With the beginning of the 10th. In the second week of the NFL 2020 regular season, some teams let fans into the stadiums, while others still play games without an audience.

Attending matches in the country’s stadiums depends on where and when, and policies differ from state to state regarding the coronavirus pandemic and the extent of VIDOC 19 cases.

We asked each of our NFL reporters to check in with the team leaders to see how things were going on the 12th. November:

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The stadium: Law stadium

capacity: 71,608

What we do know is: The bill announced that fans would not be admitted to the Stadium of Accounts for the foreseeable future, after no changes were made to the protocols drawn up at the Stadium of Accounts in August. — Marcel Louis-Jacques.

The stadium: Hardrockstadion

capacity: 65,326

What we do know is: The dolphins will not open their stadium at full capacity for the fans, although Ron DeSantis has given them permission to do so. Miami has a capacity limit of 13,000 fans for its home games. This plan is intended to continue. — Cameron Wolf

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Stadium: Gillette Stadium

capacity: 66,829

What we do know is: Due to local and national regulations, the Patriots do not allow fans to play at home until the end of the regular season. — Mike Travel

The stadium: MetLife Stadium

capacity: 82,500

What we do know is: The jet policy, as formulated in the New Jersey State Guidelines, has not changed: Right now, they don’t let fans in for home games. — Rich Chimini


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The stadium: M&T Bank Stadium

capacity: 71,008

What we do know is: Voronov had played his home game against the Steelers on 1. November 4345 fans. For the first time this season, more than 250 friends and family members of the organization gathered in the M&T Bank Stadium for the game. The Ravens received permission from the state of Maryland to allow a 10 percent capacity of the stadium (about 7,000 fans), but the city of Baltimore did not allow the team to open the upper deck. The situation could change this week because the state has tightened its restrictions. — Jamison Hensley.

The stadium: Paul Brown Stadium

capacity: 65,515

What we do know is: The Bengal have up to 12,000 fans for the last five home games of the season, including this week’s game against Tennessee. Fans are required to adhere to COVID 19 protocols, including social distance and the use of appropriate protective equipment. — …Ben baby.

The stadium: First phase of energy

capacity: 67,895

What we do know is: Ohio continues to host up to 12,000 fans in NFL stadiums, 3,000 on each side, including the upper decks. — Jake Trotter

Fault! The file name is not specified. Up to 6,000 fans enjoyed the 27th edition of the In September Brownes play the home game against Washington. Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Stadium: Heinz-field

capacity: 68,400

What we do know is: According to the state mandate of Pennsylvania, the capacity of the Steelers remains at 5,500 fans. Pittsburgh has four more home games. Brooke Pryor.


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Stadium: NRG Stadium

capacity: 72,220

What we do know is: The capacity of the NWG stadium is always a maximum of 13,300 fans (approximately 20%). Tickets are distributed in the form of capsules, to be given only to good friends and family. Houston’s next home game is against New England in week 11. Sarah Barshop.

Stadium: Lucas Oil Stadium

capacity: 67,000

What we do know is: The Colts will increase the capacity of the fans for the game against Green Bay on the 22nd. November with 12,500 spectators. — Mike Wells

Stadium: TIAA bank field

capacity: 67,164

What we do know is: Jaguar’s home racing capacity remains 25 per cent, representing a maximum of 16,791 participants. The team stated that any possible capacity increase would depend on coronavirus-related developments and local, state or federal instructions. — Mike DiRocco

Stadium: Nissan Stadium

capacity: 69,143

What we do know is: The Titans, who still have four games to play at home, welcome the fans to the Nissan Stadium, which has a capacity of up to 21%. The capacity is the maximum number of spectators allowed according to the CDC guidelines and is expected to remain for the rest of the season. — Thurron Davenport


The stadium: The wasteland is a mile high.

capacity: 76,125

What we do know is: The Broncoce will have up to 5,700 fans for each of the other five home games, including this week’s game against the Chargers. — Jeff Legold.

The stadium: Arrowhead stadium

capacity: 72,936

What we do know is: For the last three home games, the chefs plan to sell up to 16,000 tickets, or 22% of the Arrowhead Stadium’s capacity, and for the first five games. The bosses said they could adjust the presence at the beginning of the season based on the KOVID-19 conditions in the area of Kansas City, but they didn’t change the plan. – Adam Thacher

The stadium: Allegiker Stadium

capacity: 65,000

What we do know is: The Raiders, who still have five home games to go, are currently not admitting fans. — Paul Gutierrez.

