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Shut up.

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For those who believe that modern society has become soft and that the Cleveland baseball team will no longer be called Indians in the near future, here is a short history lesson.

In 1972 the sports teams of Stanford, one of the leading schools in the United States, were known as the Indians. After the objections of a group of Indian students, the university mediator Lois Amsterdam supported them in a fierce criticism: Sensitivity and awareness are not easy when the distortions of childhood in games, history books and movies are at the heart of our experience. The chairman of the university has given his approval. And no matter how noble the original intentions of the nickname were, no matter how strong the bond between admirers and the name, there were no Stanford Indians left.

What’s happened in the last six months – the first NFL team in Washington has dropped the nickname Redskins (and is pretending to), and this week Cleveland plans to get rid of the nickname as if it already has a logo attached to it – may seem innovative and progressive, a function of enlightenment, a courtesy call. None of that. Remember that the same reasonable argument proposed by Amsterdam has existed for half a century and has simply been ignored by the highest levels of the sport. The fact that Washington and Cleveland have kept their nicknames for so long is a pathetic failure.

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The disputed nicknames remained because they were trademarks, and companies will take extraordinary measures to protect trademarks. The idea that they stood up for their story is a disappointment. No less frightening is the idea that because some Indians don’t care about nicknames, they make them relevant. The only thing that constantly changes for those who mourn the nickname is that they stop worrying and forget about it.

Stanford runs perhaps the most successful sports programme in the country, as evidenced by the 25 consecutive IMG Learfield College Directors’ Cups, an annual award for the best track and field department in the world. Dartmouth renounced its Indian nickname in 1974, stating that the use of the [Indian] symbol in any form was inconsistent with the college’s current institutional and academic objectives to promote Indian education. William & Mary left him in 1977, St. Mary’s in 1977, St. Mary’s in 1977. Bonaventure in 1979 and Louisiana Monroe in 2006. Over the past 50 years, at least 15 colleges in the United States have given Native Americans a nickname for something less polarized and have discovered that sport can indeed survive without racist cartoons and unnecessary nicknames.

My point is that he grew up in Cleveland during the Indian dynasty in the 1990s. This is the team that taught me to love baseball and I will never look at them or what they have achieved, like nothing else, except that Indians are great. The Cleveland baseball team from 1915 to 2020 will always carry this name. History cannot and must not be erased.


Baseball’s front offices have made the analysis of the 21st century. Conquered for centuries. Variety? It’s not that much. June Lee

At the same time it should not be read, cried or continued, good memories should be cursed. The news that Cleveland had changed his name, as first reported in the New York Times, alarmed many of my childhood friends. The Cleveland baseball team was Indian – tribal baseball – and always has been. They’ve learned their tenacity. They didn’t care.

And that’s good. It’s easy to see how someone can treat her like death. The principle of chance is so full of emotions, so full of memories, so full of associations that the acceptance of a name triggers a reaction of emotional loss. For some it is registered as the theft of these emotions, memories and associations. It’s a direct attack on something close and expensive.

It’s just a name. And maybe the best way to explain it is that Indians die so Cleveland baseball can live. Of course they can stay Indians – suffer the anger of Commissioner Rob Manfred and risk being left by advertisers to protect what? The mark that might have been irrevocably broken? It’s easy to understand why Washington and Cleveland did what they’re doing now. The nicknames were poisonous.

If stakeholders can reach this point, why is it so difficult for others? Why would the cause of a name change be a cause of hatred, or an accusation of what is wrong in the world, or something other than what Stanford and Dartmouth and many other schools have been looking for that would promote the feelings of those who might be hurt by the nickname versus those who are not?


Behind the single season 2020 it’s time to focus on the hot oven season. Free agency, trade talks, off-season news.

When those who are insulted by the names and images of the Indians criticise their use, you don’t just hear what they say. Why do they say that? This is not an attack or attack on your sports team, it is an attack on your personal belongings. And for those who want to make the incredibly stupid argument that this is nothing more than a slippery slope to ban all other nicknames, well, please, big brain friend, explain how something else in the sport maintains ugly stereotypes such as the big nose, the big tooth, the always smiling Chief Wahoo.

This is not true, and it is a good thing that the insincerity of people who squirm and try to question the virtues of Indian images and names in sport tends to disappear over time. The names change, but the fandom doesn’t. Apart from them, most multilingual people love the team in Washington as much as the team that lost its nickname, and they will love the baseball team in Cleveland as much as the Indians.

Anyone who puts time and energy into the mourning of the Cleveland Indians should prefer the best. If you are angry about something very important, spare yourself the exchange with Francisco Lindor.

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