Nicholas Brendon, who played Buffy’s boyfriend in the show, has been diagnosed with deep-seated medical problems after being incarcerated.



After serving time in prison, one of the original stars of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is suffering from “deep-seated physical issues.” In all seven seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Nicholas Brendon portrayed Xander Harris. After doing time in an Indiana prison on felony prescription fraud charges, the 50-year-old actor, who previously starred on Criminal Minds, has withdrawn from all promotional activities for his new film Wanton Want (which was not his first arrest). According to Brendon’s manager, Theresa Fortier, Brendon dropped out due to medical problems and “immense agony.” Brendon’s pre-existing back issues were exacerbated by sleeping on the hard floor of his prison cell, she claims. His genitals and legs have been paralyzed since then.

Cauda equina syndrome is the name for this disorder. It’s a disorder in which the lumbar spine’s nerve roots get squeezed. It restricts mobility and sensation, as well as functions in the genitals, bladder, and intestines.

“Right now, he’s focused on his health.” ‘He’s not promoting the movie,’ Fortier said. “Things have become a lot worse in the last week and a half. In his genitals and private regions, he is paralyzed. Flying has been a challenge for him. Regrettably, his condition necessitates surgical intervention to resolve his issues. I wish he was well and could promote this film.”

Brendon also need knee surgery to repair MCL and ACL injuries, in addition to this operation. Brendon’s problems worsened following his night in prison, according to Frontier.

‘They weren’t very cautious with his condition throughout the arrest,’ she added. ‘It has exacerbated his prior injury symptoms, and the paralysis is beginning to return.’ He might have popped another disc or everything could have shifted out of place. So sleeping on a cement floor with other prisoners didn’t exactly help him recover, and it exacerbated his injuries, and he’s been in excruciating agony with numbness and paralysis ever since. ‘The hospital has to get him in for another spinal operation to fix whatever the problem is.’

Brendon had had back trouble for a long time, according to Frontier, but it got more serious when he collapsed while visiting her in Indiana in February. ‘He came to see me at my house. After we did a Facebook live, he was on his way to an AirBnB.’ We took him to the emergency hospital after he fell on the ice. His lumbar, discs, and spine were all shown to be damaged in an MRI. The following day, he underwent an emergency spinal surgery that included a spinal shave and disc removal. He was warned that one incorrect move might have rendered him completely paralyzed. He had been steadily healing, but the fall exacerbated his back problems. He had paralysis in his leg and saddle region, behind his trunk, and his heel was becoming numb.’

Brendon portrays a writer who is enticed to a weekend retreat with pals only to find that not everything is as it appears in the thriller Wanton Want. On September 28th, the film will be available on Amazon Prime Video.

Nicholas Brendon, who played Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Xander Harris, has been suffering deep-seated medical problems after spending time in jail. Reference: nicholas brendon age in buffy.

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