Florham Park, NJ… Who’s bored now? Certainly not Jamal Adams, who thrives in his life after New York. The Seattle Seahawks, who return to their former team at Lumen Field (16:05 ET, CBS) on Sunday, are about to win the NFL season’s report for defensive spinbags.

Gregg Williams? Well, he can be bored. The former Jets defense coordinator, who corrected Adams and the Seahawks in September, said the All-Pro will be bored during the main round of the Cover 3 in Seattle, now that he is unemployed, he has plenty of time on his hands.

ESPN Jets reporter Rich Chimini discusses the situation with Greg Williams and is supervised by ESPN Project Analyst Mel Kipper, Jr. Listen,.

Make no mistake, the summer blockbuster Adams sent to Seattle doesn’t look good now. The Jets (0-12) are experiencing the worst season in the history of the franchise – a season that Trading Adams (25 July) will remember as much as the 0 Cover disaster last Sunday that cost Williams his job. As Adams approaches and undoubtedly seeks revenge, a week with jets becomes more and more difficult.

Adams may be trying to put him down, but you know he’s trying to embarrass coach Adam Gaza, who he upset when he walked through the door. Of course, Adams will be the last to laugh this season, but the Jets – and their fans – should be thinking of a long game. For them, trade is never linked to the year 2020. (In retrospect, this trade marked the beginning of a reconstruction). These are the years 2021 and 2022, and whether General Manager Joe Douglas will be able to sort the quality players.

The jets got high marks from Seattle with a first round dive in 2021 and 2022 and a third round dive in 2021. They also gained the strong confidence of Bradley McDougald, who was supposed to be Adams Light, but was disappointed for the seasonal shoulder surgery. McDougald, who becomes a free agent, will not return in 2021. It was the worst part of the exchange; the jets thought they had made a good start with McDougald.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Locker Jamal Adams, opened on the 25th. July was sold to the Jets, has 7.5 sacks in eight games against Seattle this season. He’s a year short for defensive players. Abby Parr/Getty images

The jets now have three of the top 33 projects of the NFL in 2021. Maybe they can get another top 50 quarterback, Sam Darnold. If Douglas wasn’t confused, this would be a good way to start rebuilding.

Even though the Jets lacked playing skills, they made the right choice because his contractual requirements were scandalous (for strong security, no less) and his defence presence would not have prevented this disaster. Without them, they stink. With him, they’d stink a little less. In fact, his changing personality could have burned the locker room. Can you imagine him surviving a season like this?

In good times, Adams was the catalyst for the jets, the current. On Monday, Darnold was asked if the Adams Jets players missed Adams’ passion and presence in the dressing room. He paused for a few seconds and tried to find the right words. He wanted to compliment Adams without upsetting his current teammates.


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If you have a guy like Jamal who brings energy every day, it’s hard to say, Darnold. When he’s here, you can feel his energy. When he’s gone, you’ll have other people to lead. So of course there are days when you miss that energy, but we have a lot of good players and guys here who bring a lot of good energy into the locker room.

On Sunday, Darnold Adams, buzzing around the crowd line, will have to face it. Despite missing four games due to a groin injury, he has 7.5 sacks in eight games, half of Adrian Wilson’s shy record in defense (eight in 2005). Pete Carroll, the coach of the Credit Seachooks, changed his plan to accommodate Adams’ dazzling skills. That’s what good coaches do. As a result, Sihouki (8:4) is about to win for the ninth time in a row.

Williams was wrong again and thought that Adams would fade away when he was no longer part of his elaborate scheme and all its complexity (his words). In September Carroll liked to laugh when he talked about Williams’ remarks. Sarcastic, he says: My God, we’re so simple and elementary here that we probably won’t be able to do all this – that is, use Adams like a radar. Carroll also mentioned Williams. We don’t make as many mistakes as he does.

Let’s talk about the prophecy.

It is clear that Jamal is a challenge for everyone, for our bits, for our receivers, for our line, for myself, for our back, Darnold said. He is a very, very good player, a physical player, also super smart. So we have a lot of hands there, and of course we are not only happy to meet him in person, but also to have a very good defense from Seattle.

Williams is gonna look into something.

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