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The 14th. Week one was marked by offensive attacks by the Broncos, Bears and Titans in the NFL, a Chiefs win in the AFC West, a big loss for the Giants and a big win for the Buccaneers in their search for NFC gold. In total, six of the first eight games of the week, including Ramse’s victory on Thursday-evening, were repeated.

In the afternoon, Washington led the NFC with a solid defense, Dawanthe Adams continued her excellent season and the Colts made a statement to defeat the Raiders. The Eagles also pissed off the Saints and the Packers took first place in the NFC with their victory.

All this and more in week 14 is the biggest start of the NFL.

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Great actor: Chief Travis Kelce, 136 receiving yards, 1 DT.

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Boss defense can’t stop the game. For the second time in three weeks, Kansas City lost almost three points in the fourth quarter. The bosses will have to win a lot of matches with a lot of points if they want to repeat the Super Bowl as a champion. – Adam Thacher

Next race: in Saints (16:25 ET, Sunday).


The Dolphins fought big battles with the bosses, thanks in part to their defensive game and the invigorating Tua Tagovayloa, but their attacking miss was too big to be defeated. The biggest lesson of Sunday’s game is that the dolphin defense is ready to take it up and eventually defeat the AFC elite, but the attack hasn’t started yet. The Dolphins are one of the best stories in the NFL this year, from the 5-11 season in 2019 to the play-offs, but there is an important area where Miami is clearly still under construction and should be added this season: offensive playmakers. — Cameron Wolf

Next game: against the Patriots (13:00 ET, Sunday).

Great actor: Buccaneers S Antoine Winfield Jr, 11 laps, 1 bag, 1 forced loss.


After two consecutive defeats, which were eliminated during the farewell week, Bucs returned to his former level and improved to 8-5. The slow start and the chemical problems used by the top teams in the most exhausting phase of the season were not magically solved during the break. But Tom Brady misses two touchdowns and Bax lags behind Ronald Jones II, who unbalances the Vikings by 80 by 18 meters. We were going to play a game. We didn’t hit as hard as we’d hoped. But when we were asked this week what our identity was, I think we just showed our identity, coach Bruce Arians said. We can do whatever we want. — Jenna Lane

Next race: in Falcons (13:00 ET, Sunday).


The Vikings need to change the situation on the kicker to keep their playoff hopes alive after Dan Bailey missed 10 points. This attack (and defense) can not work if the shooter shoots with confidence, and the challenge of the game reflects a lack of confidence in his abilities. The Vikings had to make some unconventional decisions because they didn’t trust Bailey after he missed an extra point and three goals on the field. Against some teams they can get away with it, but the risk is too big if there is little margin for error, if there are three games left and the Vikings look outside to finish seventh in the play-offs. — Courtney Cronin

Next game: against the Bears (13:00 ET, Sunday).

Great actor: Cardinal L.B. Haason Reddick, five sacks, three men wounded.


With their victory over the Giants on Sunday, the Cardinals reached the final in the NFC wild card hunt. They also found a recipe to keep the Giants in the playoffs: a defense that keeps the Giants at 159 yards with eight sacks and a foul that finds its rhythm, thanks in part to Cyler Murray’s run. The Cardinals are now 8-1, and Murray has run at least 10 times. — Josh Weinfuss.

Next game: against Orlov (16:05 ET, Sunday).


Daniel Jones came back for the Giants, but was clearly not a healthy person. He threw 127 yards after missing a game because of a hamstring injury. Coach Joe Judge said he didn’t regret playing with him. The Giants knew that Jones wouldn’t bring his usual element of racing (zero carry) and wouldn’t be as agile; he was fired six times and limped throughout the race. So the attack is unequal, as the winning streak of the Giants (5-8) is interrupted in four strokes. They must be right about Jones if they want to win NFC East. — Jordan Ranan

Next game: against the Brownes (20:20 ET, Sunday).

Great actor: Mitchell Pipes Bears, 267 access courses, 3 TDs.

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The bears waited until the 14. week, when the attack, which resembled the attack, brought together four respectable football districts. Better late than never, I guess. Sunday’s home game against the impoverished Texans was ridiculous. The Bears (6-7) lost six games when Mitchell Trubisky scored 267 yards and three touchdowns. It’s an overview that hasn’t changed much. But this time it was just a pleasure to see the bears play a full football game without the usual elements of self-sabotage and confusion. — Jeff Dickerson.

