Editor’s note : The story was released for the ESPN report by Adrian Voynarovski and Andrew Lopez on Wednesday that Stan Van Gundy has accepted a multi-year contract to become the next head coach of the New Orleans Pelican.

The NBA has everything to discover before the start of the free agency and the trading season. The moratorium on trade will be in place sometime until the 18th century. November, but let’s dive into the biggest intrigues this low season has to offer.

Which actors are the most fascinating targets? Which teams are best able to make a brilliant move? What is the most attractive job as a trainer?

Our panel deals with the most important issues and leaves a bold prognosis for the NBA’s off-season.

WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: Forecast what will happen next for the big players in the free agency.

1. Which freelancer fascinates you the most?

Andre Snellings: For me, it’s Anthony Davis. Assuming he rejoins the Lakers, the Lakers remain the favourites for a new ring and give Lebron James a chance in the other two rings he needs to catch up with Michael Jordan. And Davis has an important decision to make about how many years he has to sign, even if he stays in Los Angeles for the time being. So even though the drama around Davis will be silenced this time out of season, he remains the main free agent.

Tim Bontemps: Fred Van Vliet is the best unlimited free agent who can change teams in this off-season. He can help Phoenix or Atlanta make a big leap forward. But if Toronto can keep him at a prize that will keep him in the standings, it will strengthen the Raptor’s case for the top player to join VanVleet, Pascal Siakam and OG Anunoby in the upcoming off-season.

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Royce Young: VanVleet will probably have to pay a lot of money, and there is a clamor of potential offers hidden at the highest level. With a fairly dry market for goalkeepers, Van Vliet could be a price target.

Tim McMahon: Danilo Gallinari can finally choose between several candidates who offer their complete exception at the intermediate level. For a productive striker who has scored 41.8 percent of his goals from three points in the past two seasons, that would be an advantage, but teams that score hattricks are not good. Or maybe Thunder’s general manager, Sam Prestie, will come up with a win-win scenario.

Kevin Pelton: Goran Dragic’s lively game was a major factor in Miami’s run to the NBA finals, and Heath missed him badly when he injured himself in the first game. The Heat wants Draghique to come back with a big one-year contract that will keep him in his hat for the off-season of 2021. Will someone else make a long-term offer that goes beyond this immediate payment?

Fault! The file name is not specified. Fred Van Vliet is one of the hottest names in the free agent market, while Chris Paul might leave the OCC in low season. Dan Hamilton/U.S.A. Sport today.

2. What potential business objectives do you see?

Young people: Chris Paul is a domino who fell in love with Thunder to begin the long-awaited healing. After the season of the second team fully dedicated to the NBA, its commercial value will not be much higher, especially with the $85 million still on the contract. If the offer is right, Sam Prestie won’t hesitate.

McMahon: Jrue Holiday is a bidirectional star that can give any candidate a big boost. Of course, he can also help the pelicans fight for a spot in the play-offs. But the great value of the franchise for New Orleans will be what it can get during the holidays, as it will build a long-term support team around Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram.

Good time: If New Orleans is trading during the holidays, it is a clear sign that the pelicans think they have a year or two left before they become competitors (this is probably the correct estimate). The holiday also allows him to significantly change the fate of the team – for example in Brooklyn with Kevin Durant and Cyril Irving.

Pelton: I think Holiday offers the best combination of a player who can reverse this off-season and create the title game wherever he lands. The holiday agreement will also change the future of the Pelican, one of the most promising teams in the league.

Hurry up: I see who the Baxes are looking for Giannis Antetokunmpo. With a double MVP in just one year from a free desk, Bucks puts pressure on the team to make an attack that could potentially turn the team upside down. If they can’t, Jiannis will have to make a big decision about whether or not he wants to stay.

3. Which team do you see most often in this off-season period?

McMahon: Bax has a year to build a business to convince Antetokounmpo that he will play for a long time if he stays in Milwaukee. No pressure, only the future of the franchise is at stake.

