The wonderful world of the film has not gone mad to explain how the scarlet witch Elizabeth Olsen got her powers. She and her brother Quixilver have just been called the Miracles of the Avengers: Ultron’s age. It seemed a simple replacement for the word mutant, a group of Marvel characters who eventually play roles in X-Men stories. At the time, however, the characters in the X-Men and Mutant stories did not belong to the Disney and Marvel studios, so this feature could not be used. Now there are new details about the scarlet witches and the Quixilver energy source revealed in a UCM canonical book called Wakkandi Files.

Dr. Liszt appeared in Captain America: A winter soldier and a short time with the Avengers: Ultron’s age. The rogue doctor studied Wanda and Pietro Maximoff His photographs are not part of any scene in the films, but the diary that the doctor kept was published in Vakanda’s file and revealed new information about his powers.

After an initial exposure to scepter energy, the twins show a remarkable improvement, Dr. Liszt writes. His own tenacity, his general disgust for Tony Stark and everything he stands for fascinates him in a way that other subjects have never shown. Maybe that’s why other questions have failed and died. They lacked conviction. The hat of conspiracy theory may be a little tight, but doesn’t it open the back door for the mutant characters created by the scepter of Dr. Liszt and Loki? Probably not, but it remains to be seen how the X-Men will be included in the Wonderful Cinema Universe.

Pietro’s metabolism increases day by day, as does his speed, the logbook continues. We clicked it at 400 meters per second. He has broken the sound barrier and is getting closer to the speed of light every day. Thermoregulation shows the exponential production of heat and energy, especially at high speed. Even when placed in an ice bath, its homeostasis remains constant despite the icy water. It appears the stone has ionized its nervous system. It conducts the electrostatic current through the whole body without the effect of electroporation. The resulting expansion of this energy is super-fast, unlike anything man has been able to demonstrate.

We don’t know if we’ll ever see Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the role of Quixilver, and historically it seemed questionable, as the character was killed in the same film in which he was introduced.

Wanda’s constant progress is very different from that of her twin brother, says Dr. Liszt. Even I don’t think it’s his full potential. In the same way, the stone transformed his nervous system, but it ionized and charged him in a way that gave him extraordinary abilities. Neuroelectric interaction allows him to create extreme bursts of energy with only his mind and fingertips. The manipulation of this energy makes it possible to generate short floating pulses in addition to an anaesthetic gun that may only be used with bare hands.

He also points out that Wanda is able to sow new thoughts in other spirits, to expand previous paranoia and to look into the minds of others. Dr. Liszt says Wanda is capable of psychological warfare.

Some of these details can be explored by visiting WandaVision at Disney+ later this year.

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