Academic writing covers all parts of the course in the form of different types of essays. A position paper is a type of essay in which the author states certain opinions about a particular study. The author may represent his/her own opinion or that of another credible source. These essays are applicable to various fields, such as science, law, and politics, among other disciplines.

Since this assignment focuses on argumentation, most students will have a hard time writing exceptional essays. Good writing requires intensive planning, research and diligence. Therefore, students turn to professional service providers for expert help.

This article covers important aspects that will make you understand how to write a summary report and what to consider for good results.

5 things to consider before writing

What is a position statement? It is essential to understand its definition before proceeding to the writing stage. Students often think that a position paper is an ordinary report, but it contains one-sided arguments from the author’s point of view.

Convey your views to readers by conducting relevant research and presenting the results of other published work.

But before you start the writing phase, here are some factors you should consider to create a quality product.

Understanding the subject

Read the essay question carefully to understand what is expected. Make sure you understand the topic before choosing an argumentative essay. If you don’t understand the topic, you may raise irrelevant points that could jeopardize your work.

Research sources

Thorough research is an important part of getting the resources you need. It is crucial to have a controversial topic with a broad perspective. You can use online sites, the public library, or other available resources.

Interesting public

Who are the intended readers? Having an audience will help you formulate relevant opinions that will persuade them to support your point of view. Also, make sure you know where the audience is.

Choose your angle

It is important to choose a point of view after reading the essay question. Choosing a position allows you to organize your thoughts and see if there are enough arguments to support you.

Intentional arguments

Evaluate the argument carefully and weigh the pros and cons. Make sure your position is based on solid arguments to convince your audience.

Example of a position paper – first creation

In this case, a sample summary document will help you better understand the content of each section. It would be helpful if you organized your thoughts into a logical, overarching flow so that your readers can follow the entire text.

Below is a guide that can be used as an example for writing a summary document.

1. Introduction

  • Introduction to the subject
  • General Information
  • Dissertation

2. Body Article

– Supporting evidence

– Rebuttal of counterclaims

– Present your argument with evidence.

– Give your opinion

– trace

– Reliable resources

3. Supplement

  • Summarize the main arguments
  • provide solutions
  • Avoid adding new information

Position paper format: APA, MLA and other styles explained

Academic writing has different formatting styles that students must learn to incorporate into different essays. How do you recognize the style you want? Generally, the instructions for writing an essay have a certain format that students are expected to follow. Therefore, if you are not sure, you should check with your tutor to see which formatting style you need. The most common styles are APA, MLA and Chicago formatting. Each style is unique and has subtle differences from the others.

For citing reviews, academics generally recommend the APA format. In this style, start with the author’s name, year of publication, title, location, and publisher. To avoid violating citation rules, mark the comma, period, and half-column format.

It is important to know more about formatting styles to understand which style is best for a particular piece of text.

How to start a summary document, e.g. PRO.

The beginning of a research paper is not an easy part because it is crucial for the orientation of the paper. Therefore, students need to know how to start a position paper to keep it interesting.

The first step is to introduce your topic with catchy sentences that inform your audience about the topic. The study is comprehensive and provides background information on the topic and explains why the study is important. Don’t forget to formulate an appropriate thesis statement to show your audience the way.

To interest readers, your opening sentence can be a question that piques their curiosity. You can also include a thought-provoking statement that will leave a good first impression with the reader. Or a quote from an authoritative scientist related to the topic of study.

The main body consists of three to five paragraphs of arguments. You can start a paragraph by producing counterarguments first. You can do this by saying what people who disagree with you might say about your position. Present your arguments and refute counter-arguments with facts. Make sure you cite evidence from reliable sources for each argument.

Finally, write a closing paragraph in which you reiterate your main point and make a recommendation. However, do not introduce new ideas or arguments in this section.

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Frequently asked questions about writing a position paper

Check out the detailed FAQs below to make an informed decision about our writing services.

How do I start writing a position paper?

Make sure you pique the interest of your readers with some catchy suggestions. You can ask an intriguing question, include an interesting quote, or introduce a strong statement that makes people curious to read the essay further.

How do you present the summary document?

The position paper is comparable to a normal scientific treatise. It consists of an introductory section in which you set out your position, which contains various arguments, and a final section in which you summarize the main points of the study.

How important is the position statement in academia?

Reviewers are important in academia because they allow students to discuss different topics without having to do original research. Different views and opinions are presented with supporting evidence on the topic.

Why is it important to prepare a reliable summary document?

It is important that you write a correct document with factual information, because the main goal is to convince the readers of your opinion through your arguments.

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How to prepare a position paper?

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