Young people: missiles, given the changes we’ve already seen. But despite the coach’s coup d’état, Houston seems to be looking to maintain a degree of stability. There is a lot of fuss about the future of James Harden and/or Russell Westbrook, but the rockets rush it with an adjustment of the list rather than tearing it to shreds.

Get ready for La Melo Ball, Anthony Edwards and the next wave of NBA talents.

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Hurry up: Warriors, hold the concept board number two. Now that Stephen Curry, Clay Thompson and Dramond Greene are ready again, I want to see if the Warriors really make a choice or if they can use it in exchange for a fourth roper who tries to regain their abandoned throne.

Good time: Golden state. Will the Warriors make use of their trade exemption from last summer’s agreement with André Igudala? Can they turn a second choice into a playable star? The answers to these questions, together with the health of Curry and Thompson, will determine the quality of the Golden State next season.

Pelton: Between the choice of number 2 and the exclusion of the Iguodala trade, the warriors are faced with interesting choices that will determine their competitiveness for the 2021 championship and beyond. Their cost will also be an important indicator of the teams’ willingness to pay generous luxury bills during the pandemic.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Will the young core group of Zion Williamson, Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball in New Orleans be the best place for coaches? Sam Forenkich/NVAE about Getty Images

4. Which team still has the most coveted coaching position open?

Good time: New Orleans, thanks to the association of young talents (Zion Williamson, Brandon Ingram, etc.) on the list, a strong front office led by David Griffin and a wide range of future designs. Houston has an advantage with the current talent (for now) and OKC has more flexibility in the future, but in New Orleans it is the best combination of the two.

Hurry up: Rockets, with players making legal noise at the top of the league. Yes, it would be nice to build around Williamson, Ingram and Lonzo Ball, but the Rockets are full of veterans who are now desperate to win, and they have two former MVPs leading the team. A self-assured coach could see his chance to win the ring in this team.

McMahon: The rockets offer the best chance to compete immediately, but the work in Houston is accompanied by high pressure and little long-term confidence. The next coach Pelikanov takes over the franchise with a potential superstar, a young all-star, many assets and a franchise architect who won the title. They’re nodding in New Orleans.

Young people: When it comes to talent and immediate promotion, pelicans are an easy choice. If you look again, it’s thunder. The GM Sam Presti is loyal to its trainers and Thunder offers a very high quality infrastructure. A team may not seem ready to win, but getting started with the spirit of building – with young talent and design – can pay off in four or five years.

Pelton: Pelicans. Of the teams that had to change coaches, I think only the Clippers made a more promising discovery. The next New Orleans coach will not only have the opportunity to develop a core of young talent, but there is also a clear opportunity to improve the defensive side of the pitch.

How Zion’s next coach can get more from him and Pelikan.

5. What are your bold low season predictions?

Good time: Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul will renegotiate – but not for each other this time. If we turn away from Paul, thunder will finally bring us back to earth, and in a year’s time we will be ready with a strong tour class. In the meantime, Westbrook is the only player, besides James Harden, who can make a profit that allows the Rockets to change course.

McMahon: Chris Paul starts next season in Oklahoma City. Prestie proved that he would be patient and would not honour the agreement if it made no sense to Thunder. Although Paul has regained his value with the All-NBA season, his contract makes it difficult to find a suitable candidate.

Hurry up: Neither Timberwolves nor Warriors will play the game with the two best players in this design. I think Timberwolves will use the No. 1 pageant to attract a third young drummer ready to compete and grow with Carl Anthony Towns and D’Angelo Russell now, while the Warriors will trade their spot for a waiting list to attract both the veteran and the late/mide-round lottery for the upcoming groom.

Pelton: The Sacramento Kings, headed by their new front office, do more business than any other team.

Young people: The mowers will make a spraying movement. You’ve already signed up for the title. They have to solve the problem with the free agency Montrezl Harrell, there is clearly a need for a game leader, and Clippers has the desired actors to perform. It seems unlikely that the only change they make is the trainer.

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