Israel Foulou received the third of three Catalan attempts in the first half Israel Foulou received the third of three Catalan attempts in the first half

Catalan Dragons (18) 26
Give it a try: Target Davis, Langi, Foulou, Mead: Maloney 5
Leeds (6) 14
Give it a try: Sutcliffe, L Sutcliffe, Herrell Galls: Martin

This Friday the Catalan Dragons reached the semi-finals of the Super League qualifications against St. Petersburg. It was a lightning strike from St. Helens that was enough to beat eight-time champions Leeds Rhinos in the first half.

Sam Tomkins played the lead role in Halliwell Jones Stadium, where he arranged classical essays for Tom Davis, Samisoni Lunga and Israel Foulou.

Alex Sutcliffe and Liam Sutcliffe reduced the deficiency on both sides of the fracture.

But David Meade tried to kill him in Leeds, despite Conrad Herrell’s attempt to comfort him.

James Maloney did all four translations for the Catalans before his late penalty shootout finally put the French out of sight to achieve a play-off victory in the qualifying tournament and reach the last four for the first time since 2014.

Head coach Richard Agar disappeared in Leeds and had to be watched from his home after a member of the club’s coaching staff tested positive for the coronavirus.

The rhinos were not favorite when the Catalan striker Michael McIlam was lucky to stay in the park after receiving a nosebleed from Brad Dwyer – a challenge that the judge and the video department missed.

They were also hindered by the loss of Mikolai Oledsky and Ava Seumanufagai in the assessment of the head trauma. But until then most of the damage was caused by the sensational Catalan debut.

The boss of the Dragon, Steve McNamara, was unhappy that his team didn’t have a home advantage, as the game had to be swapped for Perpignan, but that only served to feed his team’s performance – and that of the younger of the two Catalan brothers, Tomkins.

Sam Tomkins was in great shape in the Catalan victory over his former enemies from LeedsSam Tomkins was in great shape in the Catalan victory over his former enemies from LeedsSam Tomkins was in great shape in the Catalan victory over his former enemies from LeedsSam Tomkins was in great shape in the Catalan victory over his former enemies from Leeds

Catalan victory in Wigan

An open attempt by the Catalans at Warrington was done very violently at Wigan when two of the former Warriors grabbers guys in the Dragons joined forces for the first of their two attempts at a fast convertible in eight minutes.

Sam Tomkins – so often a thorn in Leeds’ side’s side in the past – had taken possession near his own goal line before he crossed half the field, after which he unloaded the savage winger Davis, who had collapsed, to his left.

Six minutes later, the French team doubled the lead – and it was Tomkins again who was the architect, with a free kick that Langhee liked to score.

After James Maloney added two points, the Australian international almost prevented a third attempt by the Catalans when he took advantage of Mead’s 50-yard break near his own line and a smart shot at the crossroads almost pushed Davis back into the right corner.

But after 31 minutes, Leeds was hacked again. Assuming unstoppable Tomkins from top to bottom, Foulou jumped higher, rolled into the stick and then reached over the line.

Leeds came back to him and tried to rest with Alex Sutcliffe and Liam Sutcliffe on both sides. And in the years 18-10 Rise Martin, after having missed the second conversion attempt, came at the decisive moment.

McElrom, another old boy from Wigan, escaped punishment for swinging Dwyer’s left forearm, causing the temporary departure of a Leeds man – but he won’t be able to get away with it next week.

And the game was almost over when winger Mead was in the left corner, with Maloney adding extras before Herrell’s quick, unresolved response was answered by the last of Maloney’s five shots.

The Catalans are now in the semi-finals of the return trip with the Saints, who beat them in the fourth round of the Challenge Cup, on their way to the famous Wembley victory in 2018.

The Catalans: С. Tomkins; Davis, Foulou, Languages, Mead; Melonie, Drinking Water; Busket, McCleanor, Castie, Jay Tomkins, Whitley, Garcia.

Exchanges : Moa, Seguaye, Baitieri, Casiano.

Leeds: Myler. T. Brisco, Hurrell, L. Sutcliffe, Handley; Louis, Gail; Seumanufagai, Leming, Oledsky, Thompson, Martin, Prior.

The exchange: Dwyer, Smith, Donaldson, Sutcliffe.

The arbitrator: Chris Kendall.

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