Jeremy Corbin wears a face mask.

Instead of facing his own role in condemning the disappearance, Corbin continued the attack (Photo: Leon Neil/Getty Pictures).

I have never been more ashamed to vote for a Labour candidate during Jeremy Corbin’s presidency than when I read his reaction to the report of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) yesterday morning.

Instead of resisting his own role in condemning the disappearance case, which concluded that Labor had violated the Equality Act by ill-treating anti-Semitic complaints, Corbin continued the attack. Korbin showed that he had learned nothing from political opponents and most media for their dramatically exaggerated view of anti-Jewish hatred within the party.

I had seen the quotes before I even saw who made them – and in my worst fear, I couldn’t imagine that they had been made by Corbin himself.

Reading Corbin’s statement brought back unpleasant memories of the failure of a press conference Corbin held four years ago to launch the Chakrabarti report on anti-Semitism within the party.

This absurd incident, in which a Jewish member of the Labour Party was accused by a member of the party of conspiracy with the right-wing press, which is itself an anti-Semitic dog whistle, has drawn the public’s attention to the fact that the Labour Party is failing to tackle racism against its members. The insignificant whiteness of the report made little impression.

Fortunately, the European Commission for Human Rights has gone much further than yesterday. After the long-awaited analysis that Labor suffered serious setbacks and would have dealt better with anti-Semitism if the leadership had decided to do so, HRCE pointed directly to Corbin’s incompetence in leading the party.

Incidentally, the 130-page report also states that Corbin is liable for unlawful harassment and discrimination under the Equality Act 2010, a law passed by the last Labour government.

The sight of a working watchdog who discovers that a party is violating its own equality laws shows how many reasons it must seize in order to restore the Jews’ trust in the party.

I consider myself a part of this camp. As a victim of the prejudice of left-wing anti-Jews in a number of cases, I have realized that even the anti-racist supporters of the university are capable of the same intolerance they resist.

These prejudices are expressed in pessimistic questions about loyalty to Israel (a country I have never been to) and globalist tendencies (a statement I do not yet fully understand).

Keir Sturmer is leaving his house.

The suspension of Corbin’s work yesterday by Labour is therefore a big step forward, and Starmer’s announcement that he is the cause of the real problems (Photo: Leon Neil/Getty Pictures).

Left-wing anti-Semitism is not a big nose or a small fist, but rather a conspiratorial world view that claims a worldwide conspiracy of Jewish control and Jewish puppet theatre. It looks a bit like the fresco Corbin wanted to remove from the Council of the Hamlets of the Tower.

It’s less rude than what we hear at school – and yet more treacherous.

It’s not as bad as what I’ve heard on the soccer terraces in Essex, where West Ham fans have been beaten, whistling the gas chambers of the Holocaust, and Tottenham rivals call the goat.

But it is harmful in its own way and deserves to be confronted with political leaders whose careers, we are told, are based on the fight against this kind of discrimination.

Yesterday’s suspension of Labour’s work in Corbin is therefore a big step forward and a statement from Sturmer that it is meant to cause real problems.

It sends a message to Corbin and his allies that the downplaying and downplaying of anti-Semitic claims within the Labour Party are as harmful as their origins. He says that those in power should challenge their friends if they make anti-Semitic remarks, as Corbin did not do in the case of Ken Livingstone.

Above all, the suspension means that it is less important to maintain the facade of the party unit than to remove the Labour Party from its racist group. It is disappointing and not surprising that Corbin’s allies, including union boss Len McCluskey, have responded to the firing by talking about chaos and party division rather than discussing the reasons.

More info: Great Britain

It’s a stupid job to concentrate on maintaining the party when it serves people like Corbin. Starker’s actions yesterday show that he knows that a public and perhaps embarrassing struggle with Corbin’s wing is ultimately better than sweeping things under the carpet – something Corbin’s Labour knows without knowing.

Yesterday started as another black day for the Labor Party, and Corbin’s report and his blatant statement were a clear reminder of how much still needs to be done to make the party truly inclusive again.

But the news of Korbin’s suspension will fill the British Jews with high expectations of a new responsibility for those who are trying to reduce our suffering. Initial public opinion data on this decision – both Labour Party and public opinion – are also encouraging.

Optimism is a strange feeling that something is going on right now, but after yesterday it’s hard to believe that it might just be a new labour factory.

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WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: If Jews are angry with you because of your anti-Semitism, don’t tell us we’re too sensitive.

WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: The left has a lot to be proud of, but as a Jew I can’t be disappointed anymore.

WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: The work is no longer on the black side, so I’m leaving.

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