A winter storm could hit New York City and leave up to 15 inches of snow. Meteorologists and forecasters confirm this and warn people in the Northeast to prepare for very difficult winter conditions. Friday morning could be the coldest morning of the winter, and everyone should take precautions. These are climatic disturbances that can threaten human life and property. According to a contributor to AccuWeather – As we see at this early stage, the heaviest snow is between 12 and 18 inches with the possibility of doubling locally. He identified some of the most likely corridors.

It involves sections of corridor I-81 in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and corridor I-84 in New York State.

According to the Daily Mail UK, New York City is currently on the eve of a snowfall that will maintain the seasonal average. This corresponds to approximately 10.6 inches. However, an approaching winter storm could confuse all calculations. Meteorologists are predicting nearly double the amount of snow falling in the city compared to the winter of 2020-21. The snow texture would have been dry and powdery instead of the wet snow that fell on the East Coast in mid-December. The origin of the storm is associated with disturbances in the Pacific Ocean in the western United States. In March 2018, it was feared that a blizzard would cripple life in the New York City area.

New Yorkers should be wary.

According to meteorologists, the direction of the disturbance could shift eastward toward the Rocky Mountains in the coming days. After all, it will show up early in the Central Plains states. It could be on the weekend. The Daily Mail UK adds that the system could intensify and expand as the winter storm moves closer to the Ohio Valley.

A block of high latitude currently covers southeastern Canada. These high latitude blocks slow down the movement in the atmosphere. The result could lead to severe winter conditions in the northeastern states.

As a result, there will be cold air in the areas of the approaching storm. Temperatures can drop below freezing in the Tri-State area.

In March 2017, it was reported that during the mega snowfall in New York City, the subway was still running.

Driving through New York City would be treacherous

According to CNN, some places in the Northeast haven’t had too much snow this winter. This may change depending on the forecast for a winter mix in New York City. The city has a winter weather map with about an inch of snow. This can make the trip dangerous. In addition, ice build-up on trees and power lines can cause power outages, and the availability of renewable energy can help. Those who enjoy this security can breathe a sigh of relief. Less snow has fallen in and around New York City this season. Many areas in the Northeast along the Highway 95 corridor are experiencing repeated snowfall due to current conditions.

Less snowfall in New York City due to higher temperatures on the East Coast

In addition to New York, there is Boston, which is also experiencing a snow shortage. As it stands, January 2021 was the least snowy month in Boston’s history. As well as Philadelphia and Portland, Maine. CNN quoted a meteorologist as saying that cities in Upstate New York known for their snowfall are well below normal. Experts believe this is a La Niña phenomenon that could persist for the rest of the season. Temperature is a factor. This year was warmer than average on the east coast. They are associated with irregular weather patterns and global warming. Climate change and sea level rise could flood New York City, which needs a seawall.

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frequently asked questions

10 cm of snow is a lot?

A snowstorm is a storm in which large amounts of snow fall. 5 inches of snow is enough to seriously impede traffic and school vehicles (because driving and maneuvering school buses on slippery roads is difficult). … Snowfall in excess of 15 cm (6 inches) is generally destructive.

Will it snow in New York this year?

November 2020 – October 2021. Winter will average above normal, with the coldest periods in mid-December and early to mid-January. Precipitation will be close to normal with mostly light snow. The snow periods are mid-December and early March.

How much snow is there in New York City?

New York, the climate of New York – The best locations

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