America Ferrera and completed its service as host of the NBC Supermarket series. Last season ended with Amy Sosa (Ferrer), the tired sales manager, who became manager of the large Cloud 9-box and accepted the position of director of the company that will transfer her from St. John’s to Newfoundland. Louis in Palo Alto, California. When John’s partner and colleague (Ben Feldman) decides to ruin his life and move to California with Amy and her two children, Amy wonders if she is walking into the same trap that led her to marry Adam’s unequal ex-husband (Ryan Gall) right after high school – which gave her 17 years of Cloud 9 experience.

This is episode 100, California: The second part, the first item on the agenda of Amy’s last day, is the reinstatement of Glenn Surgis (Mark McKinney) as Branch Manager in light of the adjustments due to the COWID 19 pandemic. She confides to her best friend and assistant manager Dean (Lauren Ash) about the missing ring Jonah secretly took, and tells him about her plans to measure Amy’s ring and ask her to marry her as they prepare to move to California.

After a non-working Amy admits she feels trapped and doesn’t want to make the same mistakes that landed her on cloud nine, Jonah confronts her alone in the storage room: Will you marry me? I’m not asking you to marry me. Let me ask you a question. Are you going to marry me, yes or no?

Amy, who stutters, says she doesn’t know, but when Jonah gives the final answer, she decides: Then no. Amy asks Ion to come to California and find out his future, but he decides to stay.

Amy, we’ve been together for years. We live together, we work together, we raise Parker together. I don’t know what else you need to know! And I think I deserve a little more than just seeing how it goes. Amy offers him a temporary long-distance and zoom date and tells him I don’t want to lose you.

When we met, you told me all your days were the same. You felt trapped, he responds. And I don’t want to be the reason you feel that way again. If he leaves, Amy will ask him: What happens if I’m wrong?

I think you know where to find me, Jonah, and leave Amy alone.

Later, the employees of Ozark Highlands sent Amy a moving farewell video, crowned with a video made by Mateo (Niko Santos). Jonah’s absence is striking, because he only finds his colleagues when he says goodbye to them in the parking lot under a fireworks display presented by Cheyenne (Nichole Bloom).

John’s best friend, Garrett (Colton Dunn), investigates him and jokingly asks him if he wants Amy out of his head. No, Jonah said when he drank an alcoholic beverage. Maybe tomorrow. A former exchange student and Jonah send Amy into a silent elevator when we leave Cloud 9 in the air of Miley Cyrus’ Slide Away.

We thought it was very organic for her character to think about how Adam was doing – how circumstances brought her to this marriage, and that she would be very shy if it happened again. No matter how much she loved Jonah, and no matter how long he was, she would resist it happening to her again, said programme director Gabe Miller to TVLine. It was also important for us to see that she might even have thought she had made a hasty decision. She doesn’t want to lose John, and she’s torn.

Showrunner Jonathan Green has been added. We thought it was a good idea that she didn’t know if she was doing the right thing. That’s exactly what she thinks [right now] is right. When people think it’s a bit sudden, it surprises them.

When asked if the separation with the departure of the star and producer Ferrer was permanent, Miller replied that we felt the door was still open because we had left things behind. Finally, they [both] understand that they are making adult decisions. They’re not on the same wavelength as their future, but who knows? They can still find their way to each other.

New episodes of Supermarket Thursdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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