Cards are drawn, swords are collected and the match begins. With these weeks of new crossover releases, which are now 2/3 of Marvel’s X of Swords and the start of the final of the title tournament, there are even some bets that the fencers Krakoa and Arakko will survive. Fifteen issues of the twenty-two Crossovers may seem like a long time to begin, but believe us, it’s all happening fast, and a few rounds are going through this week’s issues. In the first rounds of the tournament we continue to equally full spoilers for Marauders 15, Excalibur 14 and Wolverine 7!

It all starts with the Marauders #15, at the end of the release we learn that the first round of the tournament is a sword fight between Iska Invincible and Betsy Braddock. The fight takes place at the beginning of Excalibur #14 and ends with a shocking speed. Isky’s sword touches Betsy’s, and although it seems to kill her, her body and sword are torn and fall to the ground like a pile of glass, so the score is Arakko -1, Krakoa – 0. Then things get weird.

Saturnin’s next comprehensive map is Cyprus, Two Cups, and it is not his job to fight, but to arrange and force a marriage between him and the warrior Arax, the Bay of the Bloody Moon. The trick is that although the mutant Cypriot is able to understand all languages and all forms of communication, he cannot understand Bay when she is speaking. As you can see in the room, Bay has a suicide note in her chest that resonates when she speaks and causes a severe concussion. After spending most of his life in silence, Doom Note tries to make himself understood, but since the words spoken by Doom Note are not the real language, they cannot be translated. The couple enters into a bizarre wedding ceremony, after which Saturnina awards a point to both parties. Arakko 2, Krakoa 1.

Then Excalibur ends, and Wolverine No. 7 does the rest. The question begins with a fight between magic and a giant crocodile, as if Pogg is a primitive Pogg, but instead of fighting with their swords, it’s a simple hand-to-hand combat. The wizard loses quickly and the score becomes Arakko 3, Krakoa 1. From here the battle between Wolverine and Summer, the grandson of the Apocalypse, against Blitspock’s ever-changing cemetery reality begins. Although Logan outsmarted his opponent by sticking a sword in his eyes and killing him, Saturnine reveals that it was a fight to the death and that Sammoner is dead, which technically makes him the winner. Arakko 5, Krakoa 1.

The next round is a simple drunken duel between Storm and Wolverine, although the fluid was partly simulated by death, which brings the score to Arakko – 5, Krakoa – 2.

Despite the maximum and relaxation, Logan immediately moves on to the next round, the triangular fight between him, the party and the war. Although the war has many reasons for wanting to kill Solem by killing her husband earlier, she reveals that Wolverine has killed her son before and is flying away. The rules are simple, the first one to break the annex wins. The flaming war sword cannot cut off Wolverine’s head completely, despite his efforts, so he cuts off his hand. Saturnin brings about another pun and uses Wolverine’s oath of triumph against him, assigns another Aracco point and counts when the case is over: Arakko 5, Krakoa 2.

We have to wait and see what happens next, but there are only six questions left. The 18th. On 14 November X-Force #14, Hellions #6 and Cable #6 are released and everything ends on 25 November. November with X-Men #15, Excalibur #15, and the last chapter, X Swords: Destruction one. A full list of events in section 22 is given below.

(Photo: Marvel-Comics)

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