In the 2016 election, the question of whether or not to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was a topic of debate.

In the United States, most recall elections happen when a public official does something that the public dislikes, and wants to oust them. The last one to be initiated for a statewide position was in Wisconsin in 2011, and that one led to the recall of Governor Scott Walker. California has its own version of recall elections, and they were initiated for Governor Gray Davis in 2003, and 2011 for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the United States, there are a lot of other countries that have recall elections of public officials. They are one of the ways that a government can keep a check on the power of the people. For example, recall election in USA:

California Governor Gavin Newsom is recalled on September 14. enter

CALIFORNIA – The campaign to remove California Governor Gavin Newsom from office began in February 2020 and has since collected more than 2 million signatures, far more than the 1.495 million signatures needed for an impeachment election.

On Thursday, July 1, Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kunalakis called special elections, the official date of which is July 14. September was set. Once the official election date was set, three specific issues regarding the timing of the election became contentious.

The first timing problem occurred on Monday the 28th. June after Newsom signed SB 152, which amended the election law in several ways, including reducing the number of polling places and allowing more days to count ballots.

The part of the bill that has generated the most discussion, however, is the part that repeals the recently passed requirement that the Treasury Department estimate and file recall election costs after the 30-day review period. Instead, this legislation allowed the Secretary of State to certify a sufficient number of signatures, speeding up the process by a full month.

A little background: Democratic lawmakers created a 30-day budget review process in 2018 when Senator Josh Newman (D-Fullerton) faced his own impeachment. At the time, Republicans saw this as an attempt by Democrats to delay Newman’s impeachment election. Whatever the reason, the law delayed the election by 30 days, but failed to change the minds of those who voted to impeach Newman.

The timing of the introduction and repeal of the 30-day review period has exposed Democrats to cries of intent from the GOP. They accuse the Democratic Party of abusing its power by manipulating election laws to protect their interests.

Governor Newsom is manipulating the election date to strike while the iron is hot, said Randall Jordan, chairman of the San Luis Obispo Republican Party. Iron is the loosening of masks and the darkening of a return to normality.

Gavin Newsome.

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The second timing problem also occurred on Monday, June 28. came to light when Newsom filed a lawsuit against California Secretary of State Shirley Weber – whom Newsom herself had appointed in January – for her refusal to grant a filing waiver after Newsom’s attorney missed an important deadline. As a result, it looks like Newsom’s name won’t get a D on the ballot.

Correspondence secretary for the San Luis Obispo Democratic Party, John Alan Connerly, was not concerned about the possible omission. California Democrats are very proud of Governor Gavin Newsom. His reputation is very high…. I think most Californians know who he is.

The final issue is that Governor Newsom’s term expires on December 2. End of January 2023. According to the state Department of Finance, the state and counties will spend $276 million on the special election. So the Democrats claim that the cost of a special election would be a waste of money.

Now they are pushing for a costly election, Connerly said. Why couldn’t they wait to do it next year as planned instead of spending millions of dollars? What happened to fiscal conservatives?

As if the drought and wildfires weren’t enough, a heated political campaign will raise the temperature in California again this summer, culminating in a decision to remove Newsom from office or let him finish his term.


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