TIS spent some time flying under the mainstream truck industry’s notice until emerging into the scene, owing mostly to the increased popularity of its 544 wheel (offered in chrome, black, and even an exclusive red colorway). The firm is situated in Santa Fe Springs, California, and it provides social networking services as well as sponsorship to buildings on wheels. Although you cannot buy wheels from TIS directly, you may do so through Custom Offsets by visiting our website and perusing all of our TIS Wheel Options.

What Does TIS Stand For?

TIS wheels are an abbreviation for Twenty Inches Strong. When TIS initially started creating wheels, they concentrated on 20-inch wheels because that was the standard at the time. The truck community has now widened the norm to 22-inch and 24-inch wheels, as well as smaller sizes such as 16-inch and 17-inch wheels for the off-road community.

Are TIS Wheels Reliable?

Yes, TIS Off-Road wheels are incredibly high-quality wheels that are sturdy for regular driving abuse while also boasting extremely bold wheel styles.

TIS has always used some of the best production processes in the business and has built a respected brand as a result.

TIS even offers a whole range of forged wheels. Their design and production process use the most advanced technology for sturdy wheel construction without affecting the wheel’s appearance.

Models in their fully-forged portfolio include the F50 and F51—the “F” stands for “Forged.”

Aside from its superior wheel strength as compared to standard wheel design, their forged portfolio complements nearly every type of truck on the road.

Popular TIS Wheels

Here are some of TIS’s most popular wheels to date!


The 544BM is the most popular TIS wheel of all time.

The 544BM, their flagship model, boasts a timeless truck wheel design and demonstrates that TIS wheels are suitable for every type of truck on the road.

It’s easy to detect because it has a characteristic TIS appearance. The 544 features “TIS OFF-ROAD” machined around the edge of the wheel, as well as additional black and milling elements that the truck community has long admired.

While the wheel is highly aggressive in appearance, its design is clever and very clean, which is difficult to find in today’s flooded wheel aftermarket.

TIS 547 BM

The TIS 547 BM is another another extremely popular TIS wheel. With its slanted spokes, the 547 BM is just minimally directed, but it pulls off the directional appearance extremely effectively. The 547 BM, like the 544 BM, has “TIS OFF-ROAD” machined on the outside rim of the wheel, with additional milling accents on the spokes.

The split-spoke design with little holes at the base of each spoke offers the precise details that few other truck wheels have. The best feature is that this wheel can withstand the damage of some outdoor hunting expeditions as well as water crawling when you’re feeling adventurous.

The hunting season is almost approaching, so if you’re in the market for new wheels and tyres, this is the ideal arrangement!

Where Can I Purchase TIS Wheels for My Vehicle?

The TIS wheel selection is in stock and ready to ship today, with delivery to your door within 10 days. Buy TIS automobile wheels and rims online from Discounted Wheel Warehouse today and combine them with new tyres for free installation, balancing, and delivery. Discounted Wheel Warehouse pledges to provide the lowest pricing on TIS Wheel & Tire Package at all times. In the odd occasion that you find a cheaper price for TIS online, we will match it by $50 on any in-stock model. 

Discounted Wheel Warehouseis one of the major TIS Wheels export and online sellers on the east coast of the United States.

TIS at Discounted Wheel Warehouse

We have you covered if you want to acquire a new set of automobile wheels to make your vehicle stand out. We’re car fanatics just like you, and we know that installing some new wheels on your car can mean the difference between a setup you enjoy and one you can’t live without – that’s why we’re so excited to offer you TIS’s selection of aftermarket automobile wheels and rims.


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