Crude oil: The new century won for the second weekend in a row in the cinema with $4.4 million. The win was more than enough to take first place, because the weekend was rather slow. To date, a family animated film has generated just over $41 million worldwide as more and more theatres around the world begin to close. At the time of writing, the theatres in most major North American cities are still closed and there are no signs of a rapid resumption of activity.

At the beginning of the pandemic, when Universal launched the Troll World Tour on Demand and released in cinemas the same day, Universal got back on track. Today Warner Bros. announced that all of his films will be released simultaneously at the cinema and at HBO Max in 2021, an initiative against which the major film chains are fighting. A quick look at one of the box office weekends from March to today can easily explain why the theatres are panicking over the streaming of the big screen. Focus Features’ brothers-in-law took second place this weekend, earning $720,000, more than a small amount compared to last year. Frozen 2 still had a turnover of about $160 million.

POWERFUL: Crude oil 2 : Thanksgiving weekend box office wins the New Era with $9.7 million.

The Bloomhouse monster took third place in the theaters this weekend and raised $460,000. This horror comedy received rave reviews and was again a success for the studio. To date, the film has generated just over $12 million worldwide. Fourth place is the last tragedy of my life: the Universal Company, which could raise $350,000. The film is based on the true story of a couple who quickly advertise their wedding project because of an illness.

The war with grandpa started this weekend in fifth place and brought in $329,000. Robert De Niro’s comedy has been in theaters for 8 weeks and has raised 26.1 million dollars worldwide. Come Play, a horror movie from Focus Features, came in sixth place with $236,000. A film about a monster named Larry that manifests itself through smartphones and mobile devices. It is based on the short film of the same name from 2017. He came in seventh with $216,000.

Honest thief Liam Neeson took eighth place this weekend and won $190,000, barely more than the much-discussed Christmas movie Die Hard. The Action Classic starred Bruce Willis, and this weekend he returned to the top 10 with $189,000. For decades, fans of the film have been arguing about whether or not it was a real Christmas movie. Finally, Forgotten Carols ended the weekend at 10 a.m. with $40,000. You can see the rest of the cash register details for this weekend under the heading Numbers.

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  • 1. Crude oil: The new era is $4.4 million.
  • 2. Half-brothers – $720,000.
  • 3. Eng – 460K
  • 4. All my life, $350,000.
  • 5. The war with Grandpa costs $329,000.
  • 6. Come and play – 236K
  • 7. Let him go – $216,000
  • 8. An honest thief – $190,000.
  • 9. That Hard – $189,000
  • 10. Forgotten carols – $40,000

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