With the Royal Rumble fast approaching, some fans are wondering who they should be rooting for. Who will make it to that coveted spot in the final match? We have a few ideas on our radar and hope WWE surprises us with these surprise entrants.

The “2021 royal rumble” is a professional wrestling event that will take place on January 28th, 2022. There are 7 surprise entrants we’d love to see in the 2022 Royal Rumble matches.

7 Surprise Entrants We'd Love to See in the 2022 Royal Rumble Matches

The Royal Rumble is approaching, and with just a few weeks before the big event, WWE is revealing more and more of the superstars that will compete in the Men’s and Women’s Royal Rumble events. So far, 14 superstars have confirmed their participation in the men’s competition, while 19 have confirmed their participation in the women’s event. Two additional women’s match stars, Carmen and Melina, have been indicated by spoilers, although there are still 16 more stars to disclose for the men’s match and officially 11 for the women’s match. We have a few suggestions for who should be in those unannounced positions, and here are seven superstars we’d want to see in the Rumble.

Several names have already been removed off the list, either due to injury or because they have signed with another organization. Other names, on the other hand, were dropped off the list for a variety of reasons. The Rock has been mentioned many times, and although I think he will return for a feud with Roman Reigns at some point, I’m not sure whether this will be the venue for his triumphant comeback.

That might change, since John Cena made a surprise comeback at a pay-per-view in the last seconds without any advance notice, but WWE could want to make The Rock’s homecoming a huge deal leading up to the event rather than a surprise.

On the next slide, you can see our seven choices, but first, here are the officially confirmed participants in each Royal Rumble battle. 

The Royal Rumble for Men:

The Big E AJ Styles is the current United States Champion. Johnny Knoxville as Damian Priest Sami Kingston, Zayn Kofi Corbin is in a good mood. Moss, the wacky Montez Ford Rey Mysterio Sheamus Angelo Dawkins Mysterio, Dominik Austin’s Hypothesis

WoThe Royal Rumble for Men:

Charlotte Flair is a well-known television personality. Naomi Rhea Ripley is a character in the film Rhea Ripley Brie Bella Nikki A.S.H. Nikki A.S.H. Nikki A.S.H. Nikk Nikki Bella is a model and actress. Zelina, Carmella’s Queen Lita Michelle McCool is a writer. Kelly Kelly Dana Brooke Natalya Tamina Mickie James Mickie James Mickie James Mickie James Micki Shayna Baszler is a model and actress. Summer Shotzi, Rae Aliyah

What are your thoughts on our choices? Let us know in the comments, or follow me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB to discuss all things wrestling!


nxt-walter-ciampa-1261861.jpg(Photo courtesy of NXT)

Few wrestlers are as intimidating as Walter, and current reports claim that he will be spending more time in the United States and will play a greater role in NXT 2.0. Why not take advantage of this and use the Rumble bout to spotlight a potential Raw or SmackDown superstar?

Walter will instantly grab the attention of both the crowd and those in the ring, and witnessing him compete against talents like Big E, AJ Styles, Rey Mysterio, Sheamus, and others, even if only for a short period, will be incredible. It would be even better if Lashley or Lesnar were in the fight, but there are still a few slots open, so maybe we’ll get another powerhouse to face him.


Gonzalez, Raquel


While WWE is less likely to pull from NXT this year, it would be hard to imagine there being two Rumble matches and no NXT stars in the mix. If we’re going to only bring a few over, hopefully, they include Gonzalez, Raquel. Gonzalez seems Raw or SmackDown bound sooner or later, and she could make a powerful impression in the Rumble.

Not only is Rhea Ripley in the ring to play off of (the two were both opponents and in a tag team together in NXT), but maybe we’ll even get a little stand-off with Charlotte Flair to tease what’s to come. She’d also have a variety of styles to choose from in the ring, so let’s hope that occurs.


Rob Van Dam is a well-known actor.

wwe-hall-of-fame-rob-van-dam-1262299.jpg(WWE photo)

Rob Van Dam is a well-known actor. hasn’t been in a WWE ring in quite some time, though he remains a favorite of the WWE Universe, and he is still actively wrestling, so you never know where he might pop up. That means he could end up showing up as a surprise entrant in the Men’s Royal Rumble, and if he does, many will be hoping he sticks around for at least a small run.

RVD was recently recognized into the WWE Hall of Fame, adding fuel to the return fire, but in a new interview with inside The Ropes, he addressed his standing with both WE and AEW.

According to Van Dam, “I’m not sure whether you meant WWE or AEW, but either way, the response is the same. Nobody. I’m not conversing with anybody important. I’m still shooting some stuff. I’m still wrestling, but it’s independent now, and it’s mainly individuals from other countries who can pay RVD’s fee above the ordinary indies.”




Now, I’m aware that Bayley is presently injured, and she may be forced to skip the Rumble as a result. She has, however, been steadily healing from her ACL injury, and the last time she provided an update, she stated she was doing well. Sooooo, I’m hoping for a major surprise midway through the bout, with Bayley’s music blasting and the audience erupting in applause.

Bayley has been out since last year, and she was enjoying another great run in the business before that. Many had anticipated that she would return to Raw or SmackDown later this year to change things up, so perhaps it all starts with the Rumble.




Many members of D-Generation X are unlikely to compete in the Royal Rumble since they are either working as backstage producers (Triple H and Shawn Michaels), in AEW (Billy Gunn), or have just been released (Road Dogg). However, one member, X-Pac, alias Sean Waltman, who was just medically cleared, might yet make an appearance. Waltman just announced on WWE’s The Bump that he has been cleared to return to the ring, and with the mention of the Royal Rumble, it’s hard to believe he won’t be there.

According to Waltman, “I’ve just been given permission to return to the ring. I’m simply going to work on becoming in better condition. If my phone calls (in the) beginning of next year, I’ll be ready to answer it.”

To me, it seems to be a lock, but we’ll see.


Ciampa, Tommaso

wwe-tommaso-ciampa-kratos.jpg(WWE photo)

Ciampa, Tommaso is synonymous with NXT, but he recently started wrestling some dark matches before Raw and SmackDown after losing the NXT Championship to Bron Breakker. That was seen as a passing of the baton, and so it makes sense that Ciampa might jump over to Raw or SmackDown, and if he’s headed there anyway, why not get him some momentum and a big pop in the Rumble match.

That said, just because you start wrestling dark bouts before Raw or SmackDown doesn’t imply you’ll switch to those brands immediately, or even at all. Odyssey Jones and Dakota Kai also performed dark bouts but never went from NXT to the other brands, while Jonah (as Bronson Reed) wrestled dark matches before being dismissed.

Others, on the other hand, have, so maybe the Blackheart will be going down the ramp in a few weeks.



rok-c-ring-of-honor.jpg(ROH photo)

The last huge surprise signing debut at the Rumble was a certain AJ Styles, and although Rok-C isn’t quite as well-known as Styles, she is already a massive star and a past Champion at the tender age of 20. Rok-C has already had a trial with WWE, and although she will make her MLW debut next week, there’s a potential she may join with the company full-time. If she does, the Rumble would be a wonderful venue for her debut.

If she has a solid performance in the bout, she will gain momentum quickly, and people who follow wrestling outside of WWE will be ecstatic to see her racing down the ramp. She also just lost her Ring of Honor Championship and was given a sendoff by her local organization, New Texas Pro Wrestling, which is something that only occurs when someone is leaving a big brand.

Perhaps she’ll begin her WWE career in a matter of weeks, albeit whether she goes to Raw, SmackDown, or NXT is unknown.


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