Although there are many rumors about the wonderful world of the film and the direction that Phase 4 and beyond could take, there is still a rumor that the film Young Avengers could be in the making. This is a rumor that has some value when it comes to looking at the young characters that are either created in the MCU, or the characters that are either fixed on the horizon, or are the subject of much speculation. The arrival of Mrs. Marvel/Kamala Khan and Kate Bishop/Hawkeye has already been confirmed, but several others could also appear or enter the game in a more direct and heroic way, slowly but surely bringing the next generation of avengers together.

The Young Avengers team has long been a fan of comic books, and the president of Marvel Studios has already said that these characters could appear later in the MCU, saying that everything we didn’t do in the movie last year is still on the table. As a step forward, Fage said earlier that the film studio wants to release films for another 20 years.

After everything you saw in Phases 1 and 2 and now for most of the 3 phases, the new characters still play an important role in the movement because they shape the future of the MCU, said Fage last May. I think it’s gonna be great, 10 more years, 20 more movies. We always focus on one step at a time, but it’s about continuing to surprise the stories, going to unexpected places, playing with new, fresh, unexpected genres, and then introducing characters that people may have heard of, or a big base of popular fans like Captain Marvel, or characters like the Guardians, where we’ve already done things that people have never heard of.

But vengeful young men, who can we expect at MCU? We have made a list of characters that have already appeared in the MCU or are configured to appear in future properties. Some are loyal, like Mrs. Marvel who gets her own series, while others, although the characters have appeared or expected, may not appear as expected. With these figures, we’ve noticed that it’s probably amusing to speculate about it.

Do you want to see all the Young Avengers the MCU could watch, maybe for a movie? Read our list of young avengers.

Kamala Khan

(Photo: Marvel / TIFF-Comics)

A young hero we know exactly what we’re going to get in MCU is Miss Marvel. Newcomer Iman Wellani was recently filmed in this role. Mrs. Marvel will follow the adventures of Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American Muslim teenager from Jersey City who acquires superpowers when her latent inhuman DNA works. Since her comic book debut in 2013, Kamala has become a fan favorite because she combines school and friendship with belonging to Avengers, Secret Warriors, Defenders and Champions.


Kate Bishop

Another member of Young Justice has confirmed that Kate Bishop will join the MCU. Kate will appear in the next Disney + Hawkeye series with Hayley Steinfeld allegedly playing the part. In the comic, Clint Burton/Hawkeye trained Kate as the next Hawkeye, and Kate was about to become a Young Avengers. It should also be mentioned that Kate, in Comics, is a good friend of Stature – Cassie Lang.


America Chavez

(Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Pictures and Marvel Entertainment)

Last month, Dr. Strange added insanity to the cast of Xochitl Gomez from Multivers, and almost immediately fans began to assume she would play America Chavez, also known as Miss America. We’ve been waiting a long time for this character in MCU, especially in Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness.

A character from the utopian parallel, a separate timeline and a universe of the main continuity of Marvel Comics, America will be perfect for the film, given that Dr. Strange will do some multi-jumping in the film. When Gomez plays in America, he introduces another Young Avenger to the MCU, bringing everything closer to the right team.


Thomas Shepherd and William Kaplan

As Marvel fans know, the two most important young Avengers are Wiccan and Speed, and thanks to what we have seen so far on the upcoming WandaVision, they are now coming to MCU. In the teeth and trailers of the show we see Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Visions (Paul Bettany) with twins. It also turns out that the twins Thomas Shepherd/Speed and William Kaplan (Wiccan) will appear for the first time in WandaVision, but we will see them in the main chronology of MCU in adolescence. With Dr. Strangelove in Multivers Madness, who brought America Chavez and added Wiccan and speed, here you get three young avengers. Miss Marvel has her own show, and there’s another one. The team is in good shape.


Kid Loki

You can’t take the Young Avengers without Kid Loki, and according to some reports, we can just take him. Earlier this year the report said that Thor… Love and Thunder chose a young black man of 11 or 13 years old for a role called Zappa. While many have suggested that Heimdall could be reborn into a new body, another possibility could be Kid Loki, simply with a new shape.

And the idea of a new form for Loki is not too far-reaching. A Loki woman should appear in the next Loki TV series for Disney+. According to Michael Waldron, director of the Loki series, the concept of identity should become an important theme of the next Loki Bow.

I think it’s a struggle with who you are and who you want to be. I am very attracted to characters who fight for control, Waldron said recently in a podcast appearance. Of course you can see that during the first ten years of the film Loki lost control in important areas of his life, he was adopted and all that manifests itself in anger and rage against his family.


Cassie Long

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

Another almost certain bet on Young Avenger is Cassie Lang’s. First presented as a child – played by Abby Ryder Fortson – then seen as a small adult with the Avengers : Endgame (in which Emma Fuhrman plays), Cassie Lang a Stinger, Giant Girl or Ant Girl in her comics, so there is a wide range of heroic possibilities for her. Since Cassie is already present in the current MCU chronology, it seems that we will certainly see more of her, especially since Ant-Man 3 could be ideal for a story about the birth of the Young Avengers.


Maybe: Mile Moral

Of course Peter Parker is still a child in MCU, but the last time we saw him was at the end of Spider-Man: Not far from home. If the MCU needs to investigate a successor to the Spider-Man or even a new Spider-Man, Miles Morales is a good choice. Although the character hasn’t appeared in MCU yet, he was mentioned in Spider-Man: Back home when Aaron Davis (Donald Glover) mentions his nephew next door – and in the comics it’s his nephew Miles.

Miles is now a very popular character, which would make him perfect for any living incarnation of the Young Avengers, but he will also be made for another great Marvel team – the Champions.


Maybe: Harley Keener

A key member of the Young Avengers team, as well as those who will continue Tony Stark’s legacy, is the Iron Lad. Although it’s not an exact game for comics, it’s something the MCU is already a little attached to. Of course we’re talking about Harley Keener (Ty Simpkins). The character was introduced as Tony’s protégé in Iron Man 3, but he also appeared at the funeral of Tony Stark of the Avengers : The game is over. Although the comic version of Iron Lad is actually a Nathaniel Richards of the future, given the connection Harley and Tony made at the MCU, it seems like a solid choice for a franchise to set its own turntable on things.


Maybe: Morgan Strong

It’s a little more hopeful, but it can still be pretty cool. The MCU has already presented Morgan H. Stark of Lexi Rabe in the Avengers as another possible successor to the Iron Man legacy: The latter, although unlike most of the others on the list, there is no precedent for it. While some have suggested that Morgan could be the Ironheart, Rary Williams has the role, and it seems unlikely that the MCU – in the comics of Rary, a young black woman – there is a chance that at some point they will come up with the idea of Morgan as the savior.

However, there does not seem to be a current plan in this respect, at least not with Raven in the role. Rabe spoke earlier with Adam Barnhardt about the role of Morgan X. Strong. People are asking us: You’re in another movie? She told us in August 2019. And I don’t know.

Then Jessica Rabe’s mother intervened and admitted that she hadn’t made any films – not one planned more than a year ago at the time of the interview. We didn’t shoot another one like Jessica showed us. And right now we have no contract, no negotiations, no discussions.


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