Should Julius Randle Make The All-Star Game?
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Julius Randle has been one of the revelations for the Knicks this season. Coach Thibodeau gave Randle a big role in the offense and Randle rewarded him by leading the Knicks to fifth place in the Eastern Conference. The Knicks have started the season well and are making their presence felt in the league, beating good teams like the Milwaukee Bucks and the Indiana Pacers. Julius Randle is the Knicks’ top player and is currently averaging 23.1 PPG, 12.0 RPG and 7.4 APG. These are the numbers of the great elite in contention.

The meteoric rise of Julius Randle begs the question: Is Julius Randle a star? If Julius Randle can lead the New York Knicks to the playoffs for the vote, he is the leading contender for the All-Star Game. While other All-Stars like Pascal Siakam are having a poor start to the season, Randle can take advantage of this and show that he is a star with his play by taking one of the coveted spots. Here are all the reasons why Julius Randle could be a star.

Julius Randle has improved his game

The elephant in the room is that Julius Randle was an offensive black hole. An LMS of 7.4 is a career high, but the most impressive thing is that it happened in one season: He has never scored more than 3.6 APG points in a season. This is a far cry from the man who was called a black hole last year, ending the season with as many turnovers per game as there were turnovers (from 3.1 turnovers to 3.0 turnovers). Randle still has a rotation problem (4.9 per game in 2020-21), but he’s clearly managed to get to a good transition level for a strong forward. He currently has more GPA than known big men of passage like Domantas Sabonis (6.4 GPA) or Bam Adebayo (5.1 GPA).


– NEW YORK KNICKS (@nyknicks) January 8, 2021

Tom Thibodeau made Randle the driving force behind the team. He has defined his role. Julius Randle isn’t a typical spell-caller like Luka Doncic, but uses his ability to score from inside to get past his teammates on the perimeter. Instead of constantly trying to score points, Randle is focused on getting the basketball right. This means that the assessment is done in a natural way. He has always been a good inside player, but now that he has developed a passing game, he has become a multidimensional player. Randle shows what he can do with better coaching and clear leadership.

Julius Randle has edited photos

The New York Knicks were not good enough to play in the Orlando bubble. After months of missing basketball games, players should be excited to play. Unfortunately, some teams did not participate. Mike Vaccaro of the New York Post spoke with Coach Randle about his off-season regime. Here are some notable excerpts from the article.

He can’t play while all the other guys are playing in the league? Relph said smiling. It made him angry.

Sometimes it meant being in the gym at 6am, working out the legs, taking a random shot and grinding non-stop for 90 minutes. Three or four times a week, this was only the second leg of the journey, as Randle opened the gym at his old school at 5 a.m. to start the jumpers himself.

We only had time, Ralph said, and he didn’t want to waste it. We’ve had nine months. So I said to him: Let’s be stars. Let’s try to make you one of the best players in the league. We went back to what we were doing before. Footwork, everything, so he can find a place quickly. Over and over again.

So far, it looks like Coach Randle has done a good job: Julius Randle looks a lot cooler on the dribble and also showed better range. Randle was always a good striker, but he was a bit predictable. You could almost expect him to come, and he was good at it. Improving his jump shot and his ability to create his own shots was crucial to Randle becoming a star. He diversified what he could do. Julius Randle is currently firing 34.4% of his 3PT long range shots on 4.0 attempts. If Randle can keep hitting from the back of the arc at this rate, he doesn’t have many weaknesses in his game.

There are several signs in this game that Julius Randle has been working on his shot. He stops to dribble from 0:20, shoots a 3PT shot from the catch at 0:37 and hits his defender with a step-change jumper before shooting a mid-range jumper at 1:47. While these pieces are highlighted, the fact that he is confident in all of these things bodes well for his future as option number one. If Randle can keep moving to his spots and marking the ball out of the paint, he will prove to be one of the best strikers in the league.

Will Julius Randle be a star?

If Julius Randle maintains his form throughout the season, there is no doubt that he deserves the All-Star title. Although he will have strong competition from the other players, he has a few assets. If the Knicks are in the playoffs and he’s still in the first division, he’ll be an All-Star player. The influence of the New York market cannot be overlooked. Also, Randle is an interesting player to watch and the coaches will definitely try to improve him. With his level of play, he has a very good chance of being selected and making his first appearance with the All-Stars.

The Knicks have not had an All-Star selection since Kristaps Porzingis was selected for the 2017-18 season. Randle is the pulse of this New York team: someone who has worked to get where he is, combined with a coach who gives him the freedom to do things on the offensive side. Coach Thibodeau has unlocked Randle’s potential, and that potential can take him to heights he has yet to reach. If the season ended now, Randle would be in the running for the NBA MVP title and the NBA player spot. If Julius Randle can do what he does regularly, the New York Knicks could have one of the biggest stars in the franchise since Carmelo Anthony.


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