“2K” is the second most successful video game franchise in WWE history, behind only “WWE WrestleMania”. 2K22 has been released with a number of hype-worthy features including improvements to simulation matches and revamped graphics. Fans want these individual changes to return in future games but there are also grander plans for the series that could make it one of gaming’s best franchises.

The “wwe 2k22 undertaker showcase” is a feature that was removed from the game. The feature allowed players to watch an in-game match between Undertaker and Triple H. This would be a great addition to the game if it returns.

5 WWE 2K22 Features Fans Want to See Return to the Game


WWE 2K22 has been revealed ahead of Wrestlemania 37, and fans are understandably excited. After all, the show has been off the air for quite some time. WWE 2K20, the most recent game in the franchise, was published almost two years ago. The quality of 2K’s WWE games has deteriorated over time. In WWE 2K20, though, the series hit an all-time low, with boos heard all over the place. Due to the poor reaction of WWE 2K20, publisher 2K Games has decided to forego WWE 2K21 entirely. It was obvious that 2K needed to go back to the drawing board and rewrite the franchise’s story.

Visual Concepts’ year-long sabbatical from WWE 2K21 should have given them ample time to consider what needs to be changed in order to reinvigorate the franchise. Fans have been outspoken about what they want from the WWE 2K franchise, which is a good thing. Visual Concepts, hopefully, spent time listening to what people desire and focusing on things that are important to them. In light of this, we discuss the Top 5 WWE 2K22 elements that fans wish to see return in the game.



In previous WWE games, the primary narrative mode was called “Road to Wrestlemania.” There were Smackdown vs. Raw games before there were WWE 2K games. Road to Wrestlemania was last utilized in the 2011 game WWE ’12, and it presented players with a story-driven game option. Players take control of certain wrestlers and follow a tale that leads them to Wrestlemania, the world’s most prestigious wrestling event.

While narrative modes in subsequent games may take on various shapes throughout time, such as WWE ’13’s Attitude Era Mode and others, WWE 2K22’s Road to Wrestlemania treatment would be a welcome addition. Recent WWE 2K games have a barebones vibe to them, with nothing in the way of story material. Meanwhile, WWE 2K20’s own narrative mode bombed miserably, not just due to technical faults but also due to its clumsy plot. Returning Road to Wrestlemania will offer WWE 2K22 more structure, as well as a narrative mode that is much more convincing than what 2K has been generating in recent years.



Meanwhile, many wrestling fans want to do more than just fill in the gaps left by performers. Some people want to be bookers as well. The Universe Mode in WWE 2K allows users to construct their own tales. It was never created properly enough to be worth anyone’s salt, however. While the game’s capabilities may be used to construct intriguing narratives by die-hard fans, the game’s features are too limited to appeal to a broad audience. WWE 2K22 will be a lot better game if the create-a-story feature is improved and made more user-friendly.

Art must mimic life in order to achieve this. It goes without saying that people who purchase WWE 2K22 will also watch the real program. As a result, Visual Concepts should draw more cues from how tales develop and evolve in real life. Why not leverage the stories that emerge in Raw and Smackdown to collect fans’ ideas? Rivalries should be fleshed out further, alliances should have more weight, and cutscenes could be improved. Most importantly, Visual Concepts should find a method to make these situations more interesting by having wrestlers record lines for cutscenes.



Wrestling is made exciting and engaging by compelling narratives, sympathetic characters, and emotional situations. Following these stories evolve is without a doubt one of the most exciting elements of watching wrestling. WWE has generated some of the most iconic stories in wrestling history throughout the years. Showcase Mode has been employed by 2K Games since WWE ‘2K15 to replay these outstanding tales. Players re-enact some of WWE’s most memorable bouts, starring some of the sport’s most captivating heroes and villains.

The narrative of the Women’s Revolution was recently told in WWE 2K20. The Women’s Revolution, a real-life movement that made female wrestlers more competitive rather than merely eye candy, ushered in a new era in WWE. This Showcase Mode is the only reason anybody should play the technological mess that is WWE 2K20.

