For the first time this year, Alabama took first place in the Associated Press College football rankings. The team also took 13th place, bringing its record for the number of consecutive seasons to 13 for at least a week.

Notre Dame moved up to two positions on Sunday after disrupting Clemson in a dramatic game on Saturday in the double time limit. Ohio State is still number three. Clemenson lost first place this season and finished fourth.

Red Tide, which had an open date, received 59 out of 62 votes for first place. Notre Dame, who had his best finish since he finished first at the end of the regular 2012 season, got two votes for first place. There’s one in Ohio.


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Texas A&M rose with two places to a 5th place, the best place in the Aggies ranking as they finished 5th at the end of the 2012 season. Florida jumped two spots to sixth place after beating Georgia to break their three-game loss streak against SEC opponents in the east. The Bulldogs fell in eight places for the 13th season.

Number 8 BYU, number 9 Miami and number 10 Indiana complete the top 10. The Hoosiers scored three points after beating Michigan, their best score since their 10th victory. Place reached in 1969.


It’s no surprise that Alabama comes first, but it’s still a historic event. The season of Crimson Tide, with at least a first place, started in the second training year of Nick Saban in Tuscaloosa. Not until the second. In November 2008, one day after the victory over the state of Arkansas, the flood reached the top of the Saban poll.

Texas No. 1 lost last week at Texas Tech – Graham Harrell lost to Michael Crabtree in the last seconds when the Red Raiders shocked the Longhorns – to open the Alabama door for climbing. The second longest band in consecutive years, standing at 1. The place in the history of AP research belongs to Miami, which goes back seven seasons, from 1986 to 92 years. This first one is 92nd below the record of Saban and Alabama, in 123rd place in total.

If Alabama’s other top teams are eliminated, only Saban’s first place will make them fourth in the history of university football, behind Ohio (105), Oklahoma (101) and Notre Dame (98). It is also a more than Southern California (91).


— The 23rd. Nordwestkatze was in 21st place for the first time since the Wildcats season 2018.

— Louisiana-Lafayette’s number 25 is back in the standings after being hacked this season for the first time in nearly 80 years.


— Boyce State came out after being run over by the UBE Friday night.

— Michigan for the first time this season since it dropped to 1-2. The last time the wolverines were not allowed to participate in the research was at the end of 2017. At the beginning of this season, the Big Ten teams were not allowed to participate in the Top 25 AP because the conference did not plan to play on the fall calendar.


Securities and Exchange Commission — 5 (№ 1, 5, 6, 13, 24).

The Big Ten – four (numbers 3, 10, 12, 23).

The big 12 – 4 (numbers 14, 17, 18, 21).

ACC — 3 (NO. 2, 4, 9).

American… 2 (№ 7, 19).

Pak-12 — 2 (nos. 11, 20).

Sunbelt… 2 (№ 15, 25).

C-USA – 1 (NO 16). Independent _2 (No 8, 22).


After four races of the top 25 last weekend, they’ll be gone next week. It’s the SMC’s fault. The reigning national champions have dropped to 2-3, which means that for the first time since 2001, the Tigers will face Alabama as a team without a match.

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