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ImageSome areas of the South Wales Valley were among the highest in the UK.

But he said the data in the next few days will be crucial to whether the end of the lockdown will rekindle the fire.

October ends, have been tested.

How many people are infected?

The good news is that, according to the latest ONS study, the number of people with Covide infections in Wales is increasing less dramatically.

He’s going to test thousands of people in Wales to see if they have the virus.

Analysis of thousands of samples can estimate that 26,100 people in Wales had a Covid-19 in the first week of the fire, about 0.89% or one in 110 people.

This is only a thousand more than last week’s estimate, indicating that the infection seems to have slowed down. Last week’s growth was 9400.

The positive figures in Wales have risen in recent weeks, but the pace of growth is slower than in previous weeks, according to ONS.

In six weeks time he asked 15,844 people in Wales for a nose or throat smear. He tested the results and found 84 positive results, from 64 people in 50 households.

What about hospital stays?


One of the ideas behind the firefighting was to relieve the hospitals.

The average daily number of confirmed and suspected confessions of Covida-19 is about the same as when the fire started.

According to the latest available data, there were 1,344 patients with the virus in the hospital, 60 of whom were in intensive care.

But outside the statistics, the hospital doctors are already talking about an enormous pressure and they start to overwhelm Covid again.

Unlike the first wave, hospitals try to treat as many patients as possible while continuing to work normally.

At the Royal Hospital of Glamorgan in Rhonda Sinon Taf they see Covid represented next to the other conditions they can expect.

Nerys Conway, an emergency medicine consultant, said I can’t believe the second wave arrived so quickly and the patients seem to be sicker this time than the previous one.

How has fire changed our behaviour?

If you look at mobile phone data, you can understand how people’s behaviour changes as a result of various limitations.

If we make a phone call, if we go on Facebook or Google, you can see which trips we make or if we spend more time at home.

This can help scientists determine whether the measures are effective.

If you look at Google’s mobility data, for example, the number of shopping and leisure activities has certainly decreased.

These dives can be observed with public transport and also with people who do not come to work.

It may seem obvious – but if we don’t see it, it’s a sign that the fire alarm isn’t working.

What we can’t say is that it would be different without a firestorm.

And although some restrictions will be relaxed from Monday, the leaders of the Council and the health authorities stress that everyone still has a role to play in the fight against the virus.

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