The recent episode of WandaVision certainly kicked the story into gear by solving many mysteries, such as how Monica ended up in the pseudo-reality Westview that was the Immer at the end of episode 2, and much more. But in the process, mysteries were raised that left the viewer searching again for urgent answers. Now that the series has finally arrived in the world of MCU, the tension is unbearable. The following article contains SPOILERS from episode 4 of WandaVision, please proceed only if you have seen it.

People outside Westview have forgotten that WandaVision exists.

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The switch from WandaVision to Doctor Strange 2 worked so well, says Elizabeth Olsen.

Wanda created this pseudo-reality out of her own grief, and it is hard to believe that she would do anything to erase Westview’s existence. Someone went to great lengths to make Wanda’s false reality work so that all the relatives, friends, and acquaintances of the people trapped in Westview would forget that they had ever existed, so that no one would knock on the door and suspect anything. People even forgot that there was a town called Westview. Who was it?

The old radiation around Westview

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Darcy detects SBMR, or cosmic microwave background radiation in the energy field around the city. It is radiation from the remnant of the Big Bang that created the universe. If Wanda is really behind all this, how can she project energy millions of years ahead?

Who is Agnes?

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Because S.W.O.R.D. now matches the real characters from the sitcom Wanda, we only see a picture of Agnes without an identity. That means she doesn’t live in town and she’s a stranger. She’s clearly a witch, Agatha Harkness (look at her brooch, people!), so the real question is: why is she in Westview?

Where’s Dottie?

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Maybe we haven’t seen SWORD discover her real identity yet, but it’s really suspicious that they have the real names of all the characters we’ll see after Dottie’s presentation, but neither her picture nor her ID card have landed on the board yet.

Why the hexagonal shape?

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It was also one of the questions Agent Jimmy Woo had to deal with. Why is there an abundance of hexagons in the series, from the opening credits to the earring Monica wears in Episode 3? Is it a sign that AIM is behind everything, or is it someone more sinister?

Why is the helicopter in color and not Agent SWORD?

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Even Agent SWORD turned black and white after entering Wanda’s reality, but for some mysterious reason the old drone helicopter retained its red and yellow color. Why did this happen?

Why does the false reality keep changing?

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Darcy articulates what’s already bothering us – why is it a sitcom, why is there a broadcast boom (is anyone still watching?), and most importantly, why does the false reality jump from one decade to the next? Let’s hope there’s a good reason for this strange anomaly.

Someone censor the show

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As Darcy and Jimmy watch what happens in the fantasy world outside the break, they notice that every time reality escapes Westview, the show is censored and scenes are deleted. When Jimmy contacts Wanda by radio, what happened between Wanda and Monica is strangely erased. Since this is all happening in real time and Wanda is clearly shaking after each encounter, the logical conclusion would be that someone is censoring the show. But who is this “someone”?

And of course, the bigger question that remains is, as Jimmy said, “who” created the sitcom “Two Avengers”? It could be Wanda, the second party, or both. All we can do is wait for episode five with more answers. In the meantime, you can only watch (or re-watch) the latest episode of WandaVision through the official Disney+ app.

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