Up until season 5, Riverdale gave fans wild tales of long episodes, sometimes fascinating splits and couples that many of us have been watching from the beginning. Not surprisingly, fans are now wondering whether or not there will be a season 6. Ideally, the CW would repeat the hit series on early night for several seasons in a row, so it would be safe for a long time to come. That said, Riverdale is now very much in demand for season 5. Jughead and Betty are still trying to figure out who is making and leaving snuff films all over town, and Veronica and Archie are no longer shooting after he confessed to kissing Betty. And then everything goes wrong. Anyway, if there’s one thing Riverdale fans definitely share, it’s that they devour stories like this.

Will there be a sixth season of Riverdale?

The JC has yet to report a reassignment or even an abdication of authority. The latter is encouraging news for fans stressed by the fate of the scheme, but it doesn’t really mean the series is completely free. Instead, the organization is waiting to see how the Season 5 audience will fare, until the authorities are reinstated, until the assembly line goes down.

Anyway, with other successful CW series starring, it would not be surprising to see Riverdale get two or three more seasons. Vampire Diaries lasted eight seasons on the CW, while One Tree Hill lasted more than nine and The 100 ended after seven. That would be good for Riverdale. Add to that the fact that, although the rebuild has not yet taken place, the main cast has agreed to stay until season seven, which meets some expectations.

Fans can’t wait to see what happens to Cheryl and Tony later in Riverdale.

People who don’t care so much about the fate of the current series are still stressed about how the time jump in season 5 will affect everything and everyone. At this point, the mystery of Archie and Betty’s kiss will likely come to light, while Cheryl and Tony seem to be filled for the acceptable. Tony cannot be with Cheryl without losing his family, and that is one of the great disasters of fear.

riverdale season 6

In a time jump clip posted on Instagram by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Toni gives the impression of being pregnant, but Cheryl is not by her side. Can we wait seven years before getting them together? It’s unbelievable to some fans, but the time jump will certainly be a reality check for many observers.

Who did Veronica work with in Riverdale?

Archie and Veronica are another couple who may have to break up before things get better. As Deadline reports, Veronica later got involved with a Wall Street guy named Chad Gekko. Once Veronica returns to Riverdale, she’ll put her marriage on hold with her partner, who is also incredibly keen on a past relationship with Archie.

She probably won’t stay married to him for long, but it will vary things dynamically in the middle of the quartet when they inevitably return after jumping back in time. And depending on what happens with the mysterious season 5, there may be a few more seasons to come.

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