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The country star has shared his thoughts on the recent accusations of sexual abuse and his reaction to the fallout. Adams was arrested and charged in July on 13 counts of sexual assault and other charges, some involving a minor, stemming from an incident involving his former bandmate and alleged abuser, Mike Cooley. Adams has denied Cooley’s accusations, but has said that he has been “struggling” emotionally since the charges.

Yesterday, American musician Ryan Adams posted a lengthy message to Facebook about an abusive relationship he suffered in the past. Adams, who has long been open about his struggles with addiction issues, said he was molested as a child by a close family friend and that his abuser “used to buy me drinks when I was 10 and would try to get me drunk, then take advantage of me.” Adams also alleged that his abuser abused his wife, singer-songwriter, Mandy Moore.. Read more about ryan adams and let us know what you think.

Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams has spoken out about his difficulties after several women’s accusations against him (Picture: Getty)

After being accused of influencing female artists two years ago, Ryan Adams has come out once again.

A New York Times article from February 2019 accused the artist of being “manipulative, obsessed, and domineering.”

Seven women, including Moore’s ex-wife Mandy Moore and artist Phoebe Bridgers, have come out with accusations.

It was also alleged that when Ryan was younger, a now 20-year-old admirer exchanged sexually explicit texts with him.

The Wonderwall singer has now spoken out again about the allegations, claiming he is dealing with the consequences.

‘I felt like they were begging me to die,’ he told Los Angeles Magazine.

Ryan Adams, Mandy Moore

From 2009 until 2016, Ryan Adams was married to Mandy Moore (photo: Eric Charbonneau/REX/Shutterstock).

‘So I’m losing my life’s work, as well as my vision of who I am and my capacity to support myself.

‘And I don’t have the emotional support I need to help repair it today.’ What am I going to do now that the door has banged shut?’

Adams apologized last month after several women accused him of sexual misconduct and emotional abuse.

Ryan was accused of being ’emotionally abusive’ and making’sexual approaches’ while promising to assist celebrities with their careers, with Ryan allegedly’severing ties’ if they were turned down.

‘Some of its facts are misinterpreted; others are overstated; some are plain incorrect,’ Adams tweeted at the time about the study. I would never engage in improper behavior with someone I suspected was under the age of 18. Period.

Ryan Adams

Following the accusations, Ryan offered an apology (Picture: WireImage)

‘I am not a flawless guy who has committed many errors. I sincerely and completely apologize to anybody I have ever harmed, however inadvertently.’

Adams released a statement to the Daily Mail following the allegations, insisting that he had sought professional assistance to become clean, adding, “All I can say is that I’m sorry.” That’s all there is to it. This time of solitude and contemplation convinced me that I needed to make major changes in my life.’

‘To a lot of people, this will simply seem to be the same hollow bull***t apology that I’ve always used when I’ve been called out, and all I can say is, this time it’s different,’ he said.

After realizing the damage he has caused, the singer said that he is “still reeling from the waves of terrible consequences that my actions generated,” and that he will “never be off the hook and I am completely responsible for my behavior.”

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‘I hope the individuals I’ve harmed will recover,’ he said. And I’m hoping they’ll be able to forgive me.’

Adams, Moore, and Bridgers’ agents have been approached for comment by

Virginia Giuffre, a Jeffrey Epstein victim, has filed a lawsuit against Prince Andrew for allegedly sexually abusing her when she was 17 years old.

MORE: Joe Exotic of Tiger King is’ready to die’ after revealing prostate cancer has spread to his pelvis and stomach while incarcerated.

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