marjorie taylor greene husband


Journalist Marjorie Taylor Green and her husband Perry Green.

Perry Green owns a construction company and is the husband of Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green, who will represent Georgia’s 14th district for the first time in the 2020 election. The Greens have been married since 1995 and have three children.

According to Time Magazine, Marjorie Green’s campaign has drawn national attention because of her apparent support for the conspiracy theory QAnon. After being sworn in, she was appointed to the House Education Committee. The Washington Post reported that some of her colleagues, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, criticized the appointment because Representative Green had previously indicated on social media that she thought school shootings, such as the attacks on Sandy Hook Elementary School and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, were “false flags.”

Fox News reports that Marjorie Green is facing calls from Democrats in the House of Representatives to remove her from her seat because of statements found on her Facebook page in the past. According to CNN, she has offered to support the resignation of key Democratic leaders to their replacement positions. Green says she is being unfairly persecuted for her conservative values, Reuters reports.

It is not clear that Perry Green agreed with his wife on all political issues. But he supported her political aspirations based on the photos she shared with her family.

Here’s what you need to know:

1) Perry Green is a director of a construction company founded by his wife’s father.

marjorie taylor greene husband

LinkedInPerry Greene is the CEO of Taylor Commercial Inc. and the husband of Mrs. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Perry Green is CEO, CFO and Secretary of Taylor Commercial Inc. according to company records on the Georgia Secretary of State’s website. According to his LinkedIn page, Mr. Green has also been president of Taylor Commercial since 1999.

At the time of writing, the company’s website was “regularly maintained and updated.” But according to the company’s LinkedIn page, Taylor Commercial was founded in 1969 in Alpharetta, Georgia, as a general contractor. The company “works with homeowners, developers and management companies to meet their affordable housing or design/build needs, insurance applications and capital improvements.

Marjorie Green’s father founded a construction company, reports Your Tango. According to her profile on the GOP Young Guns, which is funded by the Republican National Committee of Congress, Marjorie Green said she grew up “working for the family business. Page added that she and her husband had owned Taylor Commercial since they bought the company in 2002, and said that since 2002 the company had “managed a quarter of a billion dollars in construction projects.

Before entering construction, Perry Green worked as an accountant. After graduating from the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia in 1996, he got a job as an accountant at Ernst & Young, according to his LinkedIn profile. Green worked there for about a year before becoming general manager at Taylor Construction.

2. The Greenes got married while still in school.

Marjorie and Perry Green had been a couple for nearly three decades. They married while she was a student at the University of Georgia (Marjorie Greene has a bachelor’s degree in business administration, according to her campaign’s website).

Marjorie Green celebrated her 25th wedding anniversary on August 11, 2020 by posting a tribute to her husband on Facebook. She wrote, “Twenty-five years ago, I said yes. Perry Green and I have had amazing adventures, but the best part was being blessed with our three children.” ❤️❤️❤️ Perry, thank you for always being my best friend and my biggest supporter! I love you.

Marjorie Greene used a video of a Crossfit workout as part of her campaign, and according to her Instagram account, Perry Greene also participates in Crossfit workouts. She shared a photo of the two taken in August 2020 with the caption “A couple that exercises together, stays together! According to her campaign website, Greene previously owned a Crossfit gym before she decided to sell it.

3. Perry and Marjorie Green have 3 children.

Perry and Marjorie Green have three grown children, Lauren, Taylor and Derek. The entire family was on Capitol Hill when Marjorie Green was sworn in as a member of Congress on January 3.

Lauren’s eldest daughter is a professional photographer. According to her website and Facebook page, Lauren specializes in portrait and landscape photography. Lauren’s review on Instagram is personal, but a second review, @shotsbylo, focuses on her photography.

Lauren has shared several photos of her mother on her business Instagram account, but does not seem to be addressing her mother’s politics.

Taylor’s daughter, a sophomore, began her college career at the University of Arkansas and was a member of the softball team. According to her profile on the team, Taylor has a degree in economics, has earned school victories and set high school records as the all-time leader in home runs.

Taylor transferred to the University of North Carolina after her sophomore season and plays on the university’s softball team, based on her Instagram account and UNC roster.

Perry and Marjorie Green’s youngest child is Derek’s son. His exact age is unknown, but according to the photos his mother and older sister have shared of him on social media, Derek is still in high school or college.

The 4th Perry Green has expressed his desire to travel to support his wife’s decision to campaign in Georgia’s 14th District.

Marjorie Taylor Green first ran for Congress to represent Georgia’s 6th District, where the family lives. Green owns a home in Alpharetta, a suburb north of Atlanta in Fulton County.

Online property records show that the Greenes purchased their home in December 2015 for $440,000. Perry Greene is the only registered owner on the property.

In late 2019, Marjorie Green moved her campaign from the 6th to the 14th district, a district that traditionally supports Republicans in Congress, reports Politico.

Congressmen do not have to live in the same neighborhood as the one they represent. But the Greenes have explored the idea of moving to the 14th District. In December 2019, she told the Standard Journal that she and Perry discussed putting their home up for sale “immediately.” But judging by the county’s real estate records, it doesn’t appear the move has taken place.

5. Perry Green stays away from social media, and he’s not sure he agrees with all of his wife’s opinions.

Marjorie Green expressed her support for various conspiracy theories. According to the New York Times, she suggested that the Clintons assassinated John F. Kennedy Jr. that the September 11 attack was staged, that Jewish bankers used a “laser beam from outer space” to ignite forest fires in California, and that school shootings were staged to gain support for stricter measures to limit gun ownership.

It is not clear whether her husband agrees with her theories or whether he supports QAnon’s conspiracy theory. Perry Green’s Facebook photo includes his wife’s campaign slogan. But his profile is mostly private, and he does not share public views.

His Instagram account and personal Twitter accounts are also personal. The Twitter account for Taylor’s announcements has been deactivated. But Perry Greene appears to watch One America News Network, a conservative cable channel known for its support of President Trump. In August 2020, Perry Greene wore an OAN shirt in an Instagram video with his wife.

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