The new FIFA 21 update is online on PC and will soon be available on other platforms such as PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. With this update, EA has made some much-needed changes to gameplay, and of course, EA has also made changes and fixes in Career Mode, Team Ultimate, VOLTA and more. For those looking for new content, however, updating is the only thing that is not packaged.

In terms of gameplay changes, with the update, EA has increased the speed at which the ball leaves the drift zone and the ground when executing crosses, hoping to give the defenders more time to get into position in defensive crosses. As you probably know, this is a small matter, partly because of the way the operations are now being crossed. However, experts point out that this effect is more pronounced when the cross is made by a person with the capacity to exceed 75 or less. And of course, the higher the intersection is assessed, the less pronounced this effort will be.

In combination, EA has reduced the accuracy of volleyball when the ball reaches the receiver at high speed. Again, this is a much-needed change if you see volleyball players like the First Wayne Rooney moving every time, no matter how fast the cross moves.

In addition, the logic of the referees’ system has been adapted with regard to the timing of the yellow card. For the last update the judges issued yellow cards as candy, but since the update they are too soft, not only yellow but also red.

The patches at stake continue:

  • Refining the interception logic in situations where a defending player is in direct contact with the ball.
    • This change only applies in situations where the ball carrier passes the ball.
  • Reduce the player’s transition speed to a false shot during the sprint after the skill move has been successfully requested.
  • Better logic for selecting animations when trying to save as a controlled goalkeeper.
  • Sometimes, an infringement on the edge of the penalty area would result in the ball’s seemingly incorrect position for the next set.
    • The match referee has made the right decision in these situations, but the resolution of the erroneous animation may give the impression that the error was made at a slightly different location on the pitch.
  • Improved refereeing logic in situations where a professional offence is committed by the last defending player, affecting the possibility of an infringement.
  • In some cases, judges have made the wrong decisions about unfair competition after physical exertion or after standing in a bar.
  • During the sprint the Heel Chop couldn’t move.
  • The number of times a player trips over the ball after minimal physical contact with the penalty area is reduced.
    • Sometimes this can lead to unnecessary fines.
  • In some situations, the player trying to intercept the pass kicked the ball incorrectly.
  • In rare cases, players have teleported during a non-fictitious misscene and followed the advantage.

For complete patch information – which includes all changes and fixes to Ultimate Team, Career Mode, VOLTA and more – click here.

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