On Monday, the Trump administration announced sanctions against two Iranian intelligence agents and accused them of being directly involved in the kidnapping, detention and presumed death.

Robert Levinson,

a former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent who disappeared in Iran in 2007.

The action of the Ministry of Finance was the first public step to hold Iran officially responsible for Levinson’s abduction, senior government officials told reporters. U.S. officials said senior Iranian officials accepted the kidnapping and tried to cover up what had happened.

The Iranian government promised to support Bob Levinson on his return home, but this did not happen. The truth is that Iranian intelligence agents – with the approval of senior Iranian officials – were involved in Bob’s abduction and detention, the director of the FBI said.

Christopher Wray

upon request.

He went on to say: While no one should be mistreated like Bob, this situation is personal because Bob was a special agent for 22 years and will always be part of the FBI family. We will never hesitate in our mission to learn more about Bob’s long confinement, to give the Levinson family the answers they deserve, and to finally bring Bob home.

Two appointed officials…

Muhammad Basiri


Ahmad Khazai

have been described as senior officers of the Iranian Ministries of Intelligence and Security.


Christina Levinson (right), wife of former FBI agent Robert Levinson and their son Daniel Levinson in 2007.


morteza nikubazl/Reuters

Officials have described the sanctions as part of a pressure campaign against Iran. They also argued that negotiations with Iran should include a resolution in Mr Levinson’s case, pointing out that there are other Americans imprisoned in Iran who wish to return home.

A spokesman for the UN mission in Iran said the government had nothing to do with Levinson’s disappearance. We have always maintained that the Iranian government has no information about Mr Levinson’s whereabouts, the spokesman said,

Alireza Miriusefi.

An investigation by Iran did not reveal any information after he left the hotel on the island of Kish.

Mr. Levinson has been missing since 2007 on the Iranian island of Kish. Iran has long denied having any knowledge of its movements. His family said earlier this year that they believed he had died in an Iranian prison, citing information they had received from U.S. officials.

President Trump said at the time he wouldn’t acknowledge Mr. Levinson’s death.

U.S. officials believe Mr. Levinson disappeared during a meeting with an American fugitive wanted for the murder of an Iranian diplomat in the United States, according to leaked State Department cables.

The Wall Street Journal and other news organizations have previously reported that part of Levinson was in Iran to gather information for a team of analysts from the Central Intelligence Agency.

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Published on 15 December 2020 in a printed publication entitled US Sanctions against Two Iranians in Connection with the Disappearance of a Former FBI Agent.

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