The final act of the presidential campaign threatens to shake up the surrealist elections at a destabilizing moment in history when the United States struggles with a century of public health crisis and subsequent economic decline and is dragged into ruthless racial calculations. But even now, the massive turnout and the ability to set new records on Tuesday indicate that voters are taking their civic duty extremely seriously.

Trump told reporters that a Supreme Court ruling allowing Pennsylvania to count votes received by mail within three days of the election would lead to high-level fraud and would be very dangerous. In a later tweet, which was marked on Twitter as potentially misleading, Trump warned that this could lead to violence on the streets. At a meeting in Wisconsin, he argued that this decision could endanger our country.

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The Capricorn’s demand for the results of the elections to be announced on election night is indeed unfounded. In history there have been many elections in which it took several days to count and tabulate all the votes. In 2000, a decision was taken in mid-December on the controversial race between George W. Bush and Albert Gore, which led to the Supreme Court. Biden decided to defeat his campaign in Pittsburgh by defeating the captain for fleeing under the white flag of surrender a pandemic that has killed more than 230,000 Americans and, on his advice, was able to remove Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the world’s most respected infectious disease specialists.

I’ve got a better idea: Let’s set Trump on fire and I’ll hire Fauci, Biden said at Tuesday’s demonstration where he said he was on his way to victory.

Biden enters election day with a larger national voting advantage and a smaller lead in highly controversial states, giving him several viable ways to reach the 270 votes needed to win.

The president, perhaps looking for a good omen, ended his election campaign, as in 2016, with an all-night rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He spent four years ago cleaning up the election night and predicted an even better Tuesday night.

Tomorrow we have another great victory, Mr Trump said.

We’re going to conquer the state of Michigan so easily, the president said, before describing the incredible work he’s done in fighting the pandemic and listing the litany of complaints about the Russian investigation, former FBI director James Komi and the Capitol Democrats.

The trump card is that many of the states he won in 2016, such as Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Texas and Ohio, are fighting in Pennsylvania and the Midwest, where Biden is trying to rebuild the democratic blue wall.

The presidential campaign predicts a massive turnout on election day, which confuses the polls and results in an even more incredible victory than the one he won over Hillary Clinton.

But in the big disputed states, the president is even more supportive of Biden than he was four years ago, and he has to win in almost all states.

Texas Federal Judge remembers GOP

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The President’s recent attempts to question the fairness of the elections followed his earlier warnings that it would be fraud if he lost and his false claims that the postal vote was corrupt. These statements were made in the context of Republican attempts to contest the votes and make the voting process more difficult.

A second Texas judge, this time in federal court, ruled Monday against an attempt by a group of Republicans to overturn 127,000 votes at checkpoints in Harris County – a Democratic power base in the state of Biden believes he can resign as president.

The Trump campaign says it can announce victory Tuesday night if it leads in enough states – even if millions of democratic votes are not counted. Biden’s campaign insists that the state of the race is such that the president cannot emerge victorious as a result of Tuesday’s extensive vote count.

While Trump tried to debunk the election, nearly 100 million U.S. voters who were early and absent bravely voted to do their civic duty and pass judgment on the most destructive and contradictory presidency of modern times.

In a remarkable demonstration of voter energy, some states, including Arizona and Nevada, have already surpassed their entire turnout for the 2016 elections. If some 50 million more votes are received on Tuesday, the United States could break its record for the total number of votes cast four years ago.

Historic moment

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Tuesday’s election is a turning point in American history. The advantage is likely to become even more inflexible if he wins a second term and largely gives up the fight against the worst public health crisis in 100 years in favour of aggressive efforts to get the economy back on track by doing everything in his power.

Taking advantage of the current external hostility in Washington, he describes his success in naming three new conservative justifications for the Supreme Court and in increasing military spending and lowering corporate and personal taxes.

For four years, this ruined swamp has been trying to stop me… … . . .but you know I’m not answering you, I’m answering you, Mr. Trump told the voters during his last sprint campaign.

Biden is committed to returning compassion and moral leadership to the White House and dealing with the pandemic that killed 230,000 Americans while trying to restore the soul of a nation whose racial and social divisions have been exploited by Trump. A veteran Democrat says he will only raise taxes for Americans earning more than $400,000 a year and promises to save Obamacare, which must be heard by the Supreme Court next week.

On the last day of the campaign, Biden staged a play for Ohio – a state where Republicans were sure Trump would be safe – on a trip to Cleveland, where Democrats believe massive minority participation could shake the state along the way.

It’s time for Donald Trump to pack his bags and go home. The chaos is over. We’ve put an end to racism, we’ve put an end to tweets, we’ve put an end to anger, we’ve put an end to failure, we’ve put an end to irresponsibility, Biden said.

The acquisition has crossed North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. He held his penultimate but one rally in Kenosh, Badger State, a town shocked by protests after the police were shot and killed Jacob Blake in August. Trump resumed his cultural rhetoric about the war and declared that he would restore order.

You’re at war with our police, Trump, who wore a red hat. Make America big again and dress it to ward off the cold, the Democrat said. He also said that Biden’s supporters would revolt tomorrow if it didn’t work out.

The Democrats also sent former President Barack Obama on a mission to Georgia, and in 2016 another trumped-up state won, but the Democrats believe they can bring him back for the first time since 1992. Obama hit the government in the face because he wanted to fire the one person, Fauci, who could help end the pandemic.

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