With the beginning of the 10th. During the second week of the NFL season, most fantasy football teams prepare for the play-offs or the long-distance field. It doesn’t matter where you are in the rankings, it’s always good to end the season with a little pride.

Here is the start/status of the Wide Receiver for week 10.

RP for the start of the NFL 10week

Robert Woods, Los Angeles Rams

Robert Woods has been a great and fantastic receiver for ten weeks and has played a role in the WR2 for most of the year. Woods faces the Seattle Seahawks, the worst defensive record in the league. Sihouki gives the opponent an average of 362 pass lines per match, and this trend is not expected to stop soon.

Jared Goffe ranks 12th in the NFL in terms of passing lines per game and throws more than 268 yards per game. He should have no problem finding his number one receiver, Robert Woods, on Sunday. It is likely that seabirds will approach Shakeel Griffin in Woods outdoors, which should not be a problem for the USC product. Shakeel Griffin fought rival big receivers this year and is only 56th in the PFF rankings.

There will be a field day in the forest against the Seahawks, a second weak one. Start at low speed WR1/high speed WR2.

Brandine Chefs, Houston Texas

Texas plays in the 10th week against Cleveland Brownes, and I expect Brandin Cooks to play the monster. Denzel Ward, Brown’s WR1 will probably play Will Fuller on his strong side.

That means the bosses have to deal with Terrence Mitchell on the weak flank, who according to the PFF 40. corner in the NFL. It’s certainly a better game for Watson, and I saw a Texan in seclusion on Sunday, trying to give the cook a few low blows.

I design the cooks as WR2/WR3, and in any case I start with the FLEX position.

Alshon Jeffrey, Philadelphia Eagles

Yeah, you read it right! Alison Jeffrey is back on the team and is scheduled to play her first game of the 2020 NFL season against the New York Giants.

There couldn’t have been a better fit for Jeffrey. He’s just out of bye week and ready to take the 25th to discover NFL missile defense. Whether Bradberry or Jihadom was commissioned by the Giants to protect Jeffrey, he should have no problem producing controversial catches or creating divisions.

If Jeffrey’s healthy, he’ll easily become Carson Wentz’s broadband favorite. With Ertz as editor-in-chief, he might prefer Wienz. I think the Eagles will try to include Alshon in their league match against the Giants.

In week 10, I think of Jeffrey as a low-budget WR2/High End WR3 or FLEX player.

RP for week 10 of NFL

DJ Chuck, Jacksonville Jaguars

The owners of DJ Chark are probably a bit angry about how this season has gone so far for the LSU Speedster. The WR2 teams were behind Laviska Shenault for most of the season and were not fantastic rookies. That was until last week. At the first start of the NFL, Jake Luton contacted Chuck seven times for 146 yards and a touchdown.

But just because he had a good week against Texas soccer doesn’t mean he’s ready for fantasy soccer. The Texans took 22nd place. Place in the worst security pass and compared to Bradley Roby (26th place in CB under PFF) with Chuck. The game of the Jags against the Packers in the 10th round, in which Chuck will meet the best corner kicker of PFF, Heard Alexander.

Chuck may be Luton’s favorite target, but don’t expect him to repeat what he did last week. I’m DJ Charck for the 10. Week.

Marquise Brown, Baltimore Raven

The Rooks are in 10. Week in New England. Whatever the team’s record, winning Foxborough is not an easy task. New England is a defensive team that will show many different views on Lamar Jackson. Jackson, who has struggled to throw the ball this season, will put his hands against the Patriots with a solid secondary and try to run for the ball more often.

What does that mean for Hollywood Brown?

Not in a good place. The Patriots will probably play a game between JC Jackson and Brown on Sunday. Jackson is one of the best angles in the NFL (17th in the PFFL), which should cause problems for Brown when he tries to make a split.

Brown hasn’t had a double-digit score since week five, and that’s not the week he breaks that trend. The Patriots will block Marquesa Brown in week 10 and keep him on the bench.

DJ Moore, Carolina Panthers

Team Caroline Panther has certainly been a surprise team in the NFL this season, and this is largely due to the success of Teddy Bridgewater in BC.

Despite the fact that DJ Moore had a very good ranking this season, the Carolina was WR3 the past few weeks. With the arrival of Curtis Samuel and Robbie Anderson at the head of the goal team, DJ Moore became a secondary threat to his own team.

In the game of 10. In the second round, Carolina Books, 14th in the NFL in passing defense, took the lead. The Bucks have leagues where the defense is at its best, so expect the Panthers to let the ball fly often enough in this game. The only problem is, Moore doesn’t look like the deep receiver. I’m DJ Moore for the ten. Week.

Week ten can be your marathon week or your imaginary football holiday. Make sure you make the right decision and start with the groundbreaking candidates and put on nice clothes.

49ers, Jimmy Garoppolo, George Kittle.

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