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When it comes to the best football competition, few can compete with the AFC North arms race.

At the beginning of the NFL season, he made his first division debut as one of three Heisman Trophy winners who opened the season.

After almost halfway through 2020 Lamar Jackson, Baker Mayfield and Joe Barrow and two-time Super Bowl champion Ben Rothlisberger again achieved record results in their team.

Roethlisberger recovered from last year’s seasonal elbow injury and gave the Pittsburgh Steelmakers a 6-0 lead to give them their best start since 1978.

For the third time in the history of the franchise system, Jackson helped the Baltimore Ravens win 5-1, which coincided with the start of both Super Bowl teams (2000 and 2012).

Mayfield led the Cleveland Browns to a 5-2 record, something that hadn’t happened since Bill Belichik, who coached in 1994, was named after the team. Everything you need this week
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Burrow has only won once against the Cincinnati Bengals (5-1), but this year he will be the most productive newcomer to the NFL.

In total, North AFC ranks seventh since the merger in 1970, according to ESPN Stats & Information. The second week ended with second place in the top three of the teams in the division (16-3, .842). The only division that was better was AFC Central 1975, where all Steelmakers, Bengal and Oylers won ten games.

These quarterbacks will therefore form the Northern CFA in the future:

Fault! The file name is not specified. AFC North is filled with elite quarterback talent including Lamar Jackson, MVP NFL. Scott Thatch/Getty pictures

What has your quarterback done so far? What was his first half?

Jamison Hensley: Jackson’s playing ability is not so strong on the offensive line and has not received much from his wide receivers. He’s only in a difficult situation because he didn’t play at MVP level last season. A particular double threat remains Jackson, who ranks 10th (76.1) in the IWC and 1st in the rush (6.9). But he went back as a compass and wasn’t sharp when he threw the ball. Jackson ranks 26th (63%) for courses attended and 27th (1,135) for shipyards. If Jackson can become a more stable son-in-law, Baltimore will become extremely dangerous.

Ben Baby: The best overall choice in the design for 2020 turned out to be the best candidate for the title of League Rookie Defender of the Year. Burrow increases the pace to break Andrew Luck’s record for most of the yards that travelled as a beginner (4,374 in 2012) and anticipates his first 400-yard performance in the NFL. Most importantly, Mr Barrow has steadily improved his vision in the field and has, of course, moved up to important leadership positions.

Brooke Pryor (steel producer): It’s hard to overestimate the beginning of the season for 38-year-old Rathlisberger. Steel producers are invincible, and his return is the main reason. Until Sunday, the veteran had only taken one interceptor with him. He threw three more against the Titans, but only one was the result of a bad decision. His surgically repaired elbow holds up and he shows no signs of slowing down. He also shows willingness to work on his shortcomings by spending more time training his feet, building relationships with young catchers and throwing stacked bins to improve his deep ball placement.

Jake Trotter. (Brownes) The first half of the Mayfield had its ups and downs, especially against the northern AFC side, with flawless performances against the Bengals and striking slips against the Ravens and Stalers. Overall, however, it has improved compared to the slow 2019 season and is now in the top ten of the CBD rankings. Mayfield will have to show more against someone other than the Bengals if he wants to prove he’s Cleveland’s future quarterback.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Bengali newcomerJoe Barrow throws behind huge yards and is not disappointed with his overall choice of number one in the 2020 design. AP Photo/Brian Woolston

What is one of the reasons for any fears or trends you have observed regarding your HEC, and why?

Hensley: No low passes. The defense drops the safes and loads them into the box to keep the Ravens from running until Jackson frightens the teams with his ability to throw by them. At 15 yards or more, Jackson’s 14 wins him 26th in the NFL and 36.8 percent of his performance places him 27th in the NFL. Baltimore has the potential to broaden its scope. Jackson often meets the fast receiver of the Marquesa Hollywood Brown on long fields in training camp. It just hasn’t happened that often in the regular season and in the future it should become one of the top priorities of the Ravens.

Baby: Burrows biggest problem was that he held the ball too long. His tendency to prolong the game by looking for a receiver on the field played a role in some of his bags, which he easily admitted. At LSU, Burrow was known for his ability to expand games, and that was one of the reasons the Bengals loved him during the preparation process. Yet he still finds a balance between risk and reward in the NFL.