Next part: Vikings (13:00 ET, Sunday).


There will be a lot of work for those hired after the season as general manager. She starts to figure out how the team can better protect her franchise quarterback. Deshawn Watson was fired 11 times in 13 and 14 weeks and got too many hard blows. According to ESPN Stats & Information, Sunday was the 13th day of the event. A game in which Watson has been fired five or more times, and the third player has spent the first four seasons in the NFL since the 1970 merger. — Sarah Barshop

Next part: In the ring (13:00 ET, Sunday).

Great actor: Broncos QB Drew Lock, 280 yards, 4 TD


Broncos’ quarterback Drew Locke had his first playing day with zero defense in the middle of the game since the opening game of the season. And that’s exactly what he did – firing powerful shots early and challenging the Panthers as soon as they adapted to safety conditions – is exactly what he needed when he tried to end a strong December to give the Broncos a little more sense of direction for 2021. That helped the Broncos to have a good day on the field and kept Locke in many situations. — Jeff Legold.

Next part: Against the score (16:30 ET, Saturday)


The Panthers continue to look for opportunities to lose in the fourth quarter. They had a realistic chance of losing to Denver on Sunday, but again they couldn’t keep up with the pace and made too many costly mistakes. Nothing is more important than delaying Teddy Bridgewater in a penalty kick on the ten meter line from Denver for the last six minutes and then rushing for the third time to beat the two minute warning if it wasn’t necessary. Bridgewater was stable, but again it wasn’t enough to win in the singles. — David Newton

Next part: Packers (20:15 EST, Saturday).

Great actor: The RB Derrick Henry of the Titan, 215 meters speed, 2 TD.


The Titans won a much-needed victory over Jaguars to increase their chances of qualifying to 94 per cent and strengthen their position in the AFC South Championship. Derrick Henry released his fourth 200-yard game of his career in a hurry to get the Titans back on track. They need a strong game from Henry downstairs, but it’s also important for Tennessee to make up for that with a passing game. That’s exactly what A.J. Brown did in seven 112-yard shots and a touchdown. — Thurron Davenport

Next game: against Lviv (13:00 ET, Sunday).


Rookie substitute James Robinson’s game was the only positive moment of this otherwise terrible season in Jacksonville. He ran 67 yards against the Titans, becoming the fourth rookie without a suit to start at 1,000 yards, and the third in the history of the Jaguar franchise (he now has 1,035 yards). Robinson was lucky enough to break the record of 1223 yards in the race Fred Taylor set in 1998. He is one of the few artists to have performed for Jacksonville in 2020 and one of the key elements in the redesign of the franchise. — Mike DiRocco

Next part: Crows (13:00 ET, Sunday).

Great actor: Andy Dalton Buy More cowboys, 185 passing yards, 2 TD.


Through discussions with former players, coaches and key players, Peyton Manning sheds light on the history of football and its cultural significance. Clock on ESPN+


For a week Andy Dalton tried to minimize his return to Cincinnati. But after the victory of 30:7 over the Bengali, he admitted that this victory was something special. Dalton was one of the three cowboy captains of the game, gave his last speech to the players before the game and received – after two touchdown rounds – the cue ball. When Dalton walked into the dressing room, he was submerged by his holiday teammates. It’s nice to go back to where I was for a long time and win, Dalton said. At the age of 4-9 the cowboys of NFC East could have hope. — Todd Archer

Next race: around 49 hours (13.00 hours ET, Sunday).


Under sophomore coach Zack Taylor, the Bengal played several games they could have won, including Taylor’s debut in 2019 with a defeat on the streets of Seattle. At the time, that performance indicated potentially good things for the Bengal under a young, but inexperienced coach. However, after the defeat of Dallas on Sunday, Cincinnati has only had four victories in the last two seasons, probably missing his last chance to win the 2020 season. Cincinnati lost everything on the first three records. After the game, Taylor was as desperate as anyone. Taylor’s thoughts on these turns: Okay. Okay. Okay, okay. Surprised. Okay. Okay. Okay, okay. — Ben baby.

Next game: against the Steelers (20:15 ET, Monday 21 December).

