PITTSBURG — In the mid-20s, the Pittsburgh Steelmakers were the only unbeaten team in the NFL and one of 28 teams in the 1966 Super Bowl, which started 8-0.

But what does that mean?

Let Captain RAdm Hayward explain.

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It’s not a guarantee, the defense unit said after the Stalians held the Dallas Cowboys 24-19 on Sunday. It only guarantees we can go 8-8. That doesn’t mean much. We understand that the work isn’t finished yet, but I’m glad we’re in a position where everyone is looking at us.

You don’t have to wait for other people to do their jobs, they have to come and get you.

Of the 27 teams that started with an 8-0 result, all teams went to the play-offs and 15 – to the Super Bowl. Eight of these teams have all won. However, since 2010 the nine teams that started 8-0 have not won the Super Cup. The last team to win the title 8-0 after the start was Saints 2009.

Despite the fact that this Steelers team has the best start in the history of the franchise, it remains a mystery. They still have four complete and complementary neighborhoods to play, but their record is impeccable. In the last two weeks, a single defense without an arc on Tyson Alual averaged 204.5 meters without an arc, while a ground attack evaporated at 47 meters per game. The Stallers start slowly and come into the rally of the second half, take the lead and keep it until the last race.

I’m joking that I feel too old for these things, quarterback Ben Rothlisberger said on Sunday. My body is getting exhausted in the emotional roller coaster we’ve been riding for the past few weeks. But we keep winning and having fun with these guys, that’s all that matters. I just want to play for them and win.

By defeating the Titans and the Baltimore Crows of Tennessee, the Stalkers defeated two of the top teams in the NFL and continued undefeated until the ninth round.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Ben Rothlisberger (right), James Washington (left) and the Stalers, a single undefeated NFL team 8-0 Ron Jenkins/AP Photography

The next three games gave them a chance to dominate, but in the first game they failed to beat the poor Dallas team in the fourth start quarterback position.

They now have a chance to play the Cincinnati Bengals (16:25 ET Sunday, Fox) and then the Jacksonville Jaguars – two teams with a total of 3-12.

We have a group that stands, a group that is mentally strong and resilient, said coach Mike Tomlin after Sunday’s victory. I appreciate that, but of course we can’t continue this conversation every week, because in one of those weeks we’ll do it with an L if we’re not careful.

Although it’s not an unprecedented start in the NFL.

Last season the New England Patriots started with an 8-0 result. On the first eight games Patriots 2019 and Steelmakers 2020 are quite similar. In addition to the simple game plan – the Patriots ranked 32nd in the FPI in terms of playing strength, while the Steelmen ranked 29th – each played with the confidence of a veteran, probably a future Hall of Fame quarterback, complemented by an effective defense. The Patriots took first place in the defense, the Steelmakers second. Tom Brady’s total QBR over these matches was 62, while Roethlisberger reached 64.

But the steelworkers don’t want to match this team. In the second half of the season the Patriots pulled 4-4 and did not win the play-off, but lost in the dilemma round against the Titans.

Instead, the Stallers must look to a team like the 2006 Indianapolis Colts for a schedule for the rest of the season.

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Like the Ring Team, the Stalers have won most of their close combat matches. Of their eight victories, five were rewarded with points. The only team to win the first eight races of this invincible start was the Peyton Manning Colts in 2006, who won six races with only one result.

In 2006, the Colts won the first nine games and then lost the Cowboy’s tenth game. Recently he replaced starter Drew Bledso by Tony Romo for the fourth consecutive year.

And like the 2019 Patriots, the 2006 Colts have lost four of their last eight games.

But here’s the end of the equation. The Colts won the XLI Super Bowl against the Chicago Bears and gave the 30-year-old Manning his first title.

Team Colts took 15th place. In the overall standings, the Carolina Panthers lost first place to the Carolina Panthers 2015 of the 15 teams that started 8-0 in the 15 performance seasons covered by ESPN. The steel manufacturers took a slightly bigger place than the Colts of 2006 and the Panthers of 2015 – with an 8-0 scoring line they came in 13th place.

During these seasons both the Colts and the Panthers participated in the Super Bowl, although only Indianapolis won.

It’s important because we’re here today, but as soon as I go to work tomorrow it won’t be that important,” Tomlin said on Sunday as his team started 8-0. We will focus on preparing our nearest rival in the north, the AFC, and that is life. I appreciate that, but we’re not gonna stop there. We have a big contract with the AFC North Ball.

After the Bengal, the steel producers have the opportunity to further strengthen their leading role in the demerger and, more importantly, to unite the dominant victory they missed. Despite the fact that the Bengals lead 2-5-1, under the new quarterback Joe Barrow they are heading in the right direction, and a victory of any kind is hardly guaranteed for the Steelers.

We’re the Pittsburgh steelmakers, Tomlin said. Everybody knows what that means. We get the best recording for everyone, regardless of the record. I think people respect our brand, our franchise and its history, and that’s what I’ve been living here for 14 years.

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