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CENTRAL CALIFORNIA – The commissioner of the Central Division of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF), Ryan Thos, announced Tuesday 19. January, made a statement in which he revealed some changes to the 2021 athletics calendar. The statement confirmed that the local county health department will continue to decide whether the county can play the game, but gave some flexibility for different start dates. Currently, the CRPD does not allow competition among districts under the rule of regional autonomy.

The Central Section has announced the official cancellation of this year’s playoffs and championships for cross-country, soccer, women’s volleyball and water polo. The elimination of the postseason is mainly due to the fact that the CRPD administration only allows competition between border states, but also gives teams more time to extend the regular season. However, the statement indicated that there may be changes in the future and urged teams to leave the final week of the open season for possible district playoffs or bowl games.

The end dates for these four sports have been updated. The new term for cross country is 27 years. In March, football is on the 17th. On April 20, it’s the turn of women’s volleyball and water polo. Mars.

Central also changed the start dates for swimming, diving, golf and tennis to 15. February postponed.

The Commissioner concluded by saying that he will hold a meeting today at 15.00 for directors, managers and inspectors of sporting events. He will review the information and answer questions.

The commissioner’s statement follows:

Lead the central area:

I hope this message finds you in good health. As we all continue to prepare for our return to the central high school athletic department, I want to give you a few updates at this time. But before I do, I want to publicly thank our Chapter’s Board of Directors for their dedication and leadership during these difficult times. I would also like to thank all of you as educational leaders of our section – I appreciate your patience and support. While there are few certainties in life today, I think we can all agree that there is no perfect solution to today’s problems regarding school sports. Please keep the following points in mind as we proceed:

1. Training in all sports may begin in accordance with California Department of Public Health (CRPD) regulations, local district health regulations, and school/district policies.

2. The CDP’s current guidelines do not allow competition as long as the district is under a regional land use ban.

3. Competitions can only be organized according to the rules of KPZD, the district and the school/district.

Although the Central Chapter has established start dates, any member school or school district may choose to open its seasons later in the Chapter’s sports season.

5. Under current CRPD guidelines, student-athletes may only compete in one cohort (team) in the same time period or season.

  1. For more information, see the California Department of Public Health’s Youth Sports Policy Update.

7. The 17th. The April 2021 football season must be completed in order for the fall 2021 season to begin on time in the fall (July 19).

  1. I have received several questions regarding Bill 504.F and the possibility of the league deviating from the state’s sports season schedule. If your association decides to take advantage of this opportunity, please contact me so I can give you more information.

At that time, the following changes were made to the central area sports calendar:

  1. The Central Region playoffs and championships in cross-country, soccer, women’s volleyball and water polo have been canceled. Although this possibility has been discussed for some time, it is still very difficult to make a decision. While there may be changes in the future, current CRPD guidelines only allow competition between adjacent districts, making it impossible to hold a sectional championship. This decision opens up additional dates for school enrolment, in line with the PCA guidelines. The new deadlines for these sports are as follows:
    a.Cross Country – 27. March
    b.Football – 17. April
    v. Girls Volleyball – 20. Mars d.Water polo – 20. Mars

** Leagues are encouraged to leave the last week of the open season for any county playoffs, bowl games, etc.

2. The start dates for swimming and diving, golf and tennis have been changed to the 15th. February (CRPD rules permitting).

  1. Badminton, men’s volleyball and lacrosse have been moved to the national season. On the next page you will find an updated sports season document with the above information. At the request of some schools and on the recommendation of the Executive Committee, the Recommended Start Date column has been added. This is the date the contest must begin in order to compete for four weeks. These dates may vary by district and/or school. I will be holding a Zoom session today at 3:00 p.m. for the athletic directors, principals and superintendents, if you would like. I will review this information and answer questions. A link to the meeting will be sent separately.


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