Brooklyn’s networks are currently involved in a total attempt to give James Harden a third star by working with Kevin Durant and Kiri Irving. Houston’s rockets are unwilling to fall back on superstar trade negotiations and are likely to receive a monumental package in exchange for a superstar.

Still, while Durant tries to locate his former CCO colleague, several reports seem to suggest that Irving’s desire is not necessarily the same as that of Durant. Maybe it’s just because Irving has already shown in his mind the long-awaited moment to share the floor with Durant as fellow stars instead of forming the Big Three.

Mr. Harden’s Supermax contract has not expired in two years, which means that the move to Brooklyn will probably mean that he will remain in place until the deal is completed. In this context, this agreement is the embodiment of the expected collapse of the superstars.

Regardless of whether the messages that Irving doesn’t want to play with Harden are true or not, the general idea of this is difficult to digest. There are many lists on paper that would deserve a worthy place in the Hall of Fame if such a category were established. The composition of Durant, Irving and Harden poses no problem, the presence of Irving and Harden in a team outside the Olympic team is simply impossible.

Last season Harden saw with his own eyes that his skills could not flourish with another dominant player with the ball on the ground. Because Westbrook was so hungry for the ball in 24 seconds that the rockets were ready to attack, Irving was just as hungry for the Nets. The only difference that turns this already existing dilemma into an insoluble equation is that James Harden now has to share the ball with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant tries to compensate in the fold.

The question has always been in the fairytale scenario: What if I did? From the perspective of Harden, Westbrook and Durant, who spent a long time in Oklahoma City Thunder. The simple answer was that the skills, as well as the ego, in the playoffs would surpass their total path to greatness. Thunder did what was necessary at the time and exchanged Harden with his ridiculous cap for improved rockets, allowing Westbrook and Durant to continue their development.

If Harden’s real desire is to return to Durant, then he’s simply going to mimic the same era he experienced with Thunder. Kevin Durant does not believe in logical thinking before he gives free rein to his collective emotions, a fact often expressed in his daring opinions about social networks. It’s easy to believe that he quickly brought Harden’s recruitment to justice by announcing his accident in Houston.

The overall goal of any franchise is to keep your stars happy, no matter how many top players you have. While Durant seems inclined to take Harden on board, Irving hasn’t left the Boston Celtics to become someone’s second or third violin. He left with an immediate desire to get a star, which is the personality he found in Durant. Even without playing a year behind him, Irving may not be in a hurry to assess the potential of a duo at the Eastern Conference.

If Networks James Harden can land and interact seamlessly, they’ll be one of the most entertaining teams in NBA history the world has ever seen. On paper, however, it looks good.

Sixers, Bradley Beale, Zack Lavine.

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