If you look at what he does (or rather doesn’t do) during his declining days in the White House, you might think Trump has already set up his tent – in fact, without even trying to do the work he claims to be doing.

Trump’s behavior in five weeks… until today! — … …because the November 3rd election is nothing for a high school student compared to the spring semester. He’s just a little thoughtful. He does what he wants and ignores the rest. He pays the bills. You know, the usual school stuff.

In the 35 days following the November elections, Trump organised a total of 11 events accessible to cameras in the press pool, according to Jason Hoffman, CNN’s nominated editor. These include Trump’s speech on the 4th. November at 2 a.m. and the turkey’s grace on the 24th. November.

And that’s it. Less than one common event every three days after the November elections. It’s not what you call a busy schedule.

So, what did Trump do?

First of all the presentation of prizes to friends and sponsors.

Last week he presented the Presidential Medal of Freedom to former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz. Trump described Holtz, who supported Trump in 2016 just before the crucial Indiana primary, as my friend and great lord. Trump presented the Liberty Medal to legendary wrestler and wrestling coach Dan Gable on Monday for his impeccable wrestling results, Trump said:

He won 117 games in a row and lost only one. Well, you know, I won two in politics, so I won two and oh. And that’s not bad either. But let’s see how it goes.

It’s not for nothing: The facade appeared on the stage next to Trump during an election meeting in Des Moines in mid-October and told the crowd the story of the incumbent president: This guy’s already a one-time champion. But since he is willing to learn and already very capable, he will be a multiple president of the United States of America.

And then there’s this: Jonathan Swan of Axios announced Monday night that Trump was considering pardoning his friends before he left the office. Trump recently told one of his counselors that he would forgive anyone who spoke to me and offer even more forgiveness, Swann wrote. As with most of Mr. Trump’s conversations, the consultant was not sure how seriously he took the chair – although Mr. Trump did not indicate that he was joking).

The trump card was also active on the error front. He fired Chris Krebs, the head of government security for the election, because Krebs said there was no evidence that an electoral system had suppressed or lost votes, changed votes or tampered with in any way. He fired Defence Minister Mark Esper. And he certainly doesn’t know the fate of many other government officials who, according to him, have harmed him in one way or another – from Attorney General Bill Barr to CIA Director Gina Haspel.

Just so we’re clear: In four years Trump has shown that there are many parts of the work he likes (signatures, campaign speeches, personal fraud) and a lot of work in which he might be less interested (almost everything).

Although he has previously tried to feign interest in these latter areas, he has now completely renounced any feigned interest in these areas.

For example: This has never been a major asset for the entire Covida 19 pandemic. It has long ignored that the virus poses a threat to the United States and, once there, has minimized its virulence and the need to take active measures to contain it. He accepted it briefly when he realized that he could get the nation’s attention with press conferences, supposedly to discuss the internal affairs of his coronavirus group, but in the end it was just a spectacle of Capricorn.

But as soon as people noticed what he was doing and started listening to him, Tromp lost interest again.

Unfortunately for all of us, Trump remains less active during the worst pandemic of this century. The lack of a national calendar after the elections silenced him because the virus spread all over the country. And there are conflicting reports about the willingness of the trump card administration to meet the enormous logistical challenge of the upcoming immunization.

Trump seems to have forgotten that when he won in 2016, he had to wait until the 20th anniversary of his victory. January 2021 must serve – regardless of the outcome of the November 2020 elections. His work in the office after the elections seems to indicate that his ongoing (and unsuccessful) struggle to invalidate the results has much more to do with his desire to win than with his desire to continue the work for which he was originally elected.

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