Michael Jordan Superteam vs. LeBron James Superteam: The Clash Of GOATs

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The NBA Playoffs are in full swing with the first round set to be completed this weekend, and two of the greatest players of all time will face off in Round 2, as LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers face off against the Golden State Warriors. The Cavs, who are the overwhelming favorite, are in a position few teams will ever be in. The Warriors, on the other hand, are in a position few teams ever want to be in. But they are both great teams, and this clash of GOATs promises to be fantastic.

Michael Jordan and LeBron James are considered two of the greatest players of their generation. Although each player plays differently, they are often compared to each other because of their dominance in the NBA. Many claim that Michael Jordan is the best scorer and killer of all time, and LeBron James is probably the best team player and versatile superstar of all time.

What if the two players faced each other in a five-on-five match? Jordan had four Hall of Fame teammates and LeBron had four himself. To make things even more interesting, all four members of the team will be direct opponents of Michael Jordan and LeBron James respectively. There are 10 Hall of Famers in the game, so here is the official analysis of the game until the winner emerges victorious.

Magic Johnson vs. Stephen Curry

This game is a perfect case of playing and leading against shots from outside the box. Magic Johnson is one of the best point guards of all time, and his size will be a big factor in Jordan’s team being able to step up and move the ball to make good shots. Magic is also still at the top of his game, so he’ll respond when Stephen Curry starts hitting three-pointers. Curry is capable of destroying any point guard if his shot falls, but there is absolutely no chance Magic Johnson will be moved to his position.

Michael Jordan vs Kobe Bryant

This is by far the most anticipated and tightest position in the game. Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are pretty much the same player, which means they’ll master the game from the start. When Jordan scores, Bryant responds, and vice versa. These two shooting defenders will set the pace of the game, and only one of them will be responsible for the final shot.

Larry Bird vs LeBron James

Larry Bird vs. LeBron James is a matchup between the old school and the new school, between two of the best small attackers in NBA history. Larry Bird is an original man who has won three MVP Awards and four NBA Championships in his career. Byrd is at an advantage over LeBron with shooting and rebounding, but James is at an advantage with point guard and athletic ability. It will be hard to pick out either player, although LeBron James will have a bigger impact on his team because of his ability to dish out assists.

Charles Barkley vs Kevin Durant

It’s an internal versus external issue. Charles Barkley dominates Kevin Durant every chance he gets, and even when distracted by Durant’s length, he is able to grab offensive rebounds and finish the game with ease. Charles Barkley, meanwhile, will have trouble keeping up with Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant will run hot at many points in the game and will make sure LeBron’s team is very hard to stop.

Hakeem Olajuwon vs Shaquille O’Neal

It’s a game that can go either way. Historically, Hakeem Olajuwon was defeated by Shaquille O’Neal. Hakeem’s footwork and incredible skills on the inside allowed him to dominate Shaquille O’Neal, even when O’Neal had pure size and superiority on his side. Hakeem beat a young Shaquille O’Neal, but this will be the best Shaquille O’Neal. This means that this match is absolutely evenly matched and both players will compensate each other.

Team Jordan Advantage

Jordan’s team is confident in its composition. Michael Jordan is the greatest player of all time and he knows it, while Larry Bird and Magic Johnson think they are right behind him. Charles Barkley and Hakeem Olajuwon make a perfect duo down low, as their combination of athletic ability, size and skill allows them to score and grab rebounds when they want to. Jordan’s team clearly doesn’t have a single weak link.

The biggest advantage Jordan’s team has is size. Magic Johnson is a Goliath compared to Stephen Curry, and both rookies will have trouble keeping Kevin Durant in. This will force LeBron James to take on more defensive responsibilities, which will take him away from his role as a leader and playmaker. Jordan’s team also has the best closer in NBA history, and we all know who that is.

Team LeBron Advantage

LeBron’s team is full of snipers. Jordan’s team can’t compete with LeBron’s team in terms of scoring, and focusing on LeBron and Kobe Bryant will create a lot of open shots for Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry. We’ve seen the damage these two shooters can do in Golden State, and they will surprise Jordan’s team at times.

Even though Hakeem Olajuwon beat a young Shaq in the past, Shaquille O’Neal is a different animal. Shaq’s small size means LeBron’s team can strike at the big man at any time. In terms of shooting and offensive prowess, LeBron’s team is unstoppable.

Who will win?

There can only be one winner in this greatest game of all time. Both teams have five Hall of Fame inductees each, meaning the smallest margin will be enough to win this game. And that little advantage becomes Michael Jordan’s killer instinct. The best Michael Jordan is the best player in NBA history, and that is far from the case. Michael Jordan has dominated his four teammates throughout history, and he’ll have no trouble doing the same with LeBron’s team.

LeBron’s team will pick up the pace early to give Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant a chance to warm up in the first half. As a result, LeBron’s team took a 75-65 lead into the third quarter. Jordan’s team will struggle against LeBron’s team’s shooters, and serious adjustments will be needed in the second half. Magic step up and punish Stephen Curry in the paint, and Michael Jordan starts to heat up from mid-range. Kobe Bryant is just as good as Michael Jordan, with both stars scoring 12 points each in the third period.

Jordan’s team manages to come back and tie the game at 100 in the fourth quarter. There are eight lead changes in the fourth period for the final two sessions of play. LeBron James does a pick-and-roll with Shaquille O’Neal, forcing Larry Bird to help him. Durant accelerated and passed the ball to Bryant, who attempted a shot with 15 seconds left. After a Jordan team timeout, it becomes clear which player will determine the outcome of the game. Jordan, defended by Bryant, passes to Stephen Curry and scores with a put-back jumper with 0.5 seconds left on the scoreboard. Magic and Jordan play this game perfectly, giving LeBron’s team the nearly impossible task of not hitting Shaquille O’Neal. Kevin Durant’s late shot misses the basket and Jordan’s team wins 127-126 in the biggest 5-on-5 game in history.

Final score: Jordan’s team vs. LeBron’s team 127-126

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