PITTSBURG — Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Rothlisberger is on the reserve/COVID-19 roster and is scheduled to play against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday.

Roethlisberger was taken off the list on Saturday morning, along with three other people who were considered close and risky contacts with Vance McDonald, who was put on the list on Monday with a positive result of the coronavirus test.

Rothlisberger’s body rested for a week, but when he made the joke on Saturday morning, his mind couldn’t stand it anymore.

He said my body loves the day off. My brains, who learned my thesis, didn’t appreciate the weekend. It was nice to be at their house, but I really miss the boys.


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Rothlisberger was cautious at home, wore masks in the house and slept in a separate room of his wife. He also wore a mask when he was in the car with his family. While he was tested every day, so was his family.

They’re still nervous. Rothlisberger was talking about the spread of the virus. My wife, we slept in opposite rooms. Something like that. My wife said I don’t care if we have it, but we don’t want our kids to have it. You always take better care of your children than you or someone else. I think we were as safe as we could have been at home.

Linebacker Vince Williams, running back Jalen Samuels and linebacker Gerald Hawkins have been removed from the list, although only Rothlisberger and Williams, both veterans, are likely to play against the Bengals because of coach Mike Tomlin’s training rule. All four were isolated for five days and could not train with the team during the week.

In addition, on Saturday the steel manufacturers added a new guard, Kevin Dotson, to the VID-19 reserve list. He missed Friday’s training because of illness. Anthony McFarland’s Run Back also missed two exercises with the disease this week and was organized as an extra precaution. He wasn’t on the list with Dotson, but playing on Sunday is doubtful.

Rothlisberger missed pre-game training and continues to play the game – as he did in 2015 when he missed training all week to treat a leg injury and eventually lost nearly 400 yards to Cleveland Brownes after Landry Jones’ Series 2 injury. But this time it was different, because Rothlisberger couldn’t be physically present at the training and instead had to watch the recording at home without sound on his iPad.

Usually when I’m not training, at least I’m on the field, behind the quarterbacks, I hear the calls being made, you hear the bus call [Center Morkis] Pansy, something like that, said Rothlisberger. So, as Coach Tomlin would say about the helmet, even if you’re not there, at least you hear it and you get rid of it. It was definitely different. I watched all the games during practice, but you look at home on your iPad, so you can’t hear all that stuff.

Unable to hear the sounds of practice, Rathlisberger spent the entire week with offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner and quarterback coach Matt Canada to ask questions and complete a game plan. He could also participate in virtual meetings and was often active as a curator, but he still lacked a personal presence.

In today’s society boys have an iPad in front of them, but they can also have their phones next to them, watch things or watch TV, whatever, Rothlisberger said. I’m not saying it’s happening, but you just don’t know it’s happening. When you’re in the conference room, you know everyone is connected, you know what’s going on, so it’s a little easier to communicate in person. The hardest part is practice. I couldn’t communicate at all, because everything was recorded and sent to me, and there was no sound. So a lot of messages to Coach Randy, Coach of Canada. What was that? What happened here? What were you thinking? I’m just trying to find a way to communicate, texting these guys a lot late at night.

The Steelers took a long walk on Saturday to have Roethlisberger work on his helmet for Sunday’s race.

If he leaves unofficially, said Tomlin on Friday, we will take a long walk tomorrow, just to allow him to take a look at some things related to the situation in his helmet, to put the finishing touches to our work, to allow him to work with the equipment with which he has worked in the game, to have all the necessary informal conversations that will give us some comfort at the beginning of the game.

The steelmakers expected Roethlisberger to approve the protocol and spent the whole week preparing for his departure against the Bengalis. Despite the fact that Roethlisberger is untrained, the Steelers rely on their 17-year veterans.

I’m not too worried, Tomlin said Tuesday. This guy’s been doing his job for 17 years. He has experience he can rely on. We will continue to work very hard and prepare ourselves in a practical way. Most of his work surpasses him in terms of preparation anyway. Honestly, I don’t really care.

Rothlisberger was also included in the team’s injury report for Sunday with a knee injury, but it carries no symbol.

Questioned on Ruthlisberger’s knee after a cowboy move that forced him to miss the last episode before the break, Tomlin minimized the injury on Tuesday.

According to him, Ben has some bumps and bruises from the first half of the game. He could get back in the game and finish the game. … It’s not up for discussion.

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