The following guide covers the different materials used for dining tables, such as wood, glass, metal, marble, laminate tables, etc. Table styles, shapes, etc. are also discussed.

Dining room in a luxury apartment

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The dining table is the most important piece of furniture in the house. It is the meeting point and also the center of your room.

That’s why you should buy a table that suits the design of your dining room and your taste and style.

However, as the furniture market is flooded with all kinds of dining tables, choosing the best table can seem quite stressful.

To find the best dining table, you need to consider the material, style and shape of the table.

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Dining table equipment

Various materials are used to make dining room tables. The table can have a holistic design or a design that uses different materials for the tabletop and frame. Here are the most common materials for dining tables:

Wooden dining table

This is the most popular option for countertops. Wood is a versatile building material and can be hardwood, softwood or composite. If you choose a wooden dining table, choose hardwood.

The most common hardwoods are mahogany, oak, maple, walnut, cherry, etc. Hardwood is attractive and durable. Hardwood dining tables, however, are more expensive than their softwood and composite counterparts.

Glass dining table

The glass worktop is modern, airy and elegant. Moreover, the glass is easy to clean. A table with a glass top can have a graphite, wood or metal frame. This material gives a refined look, and a simple vase with flowers can make a strong impression. On the other hand, you often have to clean it, because fingertips and dust tend to stick to it.

Dining table

The metal is strong and durable. The metal counter top is also modern, stain-resistant and fresh to the touch. If your dining room is industrial or modern, a metal worktop may be suitable.

Marble dining table

Marble is not only suitable for countertops. Today, marble is a common material for special models of luxury dining tables. Marble has an elegant and rich tone. Moreover, marble is easy to clean. Other stones are granite and onyx tabletops.

Stratified table

Laminate worktops fit in different styles and budgets. Laminate worktops are made of different layers of materials that can include PVC, high impact melamine and some wood finishes. The laminate is strong and durable.

Summary table

Since plastic is very strong, light and cheaper than others, there is a growing trend to use plastic dining tables. This material can be made in the same way as other types of organic materials such as wood, teak, etc.

Table-top models

The shape of your dining table may depend on the space or your preferences. Dining tables come in many shapes and sizes. The most common forms are the following:

  • Rectangular (the most common form. Good as a partition in open houses).
  • The surface (in fashion lately. Uses a lot of space. Good for the surface).
  • Round (old-fashioned, but very comfortable, it needs a lot of space).
  • Oval (easy to install, convenient and space-saving).
  • Free form (good for eccentric or artistic design).

Dining tables Style

Style is an important consideration, because it is your chance to express yourself personally. Dining tables include the following models:

  • Basic
  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Rustic-modern
  • Industry
  • A modern place
  • Shaker
  • Farm
  • Crossing
  • and so forth

Choose a style that creates the desired atmosphere and harmonizes with other decorative options.

In general, buying a dining table is a personal experience. Fortunately, everyone can find a table to suit their taste and budget. Take your time and find the dining table of your dreams.

Here are more detailed descriptions of the different dining table styles with their pictures:

Dining table on stand

Base foot


Football dining tables usually have a small top that is supported by a single column. The support can reach up to three or four metres above the ground. The first bedside tables were used to hang candles and had a round or oval tray. However, the new models use countertops in different shapes and sizes.

Soccer tables are generally used in areas where space is limited, because the base of the table has a smaller surface area and the tabletops are not very long. Some coaster tables have inserts to extend the tabletop. There are also double column tables that have two central support columns.

Agricultural Table

a table in a wooden house

Farm tables are heavy, rustic tables that are often made of poor quality wood to give the table an aged look. Most farm tables have a rectangular top and thick, sturdy legs. Legs are usually either standard legs supported by a crossbar along the entire length of the table or X-shaped legs for extra support. Some farm tables also have benches on each side of the table.

Paintings on the farm are seldom painted. Homeowners often opt for finishes that enhance the natural grain of the wood. The main advantages of these tables are their durability and rustic charm.

Modern Rustic

rural modern

Rustic dining tables combine rustic elements, such as wooden tops, with modern elements. The most common combination is an antique wooden tabletop with elegant metal legs or supports. These tables often have a rectangular top with brass, steel or aluminium legs.

In addition to wooden tables with metal legs, there are also modern rustic dining tables in various styles, shapes and designs. There are modern rustic tables with a pedestal, a sofa or a modern design with only wooden elements. The only thing they have in common is the use of rustic materials with modern design features.


Wallpaper table


The trestle-dining table uses one of the oldest table models. They consist of a tabletop supported by two or three trestles. These supports often consist of two or four legs connected by a horizontal plank.

Modern side tables are usually fitted with sturdy supports made of oak or other durable materials. Worktops are also often made of wood. Bar tables are mainly known for their solid construction. However, they are available in different lengths, widths and models. Older designs often show complex details at the edges and supports of trestles, while modern designs tend to show clean lines and simple details.

Traditional Oval

traditional oval

Traditional oval dining tables come in different styles. However, the most common are tables with one or two pedals. The footrest requires less legroom and offers an elegant and detailed design of the brackets. Long oval tables can have double supports, while smaller oval tables can have a single support.

Traditional oval tables are also available with four legs, trestle stands and other designs. The main feature is the oval bucket, which can also be equipped with a bucket to lengthen or shorten the length of the oval. Traditional oval tables are usually made of wood and then stained instead of painted.