Great actor: Rams RB Cam Akers, 171 emergency courses (and 23 reception centres)


Aaron Donald, the Aries’ defense chief, said before Thursday night’s game against the Patriots that he felt just a little more kick after a devastating loss in the Super Bowl LIII. Of course, the stakes weren’t comparable, but Donald took revenge. The Rams had six sacks and the interception came back for a touchdown, while the defense peaked at the perfect moment. The team progresses 9-4 and will enjoy a long weekend before preparing for the final stretch, which includes a game against the Jets and the division matches against the Seahawks and the Cardinals. The Rams remain at the top of the NFC West with a tiebreak over the Seahawks, bringing them closer to their third division title in four seasons. — …Lindsay Tiri.

Next game: against the Jets (16:05 EST, Sunday).


The Patriots didn’t look like a play-off team, with Ramsey crossing them, and the boundaries of passive offensive play appeared overnight, when their chances dropped to 6% after the season according to the ESPN Football Power Index. Although there is still much to see, it can be concluded that it would be beneficial for the Patriots to give Jarrett Stidham everything as a quarterback so they can get a thorough evaluation of his movement in 2021. Patriots are not used to the big picture at this time of year. — Mike Travel

Next part: Dolphins (13:00 ET, Sunday).

Great actor: Colt RB Jonathan Taylor, 150 meters speed, 2 TD.


– Darrell Bwell, Brett Favre, long ago
– Accounts need to win a subscription against the Steelers
– Bengals could use the QB as Andy Dalton
– Panthers/Broncos have disappeared from the QB
– Finnish will try to confuse Patrick Mahomez.


The Colts are no longer sticking to the seventh and final point of the AFC playoffs. Their victory over Las Vegas, combined with the loss in Miami, allowed Indianapolis to move up to sixth place in the playoffs. The Colts have the same 9-4 record as Tennessee in the AFC South with three games to go, but the Titans are technically in first place with a 4-1 lead, while the Colts are 2-2 behind. The Colts will have a hard time catching up with the Titans in the division because there’s only one division left in Tennessee – and the conference is a match against Houston (4-9). The Colts have three conference games, including two championship games against Houston, Pittsburgh and the Jaguars. — Mike Wells

Next part: Against Texas (13:00 ET, Sunday)


The Raiders aren’t a playoff team. Not yet. Not yet. Not with that protection. And it wasn’t with this screening that they made the movie against the Colts on Sunday. Every game of the Raiders (7:6) is actually a play-off, just to get into the play-offs. But despite the safe return of Jonathan Abram, who was often in charge of the lighting, they were burned 456 meters away from a total failure. No, these raiders aren’t ready. And next week, a short week of home games against the Chargers on Thursday night. Which team of Raiders is running? — Paul Gutierrez.

Next game: against the chargers (8:20 ET, Thursday).

Great actor: Russell Wilson Buy More Sea Hawks, 206 access shipyards, 4 TD.


Playing as a team without winning doesn’t always yield much for concrete results, but at least it’s understandable: The Seahawks didn’t take the jets lightly. Cornerman Shakeel Griffin said the problem came to light in last week’s devastating loss to the Giants in Seattle, which, if true, was a damn good lesson for the team that learned from it at the end of the season with their Super Bowl ambitions. However, the Seahawks did well on Sunday with the second largest victory under Pete Carroll. Jamal Adams got the tip from Pete Carroll after setting the record for defensive back pocket in one season. Given the influence he had on Seattle, what the jets brought him and the state they would be in, this exchange looks good for both teams. — Brady Henderson

Next game: Washington, 1:00 p.m., Sunday.


It’s pretty official now: Aircraft 2020 is the worst team in the history of the franchise. It was his 13th. A loss in a row, a new franchise record. And they did it with stylish glasses and broke all three phases. How many teams can admit three field offenders in a quarter of the cases? The only remaining intrigue this season is if they will be the third team to finish 0-16 and if they can secure first place. — Rich Chimini

Next race: in Rams (16:05 ET, Sunday).

Great actor: Washington Chase Young, 1 TD, 1 bag, 1 bastard, 2 defensive passes.


