Tom King’s Batman/Katwoman series started last week with a song that not only shows the pause between the present and the future and puts Andrea Beaumont/Fantasy in the Washington comic book cannon, but also offers exciting details about Bruce Wayne and Helena Wayne’s daughter Selina Kyle. To fans in Washington, D.C., Helen Wayne is not a completely unknown creature. The original hunter Elena has a long, if somewhat complicated, history in DC Comics.

Helena Wayne/Hunter was created by Paul Levitz and Joe Stathon and is not to be confused with Helena Bertinelli’s Hunter. He first appeared in December 1977 in DC Superstars #17. The Hunter, a native of Earth Two, was created on the basis of a proposed updated version according to which Earth Batgirl belongs to the American Justice Society. Helena was born in 1957, daughter of Bruce Wayne and his wife Selina Kyle Wayne. She grew up in a happy childhood that not only enjoyed the benefits of being a member of a wealthy family, but was also trained by Batman and Catwoman to become a super athlete. She knew of her father’s heroic character because she saw that Dick Grayson/Robin was a brother. She went to Yale University as an adult, graduated from Yale Law School and accepted a position at the law firm of Cranston and Grayson – yes, Dick was one of the partners.

But Elena’s life wasn’t happy. In 1976, when Helena was 19 years old, criminal Silky Chernak blackmailed Selina Catwoman to recover her criminal identity using a fake photo of the murder of a Gotham City police officer. Chernak forced Selina to rob the Gotham Civic Center, but in the process Selina was shot in the chest and eventually died in the arms of Batman. Abandoned Helena disguised herself as Huntris to avenge her mother and clear her name, continued her career as a crime-fighter with Dick, joined JSA and, for a short time, Infinity Inc.

One of the remarkable aspects of Helena Wayne was her desire to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a villain instead of remaining a heroic figure. In her speeches, Elena shows that she is fighting against herself, but also against her mother’s legacy, especially after meeting a cat that has never been rebuilt. Helena is even looking for therapy to deal with her fears.

Helena Wayne almost disappeared from the comic strip for a while because of the Infinite Lands crisis, in which she played an important role. As the crisis approached in 1985, Helena Wayne was a popular figure and took part with Dick in the battle of the beginning of time, surviving the original extinction of the Earth Two. But on the newly formed earth, Helena and Dick both discovered that they did not exist on that time scale. Finally, along with other former Earth Two heroes, she fought the Anti-Monitor’s anti-surveillance force to defend a new Earth, even if it kills the hunter. She reappears in Superman/Batman #27 when Power Girl tells about an adventure she had with her hunter friend.

Helena Wayne then returned to Washington as part of Initiative 52, now the living double and defender of the Earth, since both her parents died in the world. It’s interesting to note that Elena’s version appeared in the main body of the DC Universe, but not as Elena Wayne. In the main group of OKP the daughter of Helena Kyle was born in May 2006 at Catwoman 53. Like Slam Bradley’s son’s daughter, Selina eventually asks Batman to help her adopt Helena so she can be safe.

Helena Wayne has also released The New 52, which will appear in six issues of the Huntress miniseries in 2011 and includes Finest with Power Girl. In the continuity of Flashpoint, this version is the daughter of Earth Two Batman and Catwoman and the only Robin who assumes the identity of the hunter when he arrives on the continent with Earth Two Super Girls (who assumes the personality of Power Girl). History The best in the world tell of their arrival, but also of their attempts to return home.

But when it comes to the current continuity in permanent mode, we see that Helena was born for Batman/Catwoman. During the sequel to the Batman Royal Run at DC Rebirth, Bruce and Selina fall in love again and almost get married – although weddings never really happen. Later, after the couple saved Gotham City from the Bane, a special 80th edition of Anniversary Catwoman revealed that Selina finally got pregnant with Bruce’s baby and finally gave birth to Helena Wayne.

That’s the Helena Wayne we’re talking about in Batman/Katwoman #1. Although we know little about her at the moment – apart from the fact that she is clearly LGBTQ+, as mentioned above, that she is with a woman – it will be interesting to see how her story unfolds.

What do you think of the new version of Helena Wayne? Let us know in the comments.

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