Fault! The file name is not specified. The interior of the Allegiant Stadium, with its modern lighting, luxurious seats and immaculate pitch, is a big change from the days of mud on the pitch and Mount Davis at the Auckland Coliseum. John Locher/AP

The stadium: SoFi Stadium

capacity: 72,240

What we do know is: The Los Angeles Chargers, the Los Angeles Rams and the SoFi stage have announced that the home games of the Rams and the Chargers will be fan free until further notice. — Shelly Smith


The stadium: AT&T Stadium

capacity: 80,000

What we do know is: The cowboys, who still have four houses on their program, welcome the fans in the AT&T stadium, which has a capacity of up to 25 percent. The Cowboys have had home fans this season, but below the threshold set by Texas governor Greg Ebbott. — Todd Archer

The stadium: MetLife Stadium

capacity: 82,500

What we do know is: Until further notice, fans are not allowed to enter the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. This is in accordance with government instructions. Phil Murphy, who says 500 people are gathering outside — Jordan Ranan

The stadium: Lincoln Finance

capacity: 69,596

What we do know is: As early as week six, the Eagles were allowed to play home games for 7,500 people at the Lincoln Financial Center. This includes players and staff, so about 5500-6000 fans will be admitted to a match. — Tim McManus.

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capacity: 82,000

What we do know is: Washington policy has changed. The team has allowed 3200 fans to attend the match of the 9. The same can be expected in the last three home games of Washington against the Bengals, Sikhouk and the Panthers. — John Kame


The stadium: Field of the soldiers

capacity: 61,500

What we do know is: The city of Chicago still doesn’t allow fans to attend Bears’ home games. Bears and city officials continue to have an open dialogue, but fans’ prospects for the 2020 games continue to decline as the number of cases of KOVID 19 in Illinois increases. — Jeff Dickerson.

The stadium: Ford-field

capacity: 65,000

What we do know is: Lions have announced that 500 friends and relatives will attend the 8th Lions Clubs International Convention on Sunday. Indianapolis on tour. — Michael Rothstein

The stadium: Lambo-field

capacity: 81,441

What we do know is: The packers have not yet admitted fans to the Flameau field and do not intend to do so. — Rob Demovsky

Fault! The file name is not specified. Conditioners held their training camp in Ray Neechke’s field, which was not open to the public because of the coronavirus pandemic. Sarah Kloepping/Imagn

The stadium: U.S. Bank Stadium

capacity: 66,655

What we do know is: The 11th. In November, the Vikings announced that they would have no more than 250 fans for the rest of the season. Minnesota still has four home games to play against Dallas, Jacksonville, Carolina and Chicago. The Minnesota Ministry of Health guidelines limit indoor capacity to 250 people. From the three-week match against Tennessee, the Vikings had 250 family members test their match protocol. — Courtney Cronin


Stadium: Mercedes-Benz Stadium

capacity: 71,000

What we do know is: The Falcons, who still have three games to play at home, plan to continue receiving a limited number of fans. — ESPN personnel

The stadium: Bank of America Stadium

capacity: 75,523

What we do know is: The Panthers will remain in Phase 3 by order of Governor Roy Cooper, so they are only allowed to have 5,240 fans in the Bank of America Stadium. Carolina has four more home games, including a weekend tournament against Tampa Bay. — David Newton

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The stadium: Mercedes-Benz Superdome

capacity: 73,208

What we do know is: For the first time the saints had a chance on the 7th. Mercedes-Benz Superdome 3000 fan visit. This number will be increased to 6,000 for two home games in November. And if local health and safety regulations remain in place, they can count on 15,000 fans at the two home games in December. With restrictions in New Orleans stricter than in the rest of the state, the Saints actually discussed the possibility of moving their games to LSU Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge before reaching an agreement with the mayor of New Orleans, Latoia Cantrell. — Mike Triplet

Stadium: Raymond James Stadium

capacity: 65,890

What we do know is: Tampa Bay, which has four home games on the schedule, will have a maximum capacity of 25 percent for fans, which is the maximum capacity allowed under NFL and CDC rules. — Jenna Lane


The stadium: State farm stadium

capacity: 63,400

What we do know is: The Cardinals will be replaced in the next two home games – on the 8th. November versus Miami and the 15th. November vs. Buffalo – allows 4,200 fans on the Sovkhoz Stadium grounds The Arizona Department of Health will review the situation after these games to determine how many fans are allowed to attend the game for the rest of the season. — Josh Weinfuss.

The stadium: SoFi Stadium

capacity: 72,240

What we do know is: The Los Angeles Chargers, the Los Angeles Rams and the SoFi stage have announced that the home games of the Rams and the Chargers will be fan free until further notice. — …Lindsay Tiri.

Stadium: Levi Stadium

capacity: 68,500

What we do know is: Despite the California government’s announcement that outdoor stadiums that meet their district’s requirements will have 20 percent capacity for home games, 49 players without fans continue to advance. The reason for this is that shortly after Newsom’s announcement, the Santa Clara County Health Department issued a statement stating that an audience at professional sporting events should not be allowed to participate in the near future. The nine will continue to work with the district to find a solution, but until that solution is found, the fans are not allowed to enter Levi’s stadium. — Nick Wagoner

The stadium: CenturyLink field

capacity: 69,000

What we do know is: The Seahawks announced on 10 November that they will play their next home game on Thursday 19 November. November, against Arizona, will continue to play without fans at CenturyLink Field. In their first four home games, they didn’t take fans with them. Their announcement leaves open the possibility of limited quality reception for fans in December, when local health and government officials conclude that conditions have improved sufficiently. — Brady Henderson

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