Anthony Mackie may have met the bad guys more than once in his role as Sam Wilson/Falcon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the actor has what he calls a funny story about how he was touched by Will Smith. During an appearance on the Jess Cagle Show on SiriusXM, McKee promoted his new film Outside the Wire and revealed that something had gone wrong during filming in Budapest in 2019, at Will Smith’s birthday party, when he accidentally punched him in the face.

Well, I have a funny story. Will Smith shot, what a movie. Last year he had a film called Gemini that he shot in Budapest. It was his 50th. Birthday. And I got a call from my publicist, who told me that Yo Will Smith is having a birthday party in Budapest. Will you get him a birthday cake? Says McKee. And I am: Holy shit, yeah. It’s Will Smith. Yes, of course. So we’re all on stage. Will Smith loves a whole concert I’m doing with Will Smith. I’m losing my mind. Really? So the cake comes out, we take the cake out, Will Smith sees me and says hello, Anthony Mackie. It’s me. Will Smith knows my name. Really? I love high-fives. I don’t know what I was trying to do, but I tried to hug him and he thought I was giving him a high five. He liked to try and grab my arm and he hit me so hard in the jaw. It’s like he hit me so hard with his right cross. Then he grabbed me and said: Are you okay? I think it is. I think we had a fight, don’t you? He’s like this: No, no, I’m sorry.

When Jess Cagle, co-host of the show, jokingly told Julia Cunningham that she couldn’t believe Smith had hit her, McKee joked that Smith was an angry man.

He punched me in the jaw, McKee said, laughing. Will Smith punched me in the jaw. He’s a bad man. I know he was going to do that, you can’t ruin a hug with a punch in the jaw.

McKee also said Smith had a pretty solid right flank and joked that he had taken a hit from Muhammad Ali – Smith played against boxing legend Ali in 2001.

Yo, he’s got a right cross, McKee. Fight back! Because this man is here. I mean, wow! It was a jab, but I took a jab from Muhammad Ali. I can say this.

McKee then returns to his role as a hawk in Disney+ The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. While fans eagerly await information about the upcoming Marvel series, McKee said no when asked if he knew who the new Captain America would be.

No, we don’t know that yet. The show, the idea of the show, is basically, you know, and at the end of Avengers: At the end of the game, the captain decided he was retiring and asked me if I wanted to take over the shield, but at no point did I accept or say I would be Captain America, McKee said. So it’s a matter of who takes the shield and who will be Captain America if Steve doesn’t come back.

External debut on the 15th. January on Netflix. Falcon and the Winter Soldier makes its debut on the 19th. Run on Disney+.

Photo: Daniele Venturilli/Daniele Venturilli/Program, Paras Griffin/Getty Images


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