Normal shaking table


The shaking tables and other furniture have been designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. They don’t have any nice inserts or other sculptural details. The designs are simple, functional and durable. Because of these characteristics, the shaking tables are generally firm and are often made by hand from pine, maple, cherry or cedar wood.

Shaker tables often have a rectangular top, while the legs or supports can be of different styles. The most important feature of the Shaker table is its minimalist design. This minimalist design is similar to many modern styles, but often with straight lines instead of curves, giving a heavier look.


Industrial table


Industrial dining tables are generally large and heavy. Some industrial tables have wooden tops with metal legs or supports, while others are made entirely of recycled metals. The styles are different. However, most industrial tables are made of construction-related materials.

For example, the supports can be made of metal beams, while the tabletop can be made of a solid door panel. Sometimes these tables seem to have been used in an industrial environment. Industrial tables are also often heavy, which can provide a more stable surface than lighter tables.


We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions from our readers below:

Where to place the dining table in the living room

The classic location of the dining table in the middle of the space under the fixture.

Why choose a round dining table

Round tables generally take up more space than rectangular tables, and round tables also look comfortable.

Why choose a wooden dining table

The most obvious advantage of wooden dining tables (especially solid wood tables) is that they look warm, natural and elegant and last much longer than plastic or glass tables.

What are the standard dimensions of dining tables

The minimum width of the dining table is 36 inches, which provides ample space for guests and food. In addition, the height of the table should be such that there is sufficient space above the knees of seated persons, so the height should be approximately 28-30 inches.

Below you will find some standard table sizes based on the shape of the table:

Square table size

  • Space ranges from 36 to 44 inches for 4 people.

Rectangular table size

  • 36 x 48 for 4 persons
  • 36″W x 60″L for 4-6 persons
  • 36″W x 78″L for 6-8 persons

Round table size

  • 36 – 44 in diameter for 4 persons
  • 44″ to 54″ diameter for 4-6 persons
  • 54 to 72 diameters for 6-8 persons

Oval table size

  • 36 L x 56 L for 4-6 persons.
  • 36 x 72 for 6-8 persons
  • 36 x 84 for 8-10 persons

What is the best material for a dining table

This largely depends on the design of the rest of the house. If you have a minimalist or modern interior, a metal or glass dining table is the best choice. If the whole interior is traditional, a wooden table is the right choice.

Best wood for dining table

Hardwood is one of the most important materials for the dining table.

Image source

If you are considering installing a wooden dining table for your home and want it to stand the test of time, avoid models or composite woods that contain plywood and MDF. Although these types of wood are economical and last for a few years, you should choose hardwood if you really want your dining table to last a lifetime.

Some of the best hardwoods for the dining table are

  • Walnuts
  • Look up
  • mahogany
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Cherries
  • Beech

Tableware for Feng Shui meals

If you like feng shui, it is very important to choose the right dining table, so that feng shui will be good in your home.

Generally round or oval tables are better for feng shui, but only if they fit well in the rest of the room. You can also order rectangular or square tables if they are more suitable for the dining room, but always try to avoid sharp corners (try to find a table with rounded corners). In terms of materials, you should also invest in high-quality wood and try to avoid a dining table with a glass top.

How to make a walnut dining table

Here is a video for do-it-yourselfers who want to build their own walnut dining table:

What is the most durable material for dining table tops?

The discussion among dining room experts on the theme of sustainable materials boils down to proponents of recycled glass, wood and wood composites, which the manufacturers claim to be insensitive to stains and scratches.

But the proof is in the pudding, say the editors of, who therefore questioned and asked the table owners: What makes the canteen equipment indestructible? Responses were varied and although no consensus was reached, the owners of technical wood and solid wood tables emerged as the winners of the survey.

The editors of Forbes magazine agree. Paintings made from wood-based materials or composites, including plywood and MDF, are durable and economical, she concludes. But while your budget may suffer, marbles meet the criteria for longevity, even if they are not impenetrable to stains and scratches.

In the end, wood and marble make the final cut, according to these experts.

Glass and wooden dining tables

When the ThingzContemporary website had a long discussion about whether glass makes more sense than wood in terms of sustainability, the editors concluded that it is all about giving the impression that you want to give your guests and the environment in which the table is placed.

Glass dining tables are always the benchmark for modern and elegant sophistication, while beautifully polished wood suggests a warm atmosphere. Glass dining tables fit in different environments. But beware of fingerprints: glass is a magnet for skin oils, and if the glass is thick, it can be difficult to move the table.

Some dinner table buyers are wary of glass because it can break or crack, while those who are enthusiastic about wood can end up with eternal scratches and stains due to the porosity of the wood.

Scratch resistant dining table material

According to some furniture experts, it is not so much the material that makes the surface of a table resistant to knives as the cat scratches of children. Thick layers of baked enamel applied to wood can form an impenetrable seal that is difficult to penetrate.

If you’re looking for the ultimate scratch-free countertop, you may want to look beyond the American furniture market. Frances Hunt Furniture in the UK is an excellent example of a series of traditional dining tables that do not succumb to the threats mentioned above.

These tables have heat-resistant surfaces that can support the hot plates, and at a price that won’t eat up your entire furnishing budget. Hunt claims that his tables do not need to be waxed, polished or coloured and that they cannot be scratched, warped, swollen or split. In other words: This manufactured wood is as close as possible to perfection until a new material comes on the market.

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