Excuse me. Excuse me: This season, Rothlisberger’s passes, including those against the Titans, have mostly reached the battle line, leading to interceptions. This is a product of the Mileage Violation Option (MRO), Rothlisberger said Wednesday. And even though it’s not perfect, the quarterback said he didn’t care. The bullet should come out quickly because it’s some kind of race, Rothlisberger said. We need to get the bullet out fast. Sometimes there’s no closure. Sometimes, if you throw down a lot and quickly, the ball should come out of your hand quickly and it will, of course, be an underhand pass

Coach [Mike] Tomlin talks all the time: If you’re not going home, raise your hands. I think we often see that with defenders when they think they’re not going in or when they think the ball is coming out fast, they just raise their hand. It creates a few twisted bullets, but we’re not too worried about that yet.

Walker: Mayfield really fought for the best lightning defense. For example, he left on the 18th. On October 2, only 6 against the Steelers, he walked 11 meters against lightning and caught it; he also took three bags, which was a great career for him against lightning. On Sunday Mayfield turned out to be much better against the Bengals, after playing 6 of the 8 passes in 94 yards and a touchdown with a lightning bolt. But Cincinnati’s lightning is pretty diluted. Future defenders with more successful passes will surely learn the Pittsburgh movie.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Brownes quarterback Baker Mayfield, right, tends to play a leading role as veteran Ben Rothlisberger has shown for almost two decades. AP Photo/Gen J. Rifle

What are the most representative statistics of your quarterback’s past performance?

Hensley: Degree of completion. Jackson 4-0 if he gets more than 55% of his shots. He was the barometer of success during his three-year career. He is at 22:1 when he begins if he exceeds 55% of his passages, and at 3:3 if he does not exceed them. It shows that Baltimore earns as much as his electric trains.

Baby: Burrow leads the competition in passing attempts and at the finish line, suggesting that the Bengals are going out as a newcomer with no pre-season or PTA. Burrow responded with a 2,023-yard shot that puts him in third place in the NFL and leaves only Matt Ryan and Deshawn Watson in third. Barrow’s execution rate is 5.1% higher than expected according to NFL Next Gen Stats, so it has been effective despite all efforts.

Excuse me. Excuse me: Rothlisberger cells are much lower than in previous seasons. The average is 6.68 air yards per season, the lowest score in the first six games of the Steelers of the season since the statistics were first recorded in 2006. That doesn’t mean that Roethlisberger can’t throw a deep ball with a repaired elbow, it just means that the Steelers have a different kind of attack than in previous seasons. Roethlisberger quickly takes the ball out of his hands, throws a quick pass and lets his players do their job.

Walker: Mayfield is 5 to 1 in his career with the CBI 87 scintillation suit. But against everyone else? In the CBI, he’s only 12-18, 51 years old. Beating the Bengals would not be enough for Mayfield to become quarterback in the first half of the league. In the course of his career, Mayfield has faced more than 500 opponents, the CBI has faced only 46. That’s not good enough.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Baker Mayfield was brilliant, but fought with the best teams. AP photo / Eric Christian Smith

This season is considered a success for your Buy More if you have a …

Hensley: Winning the playoffs. Jackson can end the regular season with a 15-1 record and will eventually be judged on his prize at the most important moment. Indeed, the lack of a victory in the post-season is Jackson’s only disappointment as the starting quarterback for Baltimore. He led the Ravens to two home games and lost 51-29. While Jackson shouldn’t take the blame for his play-off failure, his five rounds made history when he didn’t win in January.

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Baby: Barrow ends the season in good health. Because of Burrow’s style of play and his shaky line of attacks, the newcomer is vulnerable to more contact. Although some are acceptable due to his abilities as a player, Burrow’s weekly progress is stopped immediately if he leaves the game for some time. If it can stay on the field until the end of the season, it will receive valuable representatives, as it builds until 2021, when expectations will be much higher.

Excuse me. Excuse me: The season is already a success for Roethlisberger. It wasn’t easy to get back in the field after a major elbow joint operation, but Roethlisberger did it and some did it. The season will continue to be a success if he finishes it the way he started: 13 touchdowns on four interceptions with a success rate of 68.2. With the return of Roethlisberger and such a good race, the Steelers not only hope to return to the finals for the first time since 2017, but also to make a big breakthrough in qualifying.

Walker: The Brownes eventually interrupted the longest playoffs in the NFL and hosted the post-season for the first time since 2002. We need to dissect Mayfield’s individual performance in the meantime. However, with Cleveland’s entry into the playoffs, especially outside AFC North, it is a clear sign that Mayfield has also taken a step forward by giving Kevin Stefanski, the new head coach of rookies and forwards, the basis for his promotion.

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