In an interview recorded on the 18th. On April 4, Kouchner told legendary journalist Bob Woodward that Trump was returning the land to the doctors in a so-called negotiated settlement. Kouchner also said that the United States is rapidly going through a period of panic and pain in the light of the pandemic and that the country is in the initial phase of its return.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be pain for a while, but in fact there was, and now we have the rules to get back to work, Kushner said. Trump’s back in charge. They’re not doctors.

This declaration reflects a political strategy. Instead of following the advice of health experts, Trump and Kouchner focused on what could help the president on election day. You load Trump will be an open seat.

qcNN received an audio recording of two separate interviews with Kushner in April and May as part of Woodward’s cover for his book Rage. In discussions on a wide range of topics, Mr Kouchner discussed the President’s competitive relationship with his health advisors.

Kushner also rejected party politics and called the Republican Party – an amalgamation of tribes – and described the GOP platform as a document that was indeed intended to antagonize the people. Kouchner also told Woodward that Trump got his hands on the Republican Party in a completely hostile manner when he became his presidential candidate.

He also told Woodward that the most dangerous people around the president were overconfident idiots, and that Trump had replaced them with more thoughtful people who seemed to know their place.

Kushner’s comments on the board’s handling of the pandemic underline how Trump and Kushner have minimized the public health crisis, despite the fact that it erupted last spring.

At that time, the number of positive cases in the US was constantly around 30,000 per day. The 15th. In April, three days before the interview with Kushner, the mortality rate on Covida-19 reached a record high of more than 2,600 deaths per day. Hospitalizations due to the virus also reached their first peak, with almost 60,000 people hospitalized within a few days in April. During this period, New York City was still the main target of the virus, with the South and Midwest not yet hit by deadly epidemics.

In response to a question about the CNN reports, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country’s leading infectious disease specialist and a member of the White House working group on coronaviruses, said Wednesday night that it was clear that public health concerns had been overshadowed.

I don’t know the exact date, but it’s clear that a few months ago we moved from a total focus on public health issues to a focus on opening up the country to the economy, Fauci said.

Kushner’s comments reflect what many health experts believe is at the heart of the government’s mismanagement of the pandemic: a premature willingness to open up the country and eliminate health workers, resulting in waves of new infections in the summer and record cases this fall.

It was like Trump got the land back from the doctors. Really? Kouchner told Woodward on the 18th. April. I mean, what he just did, you know, he makes it his own.

Kushner’s comments six months ago sounded particularly grim because the United States saw an increase in infections in the fall, again breaking records, with 73,240 new cases on Tuesday and a record 83,000 on Friday.

The increase in the number of deaths due to coronaviruses has closely followed the increase in the number of deaths due to coronaviruses.

This month, eleven countries reported the highest number of new deaths in a single day since the start of the pandemic. And as researchers pursue the vaccine, it will take months for it to become widely available, and health experts warn that the public must take the virus seriously at the same time. As the article states, the vaccine should be available within a few months.

If we continue with our current behavior, if we go down on the other side of the curve, half a million people will be dead, said CNN medical analyst, Dr. Jonathan Rainer, Tuesday.

Since October, 29 U.S. states have reported at least one record day of new cases, according to Johns Hopkins University.

As cheerleader for business

Kouchner also described Woodward’s political calculations for the president – instead of writing a federal plan to combat the virus, Trump delegated that responsibility to the governors. In an interview on the 18th. On April 4, Kouchner described how he believed that Trump wanted to reap the political benefits of successful containment of the virus, while ensuring that the state governors, not the president, were held responsible for not stopping the spread of the virus.

The states must master the test, Kushner said. The federal government can’t take the test. And the federal government shouldn’t have any rules. It has to depend on the governors, because that’s how the federal system works.

He moved on: But the president is also very smart politically, because he fought with the governors, to say in principle: No, no, no, no, no, the opening is mine. Because the discovery will be very popular here too. People want this country to be open. But if it is not opened properly, the question arises as to whether or not the governors followed the instructions we gave them.

In his second interview with Woodward on the 8th. Mei Kouchner insisted that one of Trump’s tasks to revive the economy would be the role of a cheerleader. Kushner called it care of the psychology of the market.

So if you basically say it’s coming back in the fall, you won’t do it, people won’t hire, people will be unemployed, Kushner Woodward said. And if you foresee a worst-case scenario, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. One of the things the president’s really good at is being a cheerleader. He tries to make people happy with the result.

The president himself supported Kouchner in his conversation with Woodward for Rage, because another audio clip CNN received describes him as a smart cookie.

I told Jared to talk to you, and I think he did, Trump told Woodward on the 19th. February. Trump said he had asked Kushner to coordinate with other members of the administration so Bob could talk to everyone. Jared can go with… a very capable guy, Jared. We can’t have people like that.

Activists and Arrogant Idiots

In a conversation with Woodward, Kouchner also expressed his contempt for the Republican Party and congratulated his father-in-law on the takeover by the rebels, giving his opinion.

I say he did indeed commit a totally hostile takeover of the Republican Party, he said on the 18th. April. And I don’t even think that’s a problem. I think it’s about the relationship.

By convening tribal political parties, Kushner rejected GOP activists, who help create a platform for the party’s political ideas and aspirations, just as they do for ordinary voters.

You know, more exclusive than inclusive, Kushner is a Muslim. So you are looking at the platform of the Republican Party, a document that is mainly meant to work against the people. Because that’s what activists do.

Months later, at its National Congress, the Republican Party refused to update its program and instead decided to read the 2016 program.

Kushner’s contempt also extended to the officials and administrative advisors who disappointed the president at the beginning of his term of office – people whom Kushner called arrogant idiots.

We got rid of a lot of arrogant idiots, he said to Woodward. And now he’s got a lot more thoughtful people who seem to know where they belong and what to do.

In Rage Woodward writes that in his eyes Kouchner was referring to former members of the firm and advisors of James Mattis, Rex Tillerson and Gary Cohn. In a September interview with NBC Today, Kouchner said Woodward misrepresented him and denied calling the three men arrogant idiots.

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