Under The Oak Tree is a psychological thriller with a complex cast of characters. The story centers on Maximilian, who hasn’t seen her husband Riftan since their wedding night three years ago. Rumors are circulating that Riftan wants a divorce and it’s up to Maximilian to save her marriage. But Maximilian doesn’t have the best self-esteem and must fight for her dignity.


Under the Oak Tree opens with a wedding, but then jumps to three years later. Maximilian’s husband, Riftan, is rumored to be seeking a divorce and planning to marry a princess. Maximilian’s father is furious. Riftan is taller than Maximilian, nearly two meters taller. He calls her ugly and she begins to stutter. She must save her marriage to stop Riftan’s plans.


The Riftan Calypse owns Anatol. He has built a sturdy fence, walls, and other defenses around his home. In addition, he has nearly a hundred servants and countless knights at his disposal.


There are some characters in under the oak tree that are familiar to the audience. For example, Maxi was one such character. He is the king’s buddy and he likes to play tricks on people. The story of the book also includes Ruth, who is a magician. However, she is still a bit different from her dragon-like friend.

Maximilian’s inferiority complex

“Under the Oak Tree” is a book about Maximilian Croix, the first daughter of the Croix family. Her father beats her for having a stutter, and she develops an inferiority complex about her looks and her lack of self-respect. She must find a way to overcome this situation.

Church as a community of conversation

Conversation has always been a significant part of the Christian tradition. The ecumenical councils of the first millennium were a great example of this. Similarly, the Roman Catholic councils continued this practice throughout the second millennium. Conversation was also a central concept in the Protestant Reformation. Huldrych Zwingli, a Reformation theologian, argued for a practice called “The Rule of Paul”-congregational worship rooted in the habits of conversation and sharing. The early Anabaptists also had a strong belief in this practice.


Maxi and Riftan are in love, but each is preoccupied with his own anxieties. They don’t know what the other person needs. Their love causes them to succumb to their fears.

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