification, who have beaten the top two teams in the top 25 this season (more than Ohio) and still have a quality gain against the Appalachian State. A victory over BYU will probably not convince the committee in the Bereg play-offs. But since the panel reiterated that it is the strength of the scheme that counts, it would be embarrassing if the Chanticleers weren’t rewarded for the first scheme and then win it.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Coastal Carolina held a BYU on a game that was scheduled a few days earlier. AP Photo/Richard Shiro

It’s also worth mentioning that although the Coast Guard probably won’t go to the play-offs, the play-offs would certainly be more fun if Jamie Chadwell’s team were there. It is so easy not to assume that the Chanticleers have no chance against the state of Ohio or Notre Dame, but as Saturday showed, it is much more fun to find a way to play than to project our expectations into a vacuum where a good game can be found.

It should be noted that the BBU should not have been there either. A few weeks ago, Washington came up with an invitation to the game. Given the battle of the Huskies on Saturday, the game would probably have been much more successful for the BYU, but unfortunately the Puma’s were waiting for the committee to push them against the wall instead of jumping on Washington’s offer.


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But the biggest advantage is that, although it is impossible to know how this game could have been played differently if the BYU had had weeks instead of days to prepare, these two schools spontaneously came on board and organized an absolutely heavyweight game for us. Why, then, should this flexibility be postponed to the year following the adoption of COVID-19?

This may not be the only season that McCall and Wilson are on the main stage of a school soccer tournament on Saturday. Games like Mateo Sudipo’s lifesaving equipment deserve national titles all day long, even if that moment is engraved in the history of the Carolina coast. And the committee should be obliged to take teams that are not part of Power 5 seriously, even if the schedule does not always lend itself to that.

So why not postpone a Saturday of the season – maybe the second weekend – to a series of matches between teams that are not in the Power 5? Plan two weeks in advance, a lifetime ahead of what the coast and the BYU team should be preparing – and give the rest of the country a taste of the teams they’ve probably been missing all year.

And if this is not the future of planning, at least we have a catch of Sudipo and a noisy holiday among the coastal actors that will follow. Like the mule mug that defines them, the Chanticleers were a company until the founding of the party.

Other Chaos Board

In 2020 there would be no Sabbath without some kind of chaos on the bulletin board, and this Sabbath has given us a few moments of praise.

Texas Tech did the impossible when they lost Kansas. With less than 11 minutes to go into the game, the Hawks tied the game by 13 points, but the Red Raiders’ 10-goal lead of 52 yards ended in a winning goal for the Red Raiders. How serious would a loss be? Kansas hasn’t won the Big 12 street contest since 2008 – it’s now a series of 54 consecutive contests. The Mike Hawks covered the series on Saturday for the first time this season and their defense keeps the overall score lower than the pros/bottoms for the first time this season.

At MAC we’ve had a double dose of big wins from bad teams. Start with a 4-0 in East Michigan, which caused a beautiful 4-0 in West Michigan. Not only is this victory very disturbing, but it also means that this year Michigan is divided 1-1 between East, Central and West, which means that we will end the year 2020 without knowing in which direction Michigan is located. At least we know that Ann Arbor is at the bottom of the barrel.

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Marshall QB Grant Wells’ pass is filmed by Nim Smith and 36 yards are returned for a touchdown.

On Saturday, Rice had only three games scheduled, including a loss for MTSU and North Texas. So it looked like the Owls would retire from the game against undefeated Marshall in anger. But five interceptions are a good Christmas present, and that is exactly what the Herd QB Grant Welles rice protection has yielded. H.G. Wells was the team’s first QB to score 7-0 or better, after five interceptions in the game since Rutgers Gary Nowa in 2012, and it’s generally not a good comparison with what happened at Rutgers. After defeats against Marshall, Washington and BYU on Saturday, the ranks of the Invincibles were reduced to just nine (Cincinnati, Notre Dame, Coastal Carolina, Alabama, Ohio, Buffalo, San Jose, Colorado and USC).

And for MAC’s second big win of the week, congratulations to the great people of Akron who celebrated their 21st birthday with a 31-3 victory over Bowling Green, which was perhaps the worst game of the teams this season. Since early 2018, Zipsy and Falcons together have scored 5-44 points compared to the other FBS teams, with an average loss of 28 points, while ESPN IPI ranked them second and third this year. After this decisive defeat, Bowling Green must now plan a UMass to determine who is officially at the bottom of the barrel. It really should be a game of petanque played in the parking lot of a mall in South Jersey.

