The top six teams in Tuesday’s university football qualifiers remained the same, including the state of Ohio, which remained in fourth place despite uncertainty about their future rivals.

Meanwhile, the big twelve are still alive and kicking in the race for the CFP.

The Buckeyes stayed ahead of the 5. Texas A&M and the sixth. Florida after beating the state of Michigan 52-12 without more than a dozen competitors, including three in the offensive.

This has certainly caught our attention, according to the chairman of the selection committee, Gary Bartha.

Alabama (9-0), Notre Dame (10-0) and Clemenson (9-1) are back in the top three.


On Tuesday, the state of Ohio learned that the upcoming game against Michigan was cancelled due to problems with KOVID-19 in the program of the Wolverines. With a 5-0 victory this weekend, the Buckeyes will have to face another Big Ten opponent or have six limits to enter the championship to reach 14th place in Indianapolis next week. Should Ohio fail to win the Big Ten title, it could be evened out next week with Iowa’s No. 16, who moved up three places in a row after his fifth straight victory.

Bart is athletic director in Iowa, and as part of that position he will meet his Big Ten colleagues on Wednesday for a regular meeting. Bart said he didn’t know the agenda for the meeting and gave up speculation, but it doesn’t look like the situation in Ohio is improving.

Not only should the Big Ten determine what is fair to the state of Ohio and the rest of the conference, but they should also consider how best to protect the integrity and value of their league game.

University Football Ranking — 8. December

1. Alabama (9-0)
2. Notre Dame (10-0)
3. Clemson (9-1)
4. Ohio State (5-0)
5. Texas A&M (7-1)
6. Florida (8-1)
7. The State of Iowa (8-2)
8. Cincinnati (8-0)
9. Georgia (6-2)
10. Miami (8-1)
11. Oklahoma (7-2)
12. Indiana (6-1)
13. Coast Carolina (10-0)
14. Northwest (5-1)
15. USC (4-0)
16. Iowa (5-2)
17. North Carolina (7-3)
18. BYU (9-1)
19. Louisiana (9-1)
20. Texas (6-3)
21. Colorado (4-0)
22, Oklahoma (6-3)
23. CN State (8-3)
24. Tulsa (6-1)
25. Missouri (5-3)

I’m going to do it like I’m trying to do everything, and that is, I’m going to do what I think is good for university football, for the CFP and of course, as we’ve done since COVID, for the health and safety of the students, Bart said.

The low expectations for the Big 12’s playoffs were reinforced when the State of Iowa came in seventh place 8-2 for the undefeated Cincinnati, who missed an eighth place after having been in the division one since the 28th minute of the playoffs. November is not showing anymore. The Bearcats will be closed again this week due to problems with KOVID-19 in their program before starting the 24th edition next week.

Iowa, the team that suffered the two biggest losses, will meet Oklahoma’s No. 11 in their Big 12 championship game next week. The conference championship will probably allow the Cyclones to be ahead of Cincinnati and perhaps climb into the top 4.

South Carolina and BYU exchanged places in the standings after the Chanticleers won against the Cougars at home. With a score of 10-0, Coastal Carolina is now in 13th place. After their first defeat of the season, the BUU lost five places to reach 18th place.

USC remains the highest-rated team in Pac-12, number 15, after improving to 4-0 thanks to Sunday’s dominant victory over Washington State. Colorado, another unbeaten Pac 12 team, finished in 21st place. Place on the CFP ranking list.

Louisiana, who beat Iowa 31-14 in the season opener, climbed six places to 19th place this week. Texas is 20th again and Missouri starts in 25th place despite three defeats.

The CFP selection committee will elect the new directorate on 25 December, before the final evaluation is published on 20 December. December will be published.

The Associated Press has contributed to this report.

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