There are still many tales that haven’t been told in previous Showcase Modes, and many new stories have been presented since WWE 2K20. Edge’s stunning comeback in the 2020 Royal Rumble and following championship reign against Roman Reigns in 2021 will make for an entertaining Showcase Mode. This might even extend to his Royal Rumble match against The It Couple, The Miz and Maryse, in which he was partnered with his wife Beth Phoenix. Even though Finn’s career hasn’t been great lately, his inaugural Summerslam triumph in 2016 to become the first-ever Universal Champion would make for an entertaining Showcase Mode bout. Visual Concepts has a lot of amazing alternatives to pick from. All they have to do now is bring these storylines to life in WWE 2K22.

Showcase Mode will return for WWE 2K22, according to the new The Hit List Trailer, which is a good thing. With Rey Mysterio on the cover, there’s a good likelihood that the high flyer will be the star of this year’s Showcase Mode.



WWE 2K games have always featured a huge range of characters to choose from, with over 260 playable superstars in WWE 2K20. Many of these celebrities, however, do not resemble their real-life counterparts owing to time, financial, or resource limits. WWE 2K22 should make every effort to make all of the superstars as realistic-looking as possible. Pull out all the stops when it comes to creating the models, and make sure that no celebrity is left looking unattractive.

In addition to ensuring that all wrestlers seem as they should, WWE 2K22 should also release the whole roster. There are no character DLCs or pre-order incentives. Now is not the time to milk their fans’ wallets dry with expensive microtransactions and DLCs if they want to reclaim their followers’ confidence. In the basic game, you may play with the whole roster, including all NXT wrestlers, managers, and WWE Legends.

However, given the recent slew of celebrity releases, this may be too much to expect. So far, just a few hundred wrestlers have been announced to be on the roster, a far cry from WWE 2K20’s 266 wrestlers.



Finally, the General Manager Mode, or GM Mode, is one of the most requested additions for WWE 2K22. Since the game option was discontinued in WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009, fans have been requesting a return of the wrestling company management simulation game mode. The GM Mode puts you in the shoes of a general manager for one of the companies. In a fight for brand domination, you go up against the GMs. Manage the brand’s finances while arranging amazing matches with prominent celebrities in order to get the highest TV ratings and win the GM of the Year award.

On paper, this may seem uninteresting, but it’s one of the most fun game modes in the earlier WWE games. Since taking over the publishing of WWE games, 2K Games has never attempted this game style. That isn’t to say they shouldn’t give it their all. The implementation of the GM Mode in WWE 2K22 would be ideal. Some fans may even purchase WWE 2K22 only for the GM Mode. This is how much this feature is missed by fans.

Thankfully, the most recent Hit List Trailer has revealed that GM Mode will return. We’re looking forward to putting this version of GM Mode to the test. If this game mode works, we could theoretically play the game all day without ever having to play the fighting game inside. This may be a game mode that we can play by ourselves, creating our own tales without having to worry about the gameplay.


While the innovations listed above will undoubtedly make WWE 2K22 a much superior game than WWE 2K20, they will not be sufficient. Indeed, none of these improvements will matter if WWE 2K22 is a terrible disaster, unplayable, and riddled with bugs like Cyberpunk 2077. As a result, Visual Concepts’ primary responsibility is to ensure that the game’s gameplay is seamless and polished.

At the very least, we’ll know that the series is back on track if the year they spent away results in a game that is at least as technically sound as WWE 2K19. We can always expect that future submissions will contain these most sought features as long as they build a game that is playable and enjoyable. At the very least, we’ll know that the WWE 2K games are back to their former glory, and Visual Concepts can concentrate on adding new features rather than worrying about the game’s core playability in the future.

Finally, no microtransactions, please.

On March 11, 2022, WWE 2K22 will be released. For the first time, a WWE 2K game will be released in the same year as the championship.



The “wwe 2k22 match types” is a feature that was removed from the game. Fans want to see it return, but WWE has not yet announced if they will bring back this feature.

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