Review with CFP … and Texasbidders

  • On Saturday, Clemson struggled to look his best despite his victory. In fact, the Tigers had only twice as much damage in the first crash as Virginia Tech. The score from 45-10? It got ugly. Three rounds of Hokies allowed Clemson to score 14 points, and even Trevor Lawrence’s interception in the end zone didn’t matter. Clemenson will play Notre Dame in the CCA championship game, a return game with a much healthier Tiger team. If there’s any reason to alarm Clemson fans, it’s Travis Etienne, who only made 66 yards on Saturday 16. The Tigers had a little more success thanks to the reinforcement of Lyn J. Dixon and Darien Rencher, while Lawrence scored twice on the field. Etienne has played six games in a row and hasn’t measured 100 yards in a hurry, something he hasn’t done since his first year as backup. The attacking coordinator, Tony Elliott, took charge of the defense and planned intrigues against him.
  • When the big question was the A&M-related attack in Texas on Saturday, Jimbo Fischer’s team gave a categorical answer, ran 314 yards and won 31:20 against Auburn. It was the fastest track against Auburn’s defence in two years, and it showed the Aggi are doing well – controlling the pace, leaning on the star-studded goal line and forcing the defence to bring additional defenders into the box. But it shouldn’t have been a totally unexpected achievement either. Yes, Texas A&M didn’t get the ball rolling well against LSU last week, but in three games against the ladder teams this year, Aggis is now on average over 500 meters in the attack and LSU was the only game this season where they averaged less than 5.7 meters per game. If the attack is good enough to make Fisher talk like he’s got a cattle market, it’s good enough to give the playoffs a real boost.

Auctioneer Jimbo Fischer appeared in Auburn after the 31-20 victory of Texas A&M, and it was incredible:

– 4. Brent Cwerneman (@BrentZwerneman) December 2020

  • After a seemingly endless series of close games, Texas eventually won a convincing victory and defeated the state of Kansas 69-31. It was a much-needed break for Tom Herman who, after another bad season, suffered the wrath of Texas fans, including last week’s loss in Iowa, which shattered the Big 12’s title heap. After Saturday’s game, Herman said he didn’t pay much attention to rumors about the safety of his work, noting that his online time was generally reserved for Yahoo News, Words with Friends and the Chives app.
  • On Saturday, Tennessee was eliminated for the sixth time in a row and disappeared for the greater part of the game, as Florida effortlessly won 31-19. Volha’s last 12 points came in the trash, but in the last five games of the second half the score of the previous five games was almost doubled. Although the work of coach Jeremy Pruitt has also been the subject of recent rumors, the problems with the program have been largely limited to a sad attack. Tennessee played three QBs against Florida, none of which were good, and if Pruitt wants to use the program for a long time, he will have to find an answer to that position. And Manning’s oldest offspring are still two years old.
  • Oklahoma are on their way to the Big 12 title game against Iowa State. Saturday’s game against Baylor was another victory for Lightweight Velocity, which now wins six times in a row after a 2-1 start. During the week, they were supported by former coach Bob Stops, who helped them train but was not absent on the game day. But here’s the wild part of Saturday’s victory 27:14: For the first time since the 17th century. November 2016 Oklahoma failed to score at least 28 points. It was a loss to the state of Ohio. We have to go back another year, to the defeat of Texas in 2015, to find the Big 12 where the authors could not find the end zone at least four times. And Oklahoma haven’t won a single game since 2013, when they knocked out TSU 20-17 and scored less than 28 points. Lesson? Keep Bob Stoops away from Lincoln Riley’s grudge!

Heisman 5

I apologize to the great Jeret Patterson. We would have liked to keep him in the top five, but after Buffalo had to cancel a game against Ohio this week, he just didn’t play enough games to be on the list.

1. Florida Buy more Kyle Trask

Even in a game where Florida’s offense often got a little out of line, Trask’s line was 433 yards, four TD’s were in the line of fire. Trask has taken at least three touchdowns in every game of the season, but he is unlikely to win the prize before taking on his main rival in the SEC championship.

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Jamal Brooks almost caught the ball, but he sends it to Mike Woods to catch a two-point conversion for Arkansas.

2. Alabama Buy More McJones.

Do we have to talk about DeVont Smith here? The Alabama receiver hit eight 231-yard traps and three touchdowns and is by far the best passer in student football. This makes it easier for Jones, who had 385 lanes and four TDs against the LSU, to support his already impressive Heisman forces. Oh, and then there’s RB Naji Harris. Why don’t we just give the prize to everyone for the crime in Alabama?

3. Clemson BC Trevor Lawrence

Lawrence threw for TD and lost two more spots in Clemson’s victory over Virginia Tech, but given the big games the boys played for him, his chances of success at Heisman look increasingly subtle. On the other hand, Dashon Watson was one of the top three in two votes. He didn’t win, but in the end he got better equipment.