Washington’s defense would form the basis of his franchise this season, and it certainly came into being at the end of the season. Although the statistics were good for most of the season, they did not affect games with high stakes. But the main reason they can now is because they’re new to the defense, Chase Young. He and his buddy at the end of Montez Pot can be a great couple for a long time. For most of the season, the youngsters were worried about a hip injury, but they started to feel better when Washington started his four-game winner streak. He did some plays, but on Sundays he did some monstrous plays. The next three weeks the attack will be easier to defend, but the reason Washington appears in the division – and could deter the teams in the first round – is the defense. And it starts with Yang. — John Kame

Next game: against the Sea Hawks (13:00 EST, Sunday).


Mathematically, 49 players barely keep their subtle hopes for the qualifiers alive, but at this stage it is almost impossible to see how they will find a way to protect their NFC crown. In a season that seemed doomed from the start, the Niners’ defeat could be a stalemate for Washington. With a score of 5-8, 49 players are two games away from the NFC’s last wild card and they will probably have to win, plus some serious sneaky help. Given the way they’ve been playing the last two weeks, it’s hard to imagine that this scenario can be played out, which means it’s time to look forward to a busy and interesting off-season in the bay. — Nick Wagoner

Next part: Cowboys (13:00 ET, Sunday).

Great actor: Packer WR Davante Adams, 115 yards receiver, 1 TD


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The Packers won NFC North for the second year in a row and defeated the Lions. Now they’re looking for a home advantage in the playoffs. After the loss of the holy eagles it is now within reach. In Green Bay and New Orleans the games are 10-3, but the Packers have a tie-break in week three because of their heads-up victory. Oh yeah, and it was another 115-yard day for Dawante Adams, who caught a touchdown pass in her eighth straight game, setting the franchise record. — Rob Demovsky

Next game: against the Panthers (20.15 EST, Saturday).


The Lions are now worried about quarterback Matthew Stafford, who hit Green Bay through a rib on Sunday. Last year, the Lions discovered what life would be like without Stafford as the team’s starting quarterback – in 2019 they beat him 8-0 with his injury. Losing Stafford, no matter how long it takes, won’t be easy given Detroit’s position in the season. In addition, the Lions need to think about their future as they prepare to hire a new general manager and head coach….. Michael Rothstein.

Next race: in Titans (13:00 ET, Sunday).

Great actor: Eagles RB Miles Sanders, 115 high speed shipyards, 2 TD.


Jalen Hurts gave life to the dissatisfaction of the Saints with the Eagles’ attack and gave hope that they could make a late advance to NFC East. The formula they used against New Orleans – leaning heavily on the ground, limiting sales and placing their improved defenses in manageable situations – proved elusive in the first 12 games when Carson Wenz was at the centre of attention. If the Eagles (4-8-1) can hold on and continue to use the legs of the Hurts to test their defense, they have a chance to take the lead in the Washington division (6-7). — Tim McManus.

Next part: Cardinal (16:05 p.m. Eastern Time, Sunday).


Perhaps the blow of the saint in Philadelphia can be called one of these days. After all, it was their third street game in a row. It was the first loss in 10 games. And they have done some unusual things, such as registering their most active shipyards since 2014 and skipping two targets on the field. However, the 10-3 Saints can’t afford one of these days because they’re going to lose the tiebreak to the 10-3 Packers for NFC Seed #1 – and because things won’t get any easier if the Chiefs come to town next week and Drew Brees still hasn’t returned from his traumatized camp. — Mike Triplet

Next game: against the Chiefs (16:25 ET, Sunday).

Great actor: QB Chargers Justin Herbert, 243 Walk-through Yard, 2 TD


After having played 4 to 16 singles games in the last two seasons, the Chargers finally won one. Just trust me. Just trust me. Michael Badgley, who has failed seven times on the field this season, fought hard for 48 yards to beat the Falcons. It almost didn’t happen, except for a series of interceptions in the minutes that followed, but in the end it was Michael Davis who shot Matt Ryan to win the game. Next question: Can shippers continue this trend for the rest of the season? — Shelly Smith

Next part: Raiders (20:20 ET, Thursday).


There are two things we know: The Falcons have almost never finished playing, and the defense has had its ups and downs this season. However, the growth of A.J. Terrell’s angular A.J. Terrell has been a beacon of hope and fans can still feel good after this season. Big teams are built by design, and Terrell looks forward to playing a major role in defending the Falcons for many years as he can continue to build at the end of his rookie season with matches against the talented Buccaneers and Chiefs on the horizon. — Harry Liles, Jr.

Next game: against the Buccaneers (13:00, Sunday).

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