A police officer was arrested during the search for Sarah Everard on day seven (Photo: PA/MailOnline)

The search for marketing director Sarah Everard has entered its seventh day in London.

Miss Everard, 33, has not been seen since she left a friend’s house in Clapham a week ago to go to her home in Brixton.

An off-duty police officer was arrested last night in connection with the investigation, along with a woman suspected of helping the perpetrator.

Her friends and family say Miss Everard is beside herself and desperate to know where she is.

A full police investigation was launched, with officers going door to door in the area where Ms Everard was last seen.

No one has heard from her since she was on the phone with her partner the night she disappeared.

Here we give an overview of the latest known movements and the most important developments in the research so far.

Mrs Everard was on her way to Clapham Common when she was last seen (Picture: MailOnline).

Surveillance cameras showed Mrs Everard coming home in a striking green coat.

Miss Everard is wearing the same coat as the night she disappeared – her family describes her disappearance as very unusual.

Wednesday, 3. March

9:00 p.m: Miss Everard was last seen leaving her friend’s house in Lithwaite Road, Clapham, South West London. Your ride home would have taken about 50 minutes.

21 h 15 : She was on the phone with her partner for about 15 minutes. The call ended at 9:28 p.m. We haven’t heard from her since.

9.30pm Images from the doorbell camera show Mrs Everard walking along the A205 Poynders Road.

She walked alone from the Cavendish Road intersection to Tulse Hill. It is thought she walked across Clapham Common to her home, but police are unsure if she made it that far. The last known location is on Clarence Avenue.

Mrs Everard was last seen on Wednesday the 3rd. Mars, seen at 21:30 (Photo: Rex).

Saturday, 6 a.m. March

The Metropolitan Police are sounding the alarm about Mrs Everard’s disappearance, saying it is highly unusual for her not to contact family and friends. Police have captured CCTV footage showing her walking to her home in Brixton.

It would have taken Mrs Everard 50 minutes to get home. (Photo: PA)

Sunday 7. March

Police opened the recording of the doorbell and said it was unclear whether she had made it to her home. They publish a description of Miss Everard and say she was last seen wearing a green raincoat, navy blue trousers with a white check pattern and turquoise and orange trainers. We think she was wearing green headphones and a white cap.

Scotland Yard says its Specialised Crime Command is investigating because of the complex nature of the investigation, which combines searches and home invasions.

A major manhunt is underway in the Clapham area (Photo: PA)

Monday 8. March

Scotland Yard says it remains open to all possibilities regarding Miss Everard’s disappearance and confirms the missing persons investigation.

Specialists are recruited from all areas of the Metropolitan Police. Police say they have received more than 120 calls from the public about the case and are asking anyone with dashboard or other relevant video footage to send it in.

Police said they were open to all possibilities (Photo: Rex).

Tuesday, 9 a.m. March

Police are deploying sniffer dogs to search gardens in the streets around the site of the search, in the vicinity of Mrs Everard’s alleged trip and at nearby Oaklands Manor.

Officers are also searching Clapham Common Pond and dumping water along the A205. Police are also releasing new photos of Everard – wearing the coat she disappeared in – and appealing to the public for help. Police then cordoned off the Poynders Court building in Poynders Road as part of a search and forensic officers inspected the area.

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The search began on the seventh day. Two people arrested (Photo: Getty Images)

At 11.59am the Metropolitan Police arrested an officer at an address in Kent in connection with the disappearance of Mrs Everard on Twitter. According to Deputy Commissioner Nick Ephgrave, the fact that this man is an employed police officer is both shocking and deeply disturbing.

Police say a woman was arrested at the same location on suspicion of aiding an offender. A man and a woman were taken into custody. Detective Chief Inspector Catherine Goodwin says police are still doing everything they can to find Sarah.

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The police say they’re still doing everything they can to find Sarah.

Wednesday, 10 a.m. March

Police said the active police officer arrested in connection with the disappearance was not on duty at the time of Ms Everard’s disappearance.

Speaking to reporters outside Scotland Yard, Deputy Commissioner Nick Ephgrave said: Our investigation shows that this officer was off duty at the time of Sarah’s disappearance.

The family of Ms. Everard says they still hope she will come home safely.

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