The Walking Dead revealed some major details about the origins of it’s zombie virus in a series of videos from the world beyond. The main question on everyone’s mind is why did Rick and his group not receive any warnings? Why were they left to die for so long before finally starting their journey westward again? how does this affect the past, present and future storylines?

The “world beyond” is the final episode of The Walking Dead. It reveals major details about Zombie Virus Origins in a world beyond where Rick Grimes and his friends have been living for some time.

The Walking Dead Reveals Major Details About Zombie Virus Origins in World Beyond Epilogue

This post includes spoilers for Sunday’s episode of TWD: World Beyond, “The Last Light.” There’s new meat in The Walking Dead Universe after a decade of the zombies. The Walking Dead: World Beyond concludes with an epilogue that relates to the first season of The Walking Dead, exposing an even deadlier kind of walker – and providing a genesis for the mystery zombie virus that swept the planet in 2010. In “TS-19,” CDC virologist Dr. Edwin Jenner (Noah Emerich) spoke to Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) about the disease: “Everyone is contaminated.” You turn if you die.

A French lady (Carey Van Driest) dusts dusty hard drives ten years after the outbreak and downloads Jenner’s Wildfire broadcasts from 2010. According to the long-dead Jenner in the movie, the Center for Disease Control investigates necrotic tissue samples that aren’t “fresh,” making it impossible to gain an accurate understanding of the biology involved. 

The broadcasts date from before Jenner’s wife, CDC scientist Dr. Candace Jenner, died of a walker’s bite and became “Test Subject 19” for reanimation research. “The utilization of cardiac plaques as a host medium for steroidal therapy to jump-start the circulatory system in the hopes of short-circuiting the brain, or possibly restoring function to induce nerve confusion, is a fascinating approach,” Jenner says in the film. 

A gunman (Oryan Landa) approaches the lady, who is one of “the physicians” who is on the run and hiding. In the backdrop, a pre-recorded video of Jenner discussing the promising notion of “activating systems to work against reanimation” plays. 

The guy inquires as to if she is a member of the Primrose squad. Violet was her team. He threatens her with a rifle and demands that she tell the whereabouts of the Primose team. 

the-walking-dead-world-beyond-dr-edwin-jenner.png(Photo courtesy of AMC Studios)

She answers in French, “They weren’t here when it occurred.” “When you all did your thing. They were in Toledo for a meeting.” 

Spain? No, it’s Ohio. America. She hoped to discover them here, in this long-abandoned lab with graffiti proclaiming, “Les morts sont nes icl.” “This is where the dead are born.” 

“I was hoping against hope. I had no choice but to try. “They may stop all of this if they return here to their job,” she adds. Despite the passage of time.” 

The gun is raised by the guy. “They ought to be dead. If they aren’t, and they come back as you, we won’t put them in the same prison as the others. We’re going to murder them. Is it possible to put an end to this? This was begun by you. Each and every squad. Then you went and made it much worse.” 

He shoots a single bullet into the back of the doctor. Jenner states in the message, “I’d want to learn more about these ‘variant cohorts’ you mentioned in our previous discussion.” “We’ve never seen anything even like to what we’ve seen here.” 

The doctor reanimates in less than a minute. The zombified doctor rises and dashes for the exit, slamming the door shut with the power of a walker. It’s more efficient. It’s more powerful. It’s angrier. The series ends with the walker’s guttural howls from within the biomedical lab, as the walker claws and thrashes at the door. 

In The Walking Dead Season 1 conclusion, “TS-19,” Jenner informs Rick’s gang of Atlanta survivors, “It was the French.” “As far as I know, they were the last to hold out. They remained in the laboratory until the end, while our troops bolted out the doors and committed suicide in the halls. They believed they were on the verge of finding a solution.” 

According to the gunman, the French made things worse by implying that the zombie virus was created by humans. Civic Republic Military Major General Beale and Lt. Col. Elizabeth Kublek (Julia Ormond) developed Project Votus on World Beyond, a research project advancing reanimation science. Their mission: to prevent reanimation and eliminate the flesh-eating undead as a menace, putting a stop to the wandering dead. 

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