The Kingdom of Hearts: The theme song, like many side projects released outside the main series, is an important part of the story of the franchise as a whole and actually sets the tone for the next game in the series when all is said and done. The Rhythm Action Game is a melodic journey into the past, transforming different tracks from different games into a whole new type of gameplay never before seen in this series. Even with such a deviation from the usual plot standards in large matches, the melody of memory hides some of the most important parts of the plot.

Look out! Look out! A complete history of Kingdom hearts: Follow the memory of the melody! Memories of the name Melody and the cover tease the whole point of the game in the plot, as Kairi tells the story with her voice, while Ansem, Even and Ienzo delve into their memories where Sora disappeared to follow the events of the Kingdom of the Heart 3.

Finally, Kairi finds herself in the empty space of the End of the World, where Sora was during the Kingdom of the Heart 3. Before her Xechanort appears and tells us that Sora has gone to a place outside the kingdom of light and darkness. It’s a place where their voices can’t come. After telling Ansem about it, he presupposes that there is a reality outside his own reality – unreality or, as he explains, a fictitious world.

After the reunion with Riku, the latter shows that he dreamed of a big city with tall buildings. Ansema then concludes that the three realms of her world of light, darkness and each other (as well as memories, dreams and dates) can travel, but that if Sora is in a place where her voices cannot come, it is because she is outside her reality and in this fictional realm.

Then the good fairy appears at the request of Eun Sid and shows that Riku and Kairi are two of the three keys needed to save Sora. Kairi’s memories and Rick’s dreams are already installed, but a third key hasn’t been installed yet. The good fairy takes Rika and Kairi to the world of the target area and introduces them to a girl who has lost her shape and belongs to a star cluster that Sora met during the Heart of Kingdom 3 events in the world of the target area.

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It turns out that this girl (who remains anonymous) is the last key needed to save Sora. She came from that other reality and she claimed that her form had been taken from her, but she managed to find her way in that reality. When she returns to her world, her heart will be stolen. The good fairy cannot help with her magic yet, but there is a way to help her, because Ricu can use his waking power to enter his world and open the doors at his side.

Then the mysterious girl claims that the city with the tall buildings Riku dreamed of is called Quadratum, so Riku uses his awakening power to go the other way. Kairi was left behind because she knows she’s not ready. So she asks Ian Side if she can train for Aqua to finish the rest of her training.

When Riku went to the other side, Kairi now trains under Aqua, and Donald and Goofy were instructed to tell everyone about Sora’s rattles, Mickey was transferred to Rock ad-Kaelum (the last world in the heart of Kingdom 3) to learn more about the old masters, as they apparently opened a door on this side.

It is not yet known if it is a parody of Kingdom Hearts 4 or a similar film, but it certainly prepares the next shot of a series of parodies of a secret film of Kingdom Hearts 3, in which Sora and Rika were seen in a mysterious city full of buildings. But what do you think of this facility? Share your thoughts in the comments, or you can even contact me directly about all the animated and other cool stuff @ Valdezology on Twitter! You can also read our full overview of the Heart of the Kingdom: Remembrance melody via the link here.

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