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Spencer Rattler throws a few touchdowns and Rammondr Stevenson brings one back. Oklahoma’s number 11 wins the Baylor 27-14.

4. Ohio CB Justin Fields.

We cancelled Fields a couple of weeks after a bad game against Indiana (three times) and a couple of games that were cancelled in Ohio because of virus problems. But while the Buckeyes entered Saturday’s game without O-linemen against a strong Michigan defense, the Fields didn’t miss a single shot and finished at 303 yards and four TDs.

5. Notre Dame KB Ian Book

The numbers are good – 63% chords, 23 touchdowns – but they don’t tell the whole story. The book’s ability to move the bag, expand the game and keep the heels on the defensive has been the key to Notre Dame’s offensive success this year. In each game he does a few dozen little things that don’t appear in the box, which makes him special and makes the Irishman a contender for the play-offs.

Gift game of the week

In Arkansas and Missouri, there wasn’t much outside the indoor court at the SEC Coach of the Year awards, but freshman coaches Sam Pittman and Ali Drinkwitz gave us the best result of the day.

During Pittman’s first year of training in Arkansas, Razor showed an ongoing struggle that contrasts sharply with the deplorable condition he inherited. This manifested itself several times on Saturday, including a perfectly executed simulated attempt to score a goal that went 20 yards and let the TD win, and a late 13-game shot that ended in the decision to go 2 and win. From the start, however, the game looked ugly and Jamal Brooks of Missouri had a clean interception, but the ball bounced off his hands and hit the hands of Mike Woods of Arkansas, who was waiting for it.

The drinker, who had Missouri 5-3 in her first year with the Tigers, wasn’t worried. Another 43 seconds, and he says to his Buy More: Let’s win the game, and that’s what happened. Missouri managed to get 60 meters in 40 seconds and scored a goal of the 32 meters for the second goal of the day.

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Notre Dame Elf caught the ball with his foot and pushed it through the poles.

Gift game of the week

It’s been a strange year, but leave it in Illinois to raise the stakes a little. For five games, Illini’s game was mediocre after Panthus’ return. Head Coach Lovey Smith decided to put things on hold. On Saturday, his new hymn at home was that of sophomore player Caleb Griffin, who is normally the team’s replacement. He ended the season with a return of over 4 yards and officially placed him in second place among the FBS kickers this season, behind Seth Keller of Texas, who is 12 yards ahead of Louisiana.

In Illinois, there’s a replacement, Caleb Griffin, returning fire. IlliniFootball | @calebgriffiin

– 4. Grid Ten (@BigTEN network) December 2020.

Of course, when it comes to promoting kickers who have to hand in the tasks, it’s only fair to promote someone else in the role of kicker. You’ll find Notre Dame’s mascot there.

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Coral TCU’s Trevon Moehrig intercepts with one hand in the end zone and stops the late passage to Oklahoma, where the victorious sliding frogs 29-22.

And if we read our rules carefully, as soon as the mascot becomes a kicker, one of the boys with the numbers below is promoted to mascot.

High stakes and bad wins

  • Seven minutes after the 71-yard touchdown with Darius Davis, the Oklahoma State team was the first and last to try to score in the second half. An overtime would have given the Cowboys a good chance to bridge the gap of 2.5 points, but just as important, all the points on that disc would have won the game by 52.5 points in total. Instead, Trevon Mørig intercepted the second throw at the end of the end zone with one hand, ending the drive and any hope of the players to cover themselves with pokes or more.

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Trevor Lawrence of Clemson scored three touchdowns, two on the ground and one in the air, in Clemson’s dominant 45-10 victory over Virginia Tech.

  • Good teams win, great teams cover, and the elite buy more know the size and love it. So was the member of the Coast Guard Grayson McCall, who had a print glued to his locker showing BYU as a 10-point favorite after Thursday’s game against the Chanticleers. (The Coast was a double-digit favorite against their original opponent Liberty). McCall threw only 85 yards in the game with Coastal relying on his ground attack, but the fact is that the odds were easily covered and he scored a huge setback with 22-17.

Choose the winner of 10 school soccer games per week. Play directly or with confidence. Make your choice

  • If you had a money line in Appalachia on Friday night, you’re probably still unpacking the roller coaster of emotions you’ve experienced the last few minutes. After Louisiana saw a long-range shot from a not-so-ordinary trio of snappers, coach Billy Napier took the lead in Game 4 and Game 2 – from the 35-yard line. Instead of betting or advancing, he gave App State two points and gave the climbers a chance to overtake the ground. This almost happened when the climbers entered the field and started a 30 meter attempt with a five second lead. But the soccer gods smiled on Louisiana, and the shot was tipped in the right direction, giving the Ragin’ Cajuns a 24-21 victory.

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