Lamar Odom, the ex-NBA player who was once married to Khloe Kardashian said he misses her “so much.” Odom revealed that he still thinks about his wife often and is excited for their daughter Natalia’s upcoming birthday.

Lamar Odom has revealed he misses his estranged wife Khloe Kardashian “so much” during an emotional interview. The basketball player opened up about their struggles on Wednesday night’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, explaining that it wasn’t always easy for him to see her with new husband Tristan Thompson.

Lamar Odom revealed he misses Khloe Kardashian “so much” in a recent interview. The former NBA player has been missing his wife since she filed for divorce from him in 2013. Read more in detail here: where is lamar odom now 2021.

Lamar Odom Revealed He Misses Khloe Kardashian ‘So Much’

Lamar & Khloe

YouTube Lamar & Khloe

Lamar Odom, Khloe Kardashian’s ex-husband, is presently appearing on CBS’s reality program “Big Brother,” which started on February 2.

Lamar tells his co-star Todrick Hall that he misses Khloe “so much” in an exclusive footage from the show aired earlier this week by the official “Big Brother” YouTube page.

Lamar is remorseful.

After just a month of dating, Khloe and Lamar married in September 2009. The two seemed to be the ideal pair, until in 2012, infidelity suspicions surfaced. According to Ok! Magazine, a story surfaced online in January 2012 accusing Lamar of cheating on Khloe with a lady he met at a Washington, D.C. strip club.

Following the spread of cheating suspicions, Khloe filed for divorce in December 2013, after four years of marriage, according to Ok! Magazine.

After Lamar suffered a heroin overdose in 2015, the two reunited, according to Buzzfeed News. Khloe aided the former NBA star in his treatment and even put the divorce procedures on wait for a while, but when Lamar was seen drinking at a club, she decided to go on with the divorce process.

Lamar tells Todrick in the online “Big Brother” film that he had “some wonderful dreams last night” about his ex-wife Khloe Kardashian.

“Nah,” Lamar said when Todrick questioned whether he still speaks to Khloe. He goes on to explain that he misses her “so much,” and that he wishes he could go back in time to tell Todrick about it.

Dating rumors about Khloe Kardashian have been put to rest.

Khloe recently batted off a notion that she is romantically related to “Too Hot to Handle” actor Harry Jowsey, according to Page Six.

The Instagram account “Comments By Celebs” shared a screenshot of a Deuxmoi submission that read, “one of my friends works at a very well known PR agency in LA & it’s confirmed that Khloe Kardashian and Harry Jowsey are talking,” the source wrote. “Apparently they’ve been DM-ing back and forth & texting & then last night he picked up a Bentley and flowers just to deliver them to her house.”

Khloe’s reaction to the submission was also included in the screenshot, which read “ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE.”

In the aftermath of the current Tristan Thompson incident, Khloe has remained tight-lipped about her personal life. A DNA test revealed that Khloe’s on-again boyfriend Tristan had fathered a kid with fitness model Maralee Nichols in December 2021.

Tristan originally rejected Nichols’ accusations, but once DNA evidence revealed he was the father, he addressed the matter on Instagram.

Tristan stated in an Instagram post on January 3 that he accepts full responsibility for his conduct and even apologized to Khloe for causing her “heartache” and “humiliation.”

Khloe has been mum about the issue, but she did recently share a cryptic Instagram photo that many fans believe was a personal jab at Tristan.

In January 2022, the social media entrepreneur captioned an Instagram photo, “Betrayal seldom comes from your foes.”

“The crown is heavy, but the queen is strong,” Khloe captioned a picture of herself wearing Chanel earrings on February 2, 2022. Many fans mistook the caption for a reference to the Tristan affair.


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Lamar Odom revealed that he misses his ex-wife Khloe Kardashian “so much.”. Lamar left a comment on Instagram, where he wrote: “I miss my wife so much. She is the most beautiful woman in the world and I love her with all of my heart.” Reference: lamar odom 2021.

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